Help and resources We are all going through

unprecedented times that can intensify our emotional reactions. For example, you might feel greater fatigue or have fears that you can’t shake, or even have trouble just dealing with the day-to- day. Focus on these signs of a problem and, as soon as you can, contact resources that can help you to better manage your feelings and develop new coping strategies. • Info-Social 811 Info-Social 811 is a free and confidential telephone consultation service available 24/7 • Regroupement des services d’intervention de crise du Québec Provides 24/7 referral services for people in distress (French): • Tel-Aide Helpline that provides 24/7 assistance to people who are isolated, in distress or need someone to talk to: 514 935-1101 • Écoute Entraide Community organization that supports people experiencing emotional distress: 514 278-2130 or 1 855 EN LIGNE (365-4463) • Suicide prevention crisis helpline Crisis helpline that provides suicide

Choose healthy living habits • Try to keep to a routine for eating, resting, sleeping and other daily activities. • Take time to eat well. • Go to bed at an hour that lets you get enough sleep. • Be physically active on a regular basis, while complying with public health directives. • Reduce your consumption of stimulants like coffee, tea, soft drinks, energy beverages, chocolate, etc. • Drink lots of water. • Lower your alcohol, drug and tobacco consumption, or simply say no to them entirely. The same goes for gambling.

Give voice to your feelings • Keep in mind that having a range of emotions is normal. Feelings play an important role in life, and it is essential to experience them without passing judgment. • Use words to express what you are going through. Do you feel alone? Are you worried? • Allow yourself to share your feelings with a trusted friend or family member. It might also be helpful to write down how you’re feeling or call a helpline. Find what works for you! • Those closest to you may not necessarily be able to “read” you. Express your feelings. • Leave space in your life for your feelings and those of your loved ones.

prevention services 24/7: 1 866 APPELLE (277-3553)

Make judicious use of social media • Use critical thinking before sharing something on social media. Ill-advised information can have harmful effects and be detrimental to everyone’s efforts in these times. • Use social media to share positive actions. • Watch videos that make you smile.

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