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3 Things to Do Before the Trip TRAVELING WITH THE GRANDKIDS?

signed by all legal guardians, especially if your grandchild’s parents are divorced. You don’t want to accidentally cause a custody dispute. Plan a Trip You’ll Both Love When planning your itinerary, ask yourself if your grandkids will have fun, too. You might be excited to visit an art museum, but a younger child might not appreciate it as much. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit museums or historical sites! In fact, most of these places offer kid-centric activities, like scavenger hunts, that can help a younger audience engage with the environment. Just be sure to think of your grandchild first when planning. There’s nothing like the adventure of travel to bring generations closer together and create lasting memories. These tips will help you ensure those memories are good ones. Happy travels!

parents’ concerns. If your daughter asks you not to be on your phone while in crowded public places because she’s concerned you might lose sight of her child, promise to keep the phone in your pocket. If your son-in-law wants regular updates, make time before bed for your grandchild to call home and tell her father about all the fun she’s having. A little compromise can lead to less stress and more fun for everyone. Pack Necessary Documents You need to have some form of ID for your grandkids. Older kids can use a driver’s license, but if you’re traveling with little ones, find a copy of their birth certificates. You also need copies of insurance and prescription cards and a notarized letter from the parents granting you permission to authorize medical care in case of an emergency. It’s also a good idea to have a letter of permission for your grandkids to travel with you. Make sure the letter is

We could all use a vacation, and if you’re looking to bond with your grandkids, a trip might be the perfect answer. It’s fun for you, and getting away from Mom and Dad for a while is thrilling for any kid. But before you board a plane to Italy with your granddaughter or rent an RV for a trip to Yellowstone with your grandsons, there are a few things you need to check off your to-do list. Don’t Let the Parents Worry Letting their kids go on a trip without them can be nerve-wracking for parents. Don’t view parental worries as an implication that you are an irresponsible grandparent. Instead, think about how you felt when your own children were young, and take steps to alleviate the

I was suffering for months with back pain, burning legs, and lack of sleep due to pain. I had no energy! What Our Patients Say

just a few treatments, which were very gentle and painless, I regained my sleep and energy! The burning leg pain and back pain slowly dissipated. Now, I am able to enjoy my work and can do whatever I want without the pain and discomfort. I would not hesitate to recommend the Ventura Spine and Nerve Center, with Dr. Alff and his wonderful assistants. If you’re in need of help with chronic pain symptoms, they’re amazing. Dr. Alff offers the health care of the future — with no drugs! Thank you, Dr. Alff, Rosey, Summer, and Susan!

I didn’t know what to do to get better except ask my medical doctor, and he just kept giving me more medications. That was not my idea of helping! I happened to read an article in the newspaper about Dr. Alff’s natural neuropathy program. I decided to make an appointment, not knowing what to expect. He gave me a very thorough examination and figured out the cause of my disabling symptoms. He talked to me about how medications don’t help the problem; they just mask the symptoms. He developed a customized action plan for me and I began the program. After 2

Sincerely, – Suzanne Oxnard, California

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