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The future of Class II correction is here. The Jasper Vektor is the ONLY appliance that utilizes gentle, intrusive force vectors – just what is needed for efficient Class II correction.

• Produces gentle, curved force vectors since the appliance flexes in 25-45% of its overall length • Robust nickel titanium design • Free from the “food zone” • Allows natural lateral mandibular movement for patient comfort • Easy installation

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Other appliances produce extrusive tipping forces on the maxilla and anterior teeth, which is always contraindicated for the over erupted Class II patient. Since the vector control module is made from nickel titanium, the appliance is extremely robust, while providing force values of only 3.5 ounces. Provide your patients the latest Class II correction alternative with the Jasper Vektor appliance.

See why the Jasper Vektor appliance is in a class of its own. Call or visit us online:

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