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Left: The winning Oakley hen ‘Kev’s Girl’. Right: Darren Oakley with his Dunbar winner. See page 16

BICC St Philbert National


1st Open and 1st South West Section Lee Luscombe of Liskeard

1st Penygraig HS, 1st Ynyshir HS, only bird in both clubs on the day, 1st Open Rhondda Valley Federation 628 birds, 1st Centre Section 413 birds, 5th Open 1,437 birds WSENFC, 1st Section 554 birds, 5th Open 2,741 birds Welsh South East Combine, Bonn 465 miles, velocity 1124ypm, 2007. Bred and raced by A & K Davies.

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super crossing family and fly best in head winds. When Willy Jacobs died in 2015 all his pigeons, 74 in total, came to the O’Roory Hill Stud, ‘The King of Diamonds’, ‘Ace of Diamonds’, ‘Jack of Diamonds’, Rough Diamond’, were all Ace pigeons for Willy Jacobs.” Birds competing into Brampton DHS convoyed by the Solway Federation. In their race from Cannock on 19th May, Steve Bell was 1st & 4th, his winner on 1289ypm, Simpson Brothers were 2nd & 6th, their leading arrival on 1249ypm. M Gough was 3rd & 5th, his first pigeon on 1249ypm. Steve Bell’s winner is a 4yo blue cock, which is a real topper having won seven races including Stafford, Brighton and Guernsey. In 2024 it was 3rd Charnock Richard, 7th Lymm and now 1st Cannock. It is raced on Widowhood at the beginning of the season and is paired and raced Natural from the longer races. It is a Kavanagh Busschaert bred from stock obtained from John Hillery from Consett, who is the same fancier from whom Billy Van Nuil obtained the parents of his good blue pied cock ‘The Bishop’, that was 1st Open SNFC Upper Heyford 2023. Cumbrian organisations raced from Stratford-upon-Avon on 18th May, with the convoy being released at 9.35am into a NE wind. Barry Irving from Sandwith was 1st, 2nd & 3rd West Cumbria Federation, his winner on 1379ypm. W McGrady & Son from Sandwith were 4th & 10th Federation, their first arrival on 1378ypm, Graham & Co from Cleator Moor were 5th Federation on 1377ypm, D Harrison & Son from Egremont were 6th & 7th Federation, their leading arrival on 1376ypm, Rodgers & Benn from Cleator Moor were 8th Federation on 1375ypm and Dobson, Sons, Grandson & Lyle were 9th Federation on 1375ypm. Holliday & Dixon were 1st, 2nd & 3rd in Lowca, their winner on 1365ypm, David Lofthouse was 4th. The very successful part- nership of Martindale & Lawman from Workington Victoria Club were 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th & 8th Derwent Valley Federation , their winner on 1370ypm. McLuckie Brothers from Workington Social Limit Club were 3rd Fed on 1368ypm, Evans & Abraham from Workington Victoria were 5th Fed on 1363ypm with Wilson, Son & Johnston from Workington Social Limit 9th & 10th Fed, their first arrival on 1362ypm. Martindale & Lawman were 1st & 2nd Workington Victoria, their winner on 1372ypm, McLuckie Brothers were 3rd with Evans & Abraham 4th. McLuckie Brothers were 1st & 4th in Workington Social Limit Club , their winner on 1368ypm. J C Wilson was 2nd & 4th. N & G Wordsworth won Harrington on 1350ypm, Mr & Mrs D Wood were 2nd with J Devin 3rd & 4th. Nelson & Crellin took the first three positions in Flimby , their winner on 1356ypm. J Varty, Son & Grandson were 4th. The first ten positions in the West Cumbria Amalgamation and the Cumbria Combine were taken by members of West Cumbria Fed. Barry Irving from Sandwith was 1st, 2nd & 3rd Amal, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Combine his winner on 1379ypm. W McGrady & Son from Sandwith were 4th & 10th Amal, 4th & 10th Combine their first arrival on 1378ypm, Graham & Co from Cleator Moor were 5th Amal, 5th Combine on 1377ypm, D Harrison & Son from Egremont were 6th & 7th Amal, 6th & 7th Combine, their leading arrival on 1376ypm, Rodgers & Benn from Cleator Moor were 8th Amal, 8th Combine on 1375ypm and Dobson, Sons, Grandson & Lyle from Cleator Moor were 9th Amal, 9th Combine on 1375ypm. Brown Davidson & Potts from Beehive FC won East Cumbria Federation on 1305ypm. Peter Kirkwood from Harraby was 2nd, 4th, 7th, 9th & 10th Fed, his first pigeon on 1305ypm. A Martin from Harraby

Rutten, it should be understood that Sean and Linda have visited Holland for two decades and over the years have occasion- ally introduced stock from fanciers other than the Rutten family. The mealy cock was bred from stock introduced from Bas Van Beveren, who is another superb fancier who primarily works with a team of Janssen x Lambrecht pigeons supplemented with select introductions. Sire of the National winner (NL 1653118) has bred several really good pigeons including a cock that gained 2x1st and 1x2nd Fed. Sire of 1653118 was bred by Jarco de Jong who is the proud owner of a number of top quality pigeons including ‘Jente’ and ‘Nikkie’. Dam of 1653118 was bred by Gerb Van Toor who has been amongst the best sprint fanciers in The Netherlands for a number of years. She was bred from ‘Miami Sun’, which is a half- sister of the noted ‘Sienna’ when paired to Stefaan Lambrecht’s ‘Brother Victor’. Stanley Boyd from Dumfries Flying Club was 1st West Section Federation. Having successfully participated in the fancy over

SOLWAY SOUNDS with Billy Wortley

News, views and results to 37 Hospital Road, Annan, Dumfriesshire, DG12 5JF Email address:

The following are the winners in the indi- vidual Clubs: Dennis Anderson led the way in Annan on 1327ypm, his grandson Dennis Anderson Junior was 2nd with Mr & Mrs Les Mitchell 3rd. Scott Irving was 1st & 2nd In Brydekirk , his winner on 1320ypm, Henry Dobie was 3rd. Willie McCulloch took the first two posi- tions in Dalbeattie , his winner on 1273ypm, Jock Riddick was 3rd. Stanley Boyd led the way in Dumfries Flying Club on 1307ypm, Gordon Nicholson was 2nd & 3rd. Gordon Turnbull took the first two positions in Eastriggs , his winner on 1329ypm, McMorrine Brothers were 3rd. John Gilmour was 1st & 3rd in Hoddom, his winner on 1325ypm, Alistair Little was 2nd. Billy Irving won Langholm on 1095ypm, Ryan Campbell was 2nd with Braban and Stewart 3rd. George Firth headed the result in Lockerbie on 1319ypm, Johnny & Brenda Morgan were 2nd with Michael & Julie Currie 3rd. Billy Smith headed the result in NIth Valley on 1303ypm with Albert Hay 2nd & 3rd. Sean & Linda Trodden took the first three positions in Springfield , their winner on 133ypm. Sean & Linda Trodden from Springfield were 1st East Section 1st Open Federation. The partners formerly resided at Egremont in West Cumbria and at their previous address, won out of turn right through to Federation and Amal level. They now reside at Springfield, near to the famous Blacksmith’s Shop at Gretna Green and are members of Springfield Club. The family of pigeons, which the partners primarily work with, is that of Theo & Raymond Rutten, who were five times Dutch National winners and Champions of their Club on more than forty occasions racing from 60 miles to 650 miles. The Fed winner is a yearling mealy hen that went through the programme as a youngster and having reared a pair of youngsters was then put on the partners’ very effective Roundabout system. I must emphasise that Linda manages the team of hens with the compartment of the loft where the hens are housed being known as ‘Linda’s Section’. Interesting, Linda is also a top breeder and exhibitor of Toy Poodles and owns a number of high quality dogs that have won at top level in the show ring. The Fed winner from Cannock is identically bred to the partners’ super mealy cock ‘Springfield Dream’, which in 2023 was managed on the Roundabout method going through the Solway Federation programme; gaining 10th Fed Lymm (1), 6th Fed Stafford, 2nd Fed Wollaston and 8th Fed Lymm (2). It was then set-up for the longest race from Yeovil with competing Solway pigeons being duplicated out of the SNFC. Following a 7am liberation the mealy cock was timed at 1.47pm to win the National with a velocity of 1219ypm and was additionally 1st Solway Federation. Whilst the family, which the partners prima- rily work with, is that of Theo & Raymond

The plan was that the Solway Federation would compete from Stafford on Saturday 18th May. Whilst we were basking in sunshine the Race Controller was, however concerned due to the forecast he was being given by his weather adviser and what he was being told by skilled fanciers resident in the area and on the line of flight. He recom- mended therefore that we delay basketing by a day and race on Sunday 19th May. Due, however to a pre-planned event at the orig- inal liberation site on Sunday the race point was changed to Cannock. The convoy was liberated at 7.15am into ‘no wind’ on the Sunday and a very successful race ensued with pigeons being timed simultaneously across the sixty miles width of the Federation. Sean & Linda Trodden from Springfield were 1st, 5th & 6th East Section and Open Federation, their winner on 1330ypm. Gordon Turnbull from Eastriggs was 2nd & 4th East Section and Open, his first arrival on 1329ypm. Dennis Anderson from Annan was 3rd East Section and Open on 1327ypm. John Gilmour from Hoddom was

David & Rosemary Osborne.

many years with birds from various sources, Stanley chose to make contact with Terry Lodge at Top Lofts to obtain examples of the Grondelaer family and when the Top Lofts stud closed he then made contact with Gerald Delaney at the O’Roory Hill Stud, to obtain further examples of the same family and on talking to Gerald, chose also to obtain examples of the Willy Jacobs family. He was more than pleased with the birds he received and over the months formed a friendship with Gerald Delaney and has acquired youngsters from the Stud over a number of years, primarily concentrating in the main on Grondelaers and Willy Jacobs lines. In 2015 Stanley won the SNFC Young Bird National from Buckingham, with a blue hen that was bred by Gerald Delaney in the O’Roory Hill Stud, the sire being a Willy Jacobs x Jan Grondelaers and the dam a Dirk Van Den Bulck x Danny Van Dyck. The Section winner from the recent race from Cannock is a yearling blue chequer cock that was bred by Gerald Delaney and contains Willy Jacobs lines. It went through the programme as a youngster, was coupled and reared a pair of youngsters this term and then put on Widowhood with the race from Cannock being its second race on the system. My understanding is that when Gerald Delaney met Willy Jacobs for the first time in 2001 he only raced his pigeons out to 80 miles. Gerald extended their capability with them now winning out of turn at 300+ miles and can now rightly be described as sprint/middle distance pigeons. Within the Squills advert I read that Gerald “first bought these pigeons in 2002 with immediate success, winning Sections and Opens, Classics and several National. They are a

Sean & Linda Trodden.

7th & 10th East Section and Open, his first pigeon on 1325ypm. Alistair Little from Hoddom was 8th East Section and Open on 1325ypm and Raymond White from Springfield was 9th East Section and Open, also on 1325ypm. Stanley Boyd from Dumfries Flying Club was 1st West Section Federation on 1307ypm. Billy Smith from Nith Valley was 2nd West Section on 1303ypm. Albert Hay from NIth Valley was 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th West Section with all four pigeons on 1302ypm. Mrs Linda Hay was 7th West Section Fed on 1295ypm with Karl Guenther & Grandson Lewis from Brydekirk (West) 8th, 9th & 10th West Section Fed, their first bird on 1294ypm.

THE RACING PIGEON 7 JUNE 2024 Coultas from Cleator Moor were 5th & 6th Fed, their first bird on 1624 and Dobson, Son, Grandson & Lyle from Cleator Moor were 7th & 8th Fed on 1623ypm. Jim Varty, Son & Grandson from Flimby won the Derwent Valley Fed on 1670ypm, Mr & Mrs Walters & Son from Workington Social Limit were 2nd Fed on 1666ypm, Dempsey, Son & Reay were 3rd Fed on 1643ypm, Evans & Abraham from Workington Victoria were 4th Fed on 1638ypm, John Devlin from Harrington Central was 5th Fed on 1636ypm, McLuckie Brothers from Workington Social Limit were 6th & 9th Fed on 1636 & 1635ypm, Martindale & Lawman from Workington Victoria were 7th, 8th & 10th Fed, their first arrival on 1635ypm. Evans & Abraham won Workington Victoria on 1638ypm, Martindale & Lawman were 2nd, 3rd & 4th with their first arrival on 1635ypm. J Varty, Son & Grandson won Flimby on 1670ypm, Nelson & Crellin were 2nd on 1633ypm, A Bromley & Co were 3rd on 1629ypm and Berwick & Co were 4th 1627ypm. Mr & Mrs Walters & Son won Workington Social Limit on 1666ypm, McLuckie Brothers were 2nd & 3rd, their first bird on 1636 with M & L Cape 4th on 1633ypm. The first ten positions in the West Cumbria Amal and in the Cumbria Combine were taken by members of the Derwent Valley Federation. Jim Varty, Son & Grandson from Flimby were 1st Amal, 1st Combine on 1670ypm, Mr & Mrs Walters & Son from Workington Social Limit were 2nd Amal, 2nd Combine on 1666ypm, Dempsey, Son & Reay from Dearham were 3rd Amal, 33rd Combine on 1643ypm, Evans & Abraham from Workington Victoria were 4th Amal, 4th Combine 1638ypm, John Devlin from Harrington Central was 5th Amal, 5th Combine on 1636ypm, McLuckie Brothers from Workington Social Limit were 6th & 9th Amal, 6th & 9th Combine their first arrival on 1636ypm, Martindale & Lawman from Workington Victoria were 7th, 8th & 10th Amal, 7th, 8th & 10th Combine, their first bird on 1635ypm. As I type this article I don’t have the East Cumbria Fed result but do have the following Club results. Mark Pearson won Wigton , M Hill was 2nd & 4th with R Harris & Sons 3rd. Peter Kirkwood took the first four positions in Harraby , his winner on 1579ypm. Jimmy Easterbrook took the first three positions in Carlisle South End , his winner on 1484ypm, L Silverwood and K Greer were 4th on 1434ypm. I enjoy reading Philippe Martin’s Belgian Page in our Journal with each of his contri- butions containing words of wisdom. Under the sub-heading ‘Myths and Beliefs’ included in the article in the issue dated 2nd May I read “I had forgotten about the small anec- dote which my friend the late Demortier recalled about the late Chemist Edmond Risselin of Binche, some decades ago. Mr Risselin who was friend of Doctor Bricioux, and one of his opponents as well was known for breeding over the years and decades some nice specimens coming from the stock birds he acquired from the Champion of Jolimont. Forty was the number of rings he annually bought in order to band the new generation and he used to say that he had a very good breeding season when keeping two very consistent youngsters for the coming season. It tells it all about selection in those days. He also used to say that if you are not capable of winning any race with ten birds, you won’t be either with fifty.” In that context I recollect when a good number of years ago, friend Ewart Warwick and I attended a Quiz/Moot with James Dalgliesh from Annan who was on the Panel. One of the questions asked was ‘what do you need to do to be successful from 500 miles’ and


the Gold Award the partners’ Pied hen was 1st Section 52nd Open from Sartilly. On this occasion the birds were racing into a strong west wind, which pushed the convoy up the east of the Country and indeed all of the pigeons that beat her were flying into the East Section of the National. Considering that David and Rosemary compete into West Section of the Solway Fed, the achievement of the pigeon on the day was extra special. In 1985 they were 1st Section 3rd Open from Nantes with their good dark chequer cock ‘Doonhamer Darkie’. Move forward to 1995 and they won the Niort Classic with the only arrival into Scotland on the day of liberation from 622 miles. On that occasion the convoy was liberated together with pigeons from the North of England at 5.45am into NE wind. David and Rosemary timed blue w/f hen ‘Doonhamer Lynne’ at 10.03pm to win the National with a velocity of 1119ypm, some 140ypm ahead of the pigeon that was 2nd Open. In 2016 the partners stepped forward at the annual SNFC Presentation to receive The News of the World Trophy and the magnificent Ellsworth Challenge Trophy with the former being for best average from Reims and Ancenis, which are the two pres- tige races in the club and the latter being for best average from the same two races with Nominated pigeons. It should be explained also that the primary family of pigeons housed by the partners emanate from the loft of Tommy Gilbertson from Carlisle and on considering the achievements of David and Rosemary, we must appreciate the quality of the Gilbertson family of pigeons. The bird that won the Section from Wollaston is a 3yo chequer latebred cock that didn’t enter a race basket until it was two years old, going through the Federation

David & Rosemary Osborne led the way in Brydekirk on 1611ypm, Karl Guenther & Grandson were 2nd with Scott Irving 3rd. Will ‘Wug’ Anderson was 1st & 2nd in Dalbeattie , his winner on 1561ypm, Willie McCulloch was 3rd. Gordon Nicholson was 1st & 3rd in Dumfries Flying Club , his winner on 1562ypm, Stanley Boyd was 2nd. John Hodgson took the first three positions in Eastriggs , his winner on 1613ypm. Graham & Steven Dalgliesh took the first two positions in Hoddom , their winner on 1622ypm. Colin Graham was 3rd. Ryan Campbell Took the first three positions in Langholm , his winner on 1576ypm. Johnny & Brenda Morgan led the way in Lockerbie on 1626ypm with Michael & Julie Currie 2nd

was 3rd Fed on 1298ypm, M Hill from Wigton was 5th & 6th Fed, his first bird on 1280ypm with R Mitchell from Harraby 8th on 1253ypm. Brown, Davidson & Potts were 1st, 2nd & 4th in the Beehive Club , Carlisle, their winner on 1305ypm. B Morris was 3rd. Peter Kirkwood was 1st, 3rd & 4th in Harraby , his winner on 1305ypm. A Martin was 2nd. A Donnelly was 1st, 3rd & 4th in Carlisle WS , his winner on 1250ypm. M & A Haugh were 2nd. J Easterbrook headed the result in Carlisle South End , his winner on 1231ypm, D Dixon was 2nd & 3rd with L Silverwood and K Greer 4th. Members of the Solway Federation competed from Wollaston on Saturday 25th May, with the convoy being released at

Sean & Linda Trodden’s lofts.

& 3rd. Another win in Nith Valley for Albert Hay on 1640ypm, Jim Russell was 2nd with Skachill & McCormack 3rd. Sean & Linda Trodden took the first three positions in Springfield with their winner on 1674ypm. Sean & Linda Trodden headed the Federation result for the second week in succession, on this occasion taking the first four positions, which was impressive flying because with the wind blowing from the south east from Wollaston, the partners were most definitely not flying into the most favourable loft location in the Fed. Winner is a 2yo blue Rutten cock that went through the Fed programme as a youngster and year- ling. It was racing on Roundabout and had been to every race in the Fed programme. It should be said that Sean and Linda first purchased examples of the Rutten family some twenty years ago, direct from the breeders and through ongoing introductions have formed a superb team of Rutten pigeons. The Rutten loft is sited at Groesbeek, Netherlands and together Theo and Raymond owned of a superb family of pigeons based on the bloodlines of the Janssen Brothers of Arendonk. David & Rosemary Osborne were 1st West Section Fed. The partners reside at Locharbriggs, Dumfries, and are members of Brydekirk Club, indeed David is the Club Treasurer. Over the time that I have written for the Fancy Press I’ve made mention of David and Rosemary on numerous occa- sions with them scoring in National competi- tion, year after year. I recollect visiting the loft in 1979 when they timed two birds to be 3rd & 5th Section, 5th & 9th Open from Nantes with these two pigeons gaining the E R Williamson Trophy for the Best 2-Bird Average. In 1981 I visited their home again when they won an SNFC Gold Award. To gain her fifth National position and secure

8.30am into a SE wind. Sean & Linda Trodden from Springfield were 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Open Federation, their leading arrival on 1674ypm. David & Rosemary Osborne from Brydekirk (West) were 5th Open Fed on 1661ypm, Albert Hay from Nith Valley was 6th Open Fed on 1640ypm, Jim Russell from Nith Valley was 7th Open Fed on 1636ypm, Karl Guenther & Grandson from Brydekirk (West) were 8th Open Fed on 1630ypm, Johnny & Brenda Morgan from Lockerbie were 9th Open Fed on 1626ypm with Graham & Steven Dalgliesh from Hoddom 10th Open Fed on 1622ypm. Sean & Linda Trodden from Springfield were 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th & 9th East Section Fed, his first arrival on 1674ypm and his seventh arrival on 1618ypm. Johnny & Brenda Morgan from Lockerbie were 5th East Section Fed on 1626ypm, Graham & Steven Dalgliesh from Hoddom were 6th East Section Fed on 1622ypm and Raymond White from Springfield was 10th East Section Fed on 1618ypm. David & Rosemary Osborne from Brydekirk (West) were 1st & 5th West Section Fed their Section winner on 1661ypm, Albert Hay from Nith Valley was 2nd West Section Fed on 1640ypm, Jim Russell from Nith Valley was 3rd West Section Fed on 1636ypm, Karl Guenther & Grandson Lewis from Brydekirk (West), were 4th & 10th West Section Fed, their leading arrival on 1630ypm, Skachill & McCormack from Nith Valley were 6th & 8th West Section Fed, their first bird on 1583ypm, Mrs Linda Hay from Nith Valley was 7th West Section Fed on 1579ypm and Albion Russell from Nith Valley was 9th West Section Fed on 1576ypm. The following are the winners in the indi- vidual Clubs: Mr & Mrs Les Mitchell were 1st & 3rd in Annan , Dennis Anderson was 2nd.

Stanley Boyd.

programme to Cheltenham. It was paired in March this term and reared a pair of young- sters. It went on sitting eggs to Wollaston, which was its fourth race of the season. As explained above, birds competing into Brampton DHS are convoyed by the Solway Federation and in their race from Wollaston on 25th May, Simpson Brothers headed the result on 1609ypm, T Atkinson was 2nd on 1593ypm, Steve Bell was 3rd, 4th & 6th, his first arrival on 1592ypm and M Gough was 5th on 1572ypm. Cumbrian pigeons raced from Marlborough on 25th May with the convoy being liberated at 8.25am into a SE wind. Rodgers & Benn from Cleator Moor were 1st West Cumbria Fed on 1630ypm. Barry Irving from Sandwith was 2nd, 9th & 10th Fed, his first arrival on 1629ypm. D Harrison & Son from Egremont were 3rd Fed on 1627ypm. W McGrady & Son from Sandwith were 4th Fed on 1626ypm, Nolan, H’ton,

THE RACING PIGEON 7 JUNE 2024 when James answered the question he said one option would be to use the modern method ‘send plenty and hope to get one’ or alternatively set them up like I do and he thereafter went about explaining how he set individual pigeons up for the Channel races. As we travelled to the function on the M74 we casually passed road signs but when we sighted the sign for Douglas Water we sat up and took notice as the mere mention of Douglas Water prompted special memories as in days gone by, this small community was home to several of the very best fanciers in the entire country. When I was in my late teens and early twenties I used to travel into Annan every Saturday night and joined the local fanciers in the Blue Bell Inn. The patter was good with such names as John and Matt Jamieson, Jim Soutar, Jimmy Dalgliesh, George Hind etc, in the company. Invariably John Jamieson would talk of Jake Burrell from Douglas Water who he believed was one of the very best fanciers in Scotland. He spoke for example of how the Burrell loft was located in a Glen and of visiting the loft in the dark with the legendary fancier from Douglas Water, following a Meeting in Glasgow, Jake Burrell told him to lift individual pigeons off the perch in the dark and hand them to him. John said that on taking them in his hand in the dark, he was able to recognise them immediately and quote the birds’ ring numbers. With a smile John said that he was striking matches in the dark to check to see if the numbers that were given were correct. John was lavish in his praise of the South Lanarkshire Ace who he said, was an absolute Master. The Chapter in the SNFC Centenary Book concerning the fanciers from Douglas Water was penned by John McFall and within the composition John explains that the dam of the Burrell Brothers family was a red Putman hen that was purchased from Dr Hall from Shropshire. The red hen was paired to a dark pied J O Allen cock that was purchased from Mr Bone from Glespin and this pair became known as the No 1 Pair. Following


of the famous Burrell Brothers. At the outset it should be understood that the Ring Number of the pigeon, which Robin’s father bought at the Burrell Sale was SURP62L8005, whilst the Ring Number of the bird purchased from Peter Scott was SURP76L11663. ‘11663’ was a dark chequer hen, her sire was ‘35998’ and her dam was ‘22998’. ‘35998’ flew over 500 miles on nine occasions and bred many winners. ‘22998’ was 19th West Sect SNFC Avranches 1969, 128th West Sect SNFC Rennes 1971 and 9th West Sect SNFC Avranches 1972 (the pigeon’s winnings over fifty years ago were much in excess of £500). Sire of ‘35998’ was stock cock ‘8945’. Dam of ‘35998’ was ‘18899’, which was bred by Jake Burrell and retained for stock. Sire of ‘8945’ was ‘5986’, which was also retained for stock. Dam of

McLaren. ‘58521’ was timed with the leaders and recorded 3rd Open, which was beyond our wildest dreams. The pigeon was then named ‘Likely Lad’. In 1968 he again went to Pau and on this occasion managed 201st Open. I was now in partnership with my Dad, who for some reason after years of racing pigeons, decided to have break and I took over. I was but a 14 year old schoolboy at the time and if I’m honest, struggled a bit. I then went to work at 15 but carried on racing and enjoyed some success. In 1971 I decided to go to Australia with my brother but returned after a couple of years and my father and I decided to race again. We initially struggled to get a team together but gradually got going. The best bit of luck was when we were given ‘Likely Lad’ back by the person who bought him and that was Eric Cannon. He was 10 years old but was able to Sire several birds. One in particular was a dark grizzle cock, which was bred when he was paired to a hen of the W T Gardiner of Lockerbie strain. The dark grizzle bred many good Channel winners and birds to score in NFC races. By now I was racing on my own with a lot of help from my Mother, who always enjoyed the birds and assisted around the loft. As the months passed, I wanted to improve the birds and get more Burrell blood so I made contact with a RP scribe who put me in touch with Peter Scott from Coalburn. On hearing my story, Peter sold me a Dark

“there’s no man on earth can condition more than four pigeons to go to Rennes and get them right.” Understand that in 1939 the same Jake Burrell sent four to Rennes and was 3rd, 15th, 24th & 89th Open. He actually won the West Section on four occasions with the SNFC. When once talking to Kerr Stainthorpe about Jake Burrell he told me that on one occasion he was at the Burrell loft in the company of Peter Scott on the day after a National, when Peter was verifying a pigeon from the previous day’s race. Following verification of the winner, they were talking outside the loft and Jake Burrell said “I should have showed you my second one” and went into the loft and brought the

J Burrell’s ‘Glen Queen’.

pigeon out sitting in its bowl. The bird was so keen it had went back to nest when it returned from France and notwithstanding the fact that the bowl was moved outside the loft, it continued to sit the eggs. Kerr said that Jake lifted the bird off the eggs to let himself and Peter handle it and thereafter put in back on the nest and carried the bowl back into the loft. Reflecting on the quality of the line consider that when I wrote in The RP about Jake Burrell some twenty years ago I received a letter from Robin Furlonger from Guildford, from which I quote…“As you know, when J Burrell died, his birds were auctioned in London. My father went to the Sale, with the late Eric Cannon, who was a friend of our family. The weather was very bad with heavy snow and many Scots, who might have travelled south, chose not to attend. The auction took place, however, nearly all the birds were sold and on the advice of the Leishman Brothers, my father managed to buy a hen for £11-00. This was a lot of money for him at the time with a young family. I incidentally was seven years old at the time and had three older brothers. The pigeon was brought home and paired in the spring. It bred several rounds of young- sters including a pair of 1964 latebreds, one a grizzle and the other a blue. The grizzle was rung ‘58521’ and his nestmate was rung ‘58517’. The number of the grizzle is imprinted on my memory and comes imme- diately to mind without me having to refer to any records. During the winter these two latebreds were tossed in all sorts of weather, but always made the loft on the day. They were not raced in 1965 but in 1966 were introduced to the race basket and proceeded through the programme to NFC Pau. It was a difficult race with the winning velocity being approximately 900ypm. ‘58521’ was clocked to win 56th Open and ‘58517’ gained 197th Open. My Dad was overjoyed! Season 1967 soon came round but regret- tably, whilst preparing the birds for Pau, ‘58517’ came from a training toss shot through the wing and raced no more. ‘58521’ was sent to the Classic and again we expe- rienced a hard race, which was won by J

Jake & Archie Burrell from Douglas Water.

‘5986’ was 2nd Open SNFC Nantes 1951 (590 miles), 80th Open Nantes 1952, 13th West Sect 42nd Open Nantes 1953 and 26th Sect 77th Open Nantes 1954. Dam of ‘8945’ was ‘12252’, which was bred and raced by J Burrell. She was 9th Championship Club Dol 1958 (496 miles), 1st Club, 2nd Fed Worcester 1959 and 100th West Sect Rennes 1960. ‘12252’ was stolen from J Burrell’s loft and returned minus her ring. When Jake Burrell died, this hen was given to Peter Scott for stock. Dam of ‘12252’ was ‘5427’, which was 93rd West Sect Rennes 1959 and 36th West Sect Rennes 1960. Dam of ‘5427’ was SURP52L4136 ‘Glen Queen II’, 1st West Sect Rennes 1955. Sire of ‘18899’ was ‘3839’, which was 2nd Sect 3rd Open Lanarkshire Fed. Dol 1960. Dam of 18899 was ‘9131’, that was 52nd West Sect Nantes 1958 and 5th Open SLD Club Rochefort 1959 (670 miles). Sire of ‘22998’ was ‘578’, which was given to Peter Scott for stock by J Burrell. Sire of ‘578’ was 2nd West Sect Rennes 1953 and 13th West Sect Rennes 1954. Dam of ‘578’ was ‘Glen Hazel II’, 116th West Sect Charleroi 1949, 60th West Sect Rennes 1950 and 36th West Sect Rennes 1952. Dam of ‘22998’ was an import into the loft, being bred by Davie Davidson of Douglas Water from his 2nd Open SNFC Beauvais hen. It should be understood that the dam and sire of SURP62L8005, the orig- inal pigeon purchased at the Burrell Sale were ‘18899’ and ‘5986’, details of which were included in the above pedigree. In summary: pigeons bred in small numbers for the job in hand, each containing generations of channel winners in their lineage. There’s a lesson to be learned there!

J Burrell’s noted stock cock ‘7048’.

Chequer hen for £20-00, which was closely related to the first hen that we bought. In fact, it was Peter Scott who bred the first hen and gifted her to Jake Burrell because she was Sired by a gift bird from Douglas Water. The injection of new blood proved an imme- diate success. Peter Scott, meanwhile, was very helpful and was pleased when he learned of the success that we had achieved from our second purchase.” Robin Furlonger continued “The list of performances gained by birds related to these Scottish pigeons is extensive, indeed too many to mention. Not only did they win for us but won for others as well. Over the years the blood became diluted and introductions were made from Fear Brothers, Clandown; Tommy Gilbertson, Carlisle and Eric Cannon.” Robin concluded his letter “I hope you find this letter of interest. I still have the letters that Peter Scott wrote to me in the 1970’s, which I treasure because they take me back to the time when pigeon racing was such good fun.” In addition to sending me a letter, Robin also provided me with a copy of the pedigree of the pigeon, which he purchased from Peter Scott. Not only did the pedigree provide breeding details of the two pigeons that Robin and his father acquired. It also gave an indication of the absolute quality of pigeons that contributed to the success story

J Burrell’s ‘Glen Hero’.

the death of Jake Burrell in 1962, the birds were sold and Lot 1 in the Sale was ‘Glen Prince’, which was bred from seven contin- uous generations of winners going right back to the Number 1 Pair. Within his composi- tion, John McFall explains that a dark grizzle cock gained the first Rennes diploma for Burrell Brothers, being 47th Open in 1930. This cock was subsequently coupled to a daughter of the Number 1 Pair and produced two nestmate sisters ‘Glen Rose’ and ‘Glen Hazel’, which were 7th & 15th Fed Guernsey and the following year were 3rd & 15th Open SNFC Rennes. At that time the Rennes National was the race that every Scottish fancier desired to win and John Jamieson told me often that Jake Burrell would say




For the past few Saturdays, I have paid a visit to Rod Berry in New Milton to sit and watch his pigeons return from their races. I have been very fortunate that the days I have been there the weather has been pretty good, on a couple of occasions it was very sunny and warm which is very nice sitting waiting and with plenty of pigeon banter. The first club race that I witnessed was flown with the Wiltshire & District SR Federation from Honiton. Rod’s Saturday club is the Test Valley RPC. This first race was a good start for Rod within the Federation. With a total of 1,430 birds liberated Rod’s pigeons recorded 1st, 2nd & 3rd with velocities 1444.7, 1444.4 & 1383, he also had 10 pigeons in the first 36 of the Federation. The winning pigeon was a three year old white cock ‘King’, the sire of this Fed winner is a Van den Bulck x

‘Pitbull’, he has had several positions with five top Fed positions including 1st Fed from Honiton last season. The second arrival a three year old grizzle hen is the nest mate to the winner. The next race that Rod won in the club was from Wadebridge 1st & 2nd on 1207.5 & 1207.2 which recorded 33rd & 34th Federation from 745 birds. Another race that I witnessed in Rod’s garden was on 19th May flown from Honiton. I must be his lucky charm, either that or it is the cap that Angie gives me to wear. From this race Rod won several Fed positions including 1st, 2nd & 3rd on 1478, 1477 & 1467. The Federation winner was a two year old Van Den Bulck x ‘Pitbull’ blue cock flown on Widowhood. Last season this pigeon recorded 9th Open in the National Sprint Awards, he was entered into this having recorded seven positions

within the first five of the Federation including a 1st Fed. Second Fed was another two year old this time a dark chequer Jan Hooymans x Van Den Bosche. This is another pigeon with multi Fed positions including 1st Fed last season. Third Fed a two year old light chequer, another pigeon with multi Fed positions including 1st Fed in 2023. The sire is a Van Den Bosche that is a half- brother to ‘Scar’ a multi winning cock with many club, Fed and Classic positions to his credit. More importantly ‘Scar’ has performed exceptionally well in the National and Classic clubs, some of his many positions include 2010: 1st Section BBC Vire he then went on to take 17th Open National FC Messac picking up a nice £1,700, the following season 2011: 1st Section CSCFC Carentan. In total ‘Scar’ won in prize money and pools over £3,000. The dam Jan Hooymans was bred by Massarella stud. This hen also has proved to be a good breeder. After five

Surrey Federation Result 40 members sent 583 birds – Kingsdown 11th May

Surrey Federation Result 34 members sent 583 birds – Okehampton 19th May







1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th

J & B Donovan & McHugh Surrey Valley J & B Donovan & McHugh Surrey Valley J & B Donovan & McHugh Surrey Valley

1406.46 1406.19 1405.93 1396.01 1396.01 1387.53 1384.60 1380.10 1379.99 1379.61 1375.74 1360.42 1359.30 1357.93 1357.93 1356.81 1356.24 1355.78 1355.72 1354.74

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th

R & N Steptoe P Donovan P Donovan A & D Steer A & D Steer

Surrey Valley Surrey Valley Surrey Valley Surrey Valley Surrey Valley

1363.80 1344.69 1540.43 1340.20 1340.11 1333.64 1333.26 1331.92 1329.71 1328.33 1324.81 1323.05 1321.34 1320.42 1320.40 1319.31 1319.25 1319.13 1319.07 1315.05

M & J Adcock M & J Adcock K Roberts & Son P Donovan G Muskett M & J Adcock

Woodside Woodside Woodside

J & B Donovan & McHugh Surrey Valley

Surrey Valley

F Hawks

Surrey Valley


J & B Donovan & McHugh Surrey Valley

Thornton Heath

M & J Adcock

Thornton Heath

10th M & J Adcock


10th J & B Donovan & McHugh Surrey Valley

11th J & B Donovan & McHugh Surrey Valley

11th G Muskett 12th R & N Steptoe 13th C King 14th P Donovan 15th G Muskett 16th M & J Adcock 17th J Willis & Son 18th M & J Adcock 19th Mr & Mrs B Pitchley 20th M & J Adcock


12th Mr & Mrs B Pitchley 13th Mr & Mrs B Pitchley 14th Mr & Mrs B Pitchley 15th Mr & Mrs B Pitchley

Thornton Heath Thornton Heath Thornton Heath Thornton Heath Surrey Valley

Surrey Valley Surrey Valley Surrey Valley

Bromley Woodside

16th C Kavanagh 17th G Muskett 18th G Muskett 19th C Kavanagh 20th P Donovan

Bromley Bromley

Thornton Heath


Surrey Valley Surrey Valley

Thornton Heath Thornton Heath



daughter of the lofts ‘Golden Couple’, as a young bird this hen recorded 9th Fed from Wincanton when beaten by five loft mates. R Willis & Son 2nd Club on 1319.2 with a five year old blue hen. Third Club on 1319 Mr & Mrs B Pitchley with a yearling red chequer cock. Woodside FC 4 members sent 46 birds. First & 2nd Club 16th & 18th Fed on 1319.3 & 1319.1 M & J Adcock & Son with two three year old blue cocks. This club winner has been very consistent as well as being unlucky with 5x2nds, each time being beaten by loft

club races in the Test Valley Rod has 3x1sts with 86 year young Barry Smith with 2x1sts. 19th May the Surrey Federation joined the South Coast Federation for an Amalgamation race from Okehampton. With a weather report not good for a Saturday race the birds were marked on Saturday for a Sunday liberation which took place with a lib time of 08- 30 in a north East wind. The Surrey Fed birdage was 583 birds, it was a good day flying for members of the Surrey Valley FC by taking the first eight Fed positions with 12 of the first 14 positions being taken. Surrey Valley FC 13 members sent 212 birds. First Club 1st Federation on 1363 flying 178 miles a previous National FC winning partnership of R & N Steptoe who

mates, he has also recorded 12 top Federation posi- tions, his breeding is first class being a son of ‘Troy’ 4x1st Federation when paired to ‘Mabel’ 7x1st Club. Mark’s second pigeon has now won 3x1sts plus 1st Federation Weymouth 872 birds, plus several other Fed positions. Once again this is a grandson of the ‘Golden Couple’. Third, 4th, 5th & 6th Club on 1306, 1292 & 1289 K Roberts & Son, first pigeon being a yearling blue cock bred by Alfie Hawthorn, this pigeon was Ray’s first arrival last week taking 3rd Club Kingsdown. Bromley Common, 5 members, no birdage. Graham Muskett takes the first five positions on 1324-1288ypm, with 11th & 18th Fed. First arrival was a yearling Widowhood cock that has had a 3rd Club this season, as a young bird he won 1st Club 13th Federation,

clocked a yearling Widowhood blue cock, this cock being bred from their old family of sprint pigeons. Second & 3rd Club 2nd & 3rd Federation on 1344 7 1343 the ever-present Peter Donovan. Peter’s first arrival was a yearling blue pied hen being sent to this race while showing to another hen, she has been very consistent this season being in the first ten on four occa- sions with 2x2nds, 1x4th. The sire is a son of ‘Daisy- May’ and he is a previous winner of 1st Okehampton. Second arrival is another yearling blue pied hen racing to the perch, her breeding is from a sire of Owen Markey x Peter’s Adcock hen. Fourth & 5th Club 4th & 5th Federation on 1340 (2) the newly formed father and son partnership A & D Steer, their first arrival a home bred yearling grizzle cock on Widowhood, this Van Den Bulck cross has been the lofts most consistent pigeon as he was last season as a baby. Thornton Heath RPC 12 members sent 182 birds. First & 4th Club 9th & 17th Fed on 1329, & 1315 M & J Adcock with two yearling hens, first pigeon is a grand-

second arrival is the cock that recorded 1st Amalgamation last season for Graham plus he also scored in the club and Fed last week, this was followed by a yearling Vandenabeele with positions that include 2x1sts, 1x2nd, 1x3rd, 6th Club all in the past five weeks. Once again, I managed a few hours at the BICC marking at Southampton. The marking team at this venue are always on top of their game, so much so you cannot pick out any individual they are all doing a fantastic job. Well, done all. As I do not have pigeons, I just sit there with my orange juice in the company of some excellent pigeon men. I particularly like it when the fanciers with good memories talk about years gone by, all very interesting. On the home front I have enjoyed a nice few days in the garden with some fine weather. As I have previously stated I had pre-prepared my shed and aviary for the breeding season. All is going well with several nests with



young Canaries in the nest pans. It beggars belief that you spend time positioning the nest pans in the best places in the shed and in the aviary and you always get one Canary that does not like your choice so decides to make a nest to rear their youngsters in a cress pot once the top of the cress has been eaten. Another job I have been involved with is arranging the funeral of my youngest sister Tina, the earliest date that we could get is on 5th June which will take place in Peacehaven in East Sussex. Surrey Federation on the 25th May were at West Bay with the pigeons liberated at 08-15 with no wind at the race point for this 123-150-mile race. Surrey Valley FC 14 members sent 233 birds. First & 2nd Club on 1577 (2) J & B Donovan & P J McHugh. The club winner is a two year old chequer pied Widowhood cock, this now makes it 4x1sts for this pigeon that was raced by the partnership but bred by John Donovan Snr from his Jamie Clark & Daughter’s stock. Second arrival a yearling blue cock on Widowhood that just two weeks ago recorded 2nd Club

race from St Philbert. Congratulations to Mike Potts who won this race with a velocity of1444 ypm. Bromley Common 6 members sent 65 birds. It is a real pleasure to put pen to paper for this club’s winner, a fancier who is one of the nicest gentlemen and great workers of our sport. First Club on 1552 is Tom Firmager of Pine Walk Lofts with a yearling grizzle Widowhood cock that has been the first pigeon to the loft in the past four races (it had to come). The sire was bred by the late George Brokie when paired to a Chris Baxter hen. This pairing has bred some very useful pigeons for Tom. Second Club on 1539 D Bullen & Son with a two year old chequer Widowhood cock that was bred by Colin Fagg, this cock has been consistent winning several minor positions. Williams & son take the next five club positions, all Widowhood cocks. Thornton Heath 15 members sent 191 birds. First, 2nd & 4th Club on 1579, 1572 & 1568 and possible 1st Federation is the Mr & Mrs Pitchley partnership, Denise being the Federation Secretary. All three pigeons were bred from ‘Spider Man’/Hereman-Ceusters stock that the partnership purchased from Darren May. First arrival a Widowhood yearling red chequer cock was 19th Federation from Okehampton last week, this cock is also the brother too the lofts second arrival from the BICC race. Brian and Denice on the same day as this race competed in the BICC race from St Philbert, the first time for many years and the recorded a provisional 21st Section 56th Open. Third & 5th Club M & J Adcock 1571 & 1560 with two of their Roundabout hens. First arrival was a two year old chequer hen which has an excellent record of positions that include 1st Fed Okehampton,

2nd Fed Honiton, 2nd Fed Honiton, both times beaten by loft mates, 3rd Fed Weymouth 782 birds. This hen is a daughter of ‘Ronaldo’ when paired to a top stock hen. Woodside FC 4 members sent 53 birds. M & J Adcock with the first three positions on 1572, 1570 & 1568, first pigeon is a yearling son of ‘Leonardo’ winner of 10x1sts

2nd Fed when beaten by a loft mate. His sire is a grandson of ‘Sagen’ Van den Bulck when paired to a pigeon the same way bred as the 2nd in the Sprint Titan Games in 2022 bred from Donckers lines. Third & 4th Club on 1573 & 1565 Peter Donovan, Peter’s first arrival was his good Widowhood blue cock ‘Turkey’ so far this season this consistent pigeon has taken 3x3rds & 2x4ths, this cock is bred from the lofts top stock pair with the dam being the very good hen ‘Daisy-May’. Second arrival for Peter is a two year old blue Widowhood cock that is a full brother to ‘Turkey’ that has many top ten positions to his credit. On the same day as this race the club held a nomina- tion race for those members who sent with the BICC

when paired to a top race and stock hen. This yearlings performances include 1st Club 4th Fed 701 birds beaten by three loft mates, 5th Fed 629 birds, 13th Fed 780 birds beaten by 10 loft mates, 2nd Club a yearling chequer cock that was bred by Mike Betts a previous winner of 10th, 15th & 16th Fed many times beaten by loft mates. Mark’s third arrival a three year old that had previously recorded 6x1st Club and 2x1st, 3x2nd Feds and he is a son of ‘Leonardo’. TERRY PEART

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