A WORD FROM OUR CEO Kenneth Cochran, DSc, FACHE President & CEO It is no exaggeration for me to state our team is amazing. You have endured no less than three (3) major changes to how we care for patients. You have donated your time, energy, and resources to teammates and members of the community. You have faced personal, financial, and family struggles with job duty and hour changes, family member job loss, and childcare changes. Be proud of yourself, your team, and family members supporting you. The state of our economy, the healthcare delivery system, and our way of life has changed dramatically. I have two messages to stress that will most certainly assist with today and tomorrow’s challenges.

First, please take care of your mental health. Mental health and wellbeing is not about being broken, bad, dumb, or crazy. It is about ensuring you are physically and mentally doing things that promote health within our bodies. Rapid change, loss of income, loss of life, even positive changes in our life creates stress that can be overwhelming. Do not be ashamed to get help. Talk to a friend. Call our EAP Hotline (free of charge), speak with a counselor, call Margie Quebedeaux (Counselor whose part of EAP), even call a national hotline if needed. As your leader, I have no shame in admitting that grief counseling is probably the only way my family has survived the loss of our son. So please…. .Take care of yourself. Second, prepare yourself to accept our personal and professional lives will never return to the way they were. Embrace the lessons learned during the extended time spent with family members. Make sure to make changes to personal routines that bring more joy to you and your family. Professionally, the delivery of healthcare will change. OGHS will need to change in meeting the demands of our patients and to continue our duty to the community. Be assured that changes will be mostly beneficial to the quality and cost of care for our patients. Do not fear change. Any fear should be converted into positive energy to be part of the solution to make healthcare safer and more affordable. Let me close by saying thank you and thank your family for supporting you during this challenging time. BE CERTAIN that I am committed to your personal safety and plan to ensure future process developments to minimize your risk of being infected by COVID-19. And, BE SAFE at work and home. Social distance & minimize the frequency of shopping trips. We continue to do everything possible to stop the spread of COVID-19 while keeping you and the community safe. If there is anything you need, please reach out to me or any member of the Senior Leadership Team so that we may assist you.

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