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MAY 2018


May Is Enjoyably Busy

of the picture with my son and the other cyclists who came from all over California to meet him. I was impressed with the cyclists, as most of the group was over 50 years old and they were out riding their bikes. Going out and cycling is a good anti-aging practice. It was very heartwarming to see how most of them were older and having a great time, even when it was the first time for some of them to do something like this. While my son is enjoying his life out on the road, my daughter, Marissa, is moving forward with her life. This Memorial Day, Susie and I are flying to Denver to visit her and see the new house she just bought. Marissa will be married in September, and she’s our first child to get married. We’re helping her with the planning and anything else she needs for the ceremony. It’ll be good to see her and her brand-new house in Denver. In the office, I’ve been giving seminars each month that I call the Body Signals Workshops. So far, I’ve presented information on battling post-holiday stress, building up your immune system naturally, how to prevent lower back pain, how to

There’s a lot on my mind this May. I have activities I’m looking forward to putting into action, and I’m thinking a lot about family. My son, Darren, is a world-renowned bicycle touring pro. He has traveled all over the world on his bicycle for 18 years now. He loves being out on the road and runs the website On his website, Darren teaches others how to travel by bicycle by giving tips and providing his books and video training. He even has a popular YouTube channel. Just last month, we were pleased to have Darren home with us. He arranged a meetup at our home, and 15 of his followers showed up to meet him and ride together to Sycamore Canyon Campground. Unfortunately, it started raining that day, and it continued to rain the rest of the trip. They biked through it, though, and they were able to camp out for the night in tents. It was a good time for them! I wasn’t able to participate in the ride, but I enjoyed watching my son indulge in what he loves to do with other people who are equally excited. That’s me in the middle

defeat peripheral neuropathy, and natural help for asthma and allergies. This month, I will be giving a weight loss presentation, and in June, we’ll discuss upper extremity conditions and their treatment. The whole idea of this is to teach people that chiropractors are wellness doctors — we don’t just focus on back pain. These seminars and lectures are to let people know that we focus on all sorts of conditions throughout the body and give them alternatives to medical treatment. Pain and other symptoms are “body signals.” It’s your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. It’s important to be aware of your body signals and not cover them up. If you simply cover up that signal, the problem usually remains. While I strive to educate people about this, I’ve been really impressed by some of my practice members because they are being proactive about their health by attending. They are not being reactive and waiting to take action when their health fails. Everyone needs to do all they can to support their health naturally. Being educated about natural health preventative practices is important! Each workshop is held on the last Tuesday

of each month at 6:30 p.m. More information is enclosed. If you’re interested in attending, please call our office and reserve your seat.

–Dr. Steven Alff, D.C.

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