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Fighting for My Clients A Recent Settlement That Benefits People, Not Insurance Companies


s an injury attorney, there’s nothing more frustrating than knowing I can’t help a client. After a crash, most

a case is settled we would get more money than you once health insurance and medical bills are paid, we lower our fee to make sure you get more in your pocket

insurance companies will work quickly to settle a claim. The insurance adjuster will tell the injured party that they don’t need legal help and that settling quickly will avoid numerous headaches and drawn-out negotiations. It’s a quick solution, but it is rarely the best one. After an injured party accepts the insurance money, the insurance company has the injured person sign a release, and the matter is over forever. Even if more issues arise, a lawyer’s hands are tied by the release the injured party signed when they settled their case. The injured person does not get a second bite at the apple. I’ve had people call me months after accepting the insurance company’s first offer, and their seemingly insignificant shoulder soreness turned out to be a torn rotator cuff requiring surgery, physical therapy, and a lot more medical bills and missed time from work. What the insurance company got away with paying them was only enough to cover their initial ER bills and a few bucks in their pocket. The insurance company weaseled their way into paying less by offering a quick payout — and 99.9 percent of the time, there’s nothing a lawyer can do about it. Most insurance companies don’t want you to know that your lawyer is trying to help you. They paint lawyers as greedy people who just want to take money out of your pocket. In reality, the opposite is true. At Kelly Law Offices, we only receive compensation if you win your case, and if the math shows that after

than us. The injured person deserves fair


Insurance companies will stop at nothing to profit at the expense of the injured. In early September, State Farm Insurance settled an Illinois lawsuit for

$250 million. The lawsuit showed State Farm had funneled over $3 million into an Illinois Supreme Court justice’s campaign. That judge was subsequently elected and proved to be the deciding vote to overturn a previous billion-dollar judgment against … you guessed it — State Farm.

State Farm paid a quarter of a billion dollars! In my experience, insurance companies don’t willingly give up that kind of money if they are not afraid of what might come to light or if they believe they can win. At Kelly Law Offices, we have plenty of clients who are initially skeptical of how we can help them. They initially believe the perception that the personal injury lawyer is someone who is only out for themselves, rather than an ally who is fighting the same evil insurance companies in a fight the insurance companies have tried to rig. I understand these fears. When I was recovering from my own injury after a drunk driver hit my vehicle, I remember the stresses of dealing with the insurance company, recuperating from an injury, and continuing on with my life. A crash is one of the scariest life events someone may have to deal with, and I hate to see people scammed out of what they deserve by an evil insurance company. So, even if you’re initially scared of an injury lawyer, give us a chance to fight for you. There is never a fee unless you win, and our clients will tell you the only people we scare are the insurance adjusters.

–Michael Massucci



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