Connected April 2015


Dear Readers I’m hoping you had a chance to view my recent video update and to hear the exciting news that Morrison and Crothall are now sharing a combined brand identity: Compass One – Healthcare.

As we learn more ways to collabo- rate and share our processes and technology, I hope to see your stories reflected here, in our new Compass One internal publication. We are calling it Connected because that is what our “Coming Together” process as a Healthcare division is all about. Here you’ll find the stories and best practices of the teams that really get it…they have connected with each other to maximize their impact on patient experience or on the bottom line. As always, we look forward to recognizing the accomplishments of our people, and giving you expanded need-to-know (NTK/ MNTK) information from our support departments. I always look forward to reading about the great things our teams are doing. You can’t imagine how proud I am when I see what can be done with the right leadership and an engaged team. So, thank you for everything you are doing and for sharing your news: it’s your hard work and dedication that will continue to make us one of the Best Places to Work in Healthcare! With best wishes for a renewing spring,

Compass One not only reflects the awesome power of Compass, but it also captures the spirit and pride of our Crothall and Morrison legacies. Together, as one Healthcare division, we are now Compass One - Healthcare.

I’m excited by the potential our new name reflects to our customers and the market: one vision and one strategy, as one very powerful Healthcare division. Some of our healthcare customers are looking for the benefit of a “one stop shop,” and most for a unified approach to improving patient experience. Our new name reflects that we are now even better positioned to satisfy their needs. I want to assure you, however, that it remains critical to maintain the power of Morrison and Crothall as individual entities. Our history, success, and reputation have placed us in leadership positions in health- care. So Compass One will now bind us together while retaining our presence as Morrison and Crothall! WATCH THE “COME TOGETHER” VIDEO CELEBRATING COMPASS ONE-HEALTHCARE!


Bobby Kutteh CEO Compass One - Healthcare



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