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It’s that time of year again, the beginning of a new year when many of us feel compelledtomakeNewYear’sResolutions.Whatwillbeyourresolutionstowards taking care of your health? Will you set a goal to lose weight, exercise more, eat better and increase your activity level? Unfortunately,suchdeclarationsoften failafteramonthor two.Thiscanoftenbe attributed to two things: a lack of readiness to actually change bad habits and a pattern of setting unrealistic expectations. So what types of resolutions can we make thatwe’llactuallystick to? Ifyouwant to improveyourhealthand increase your energy, here are some simple ways to change your lifestyle for the better. 1.Beginthedaywithprotein. Eatingprotein forbreakfasthelpscurbyourappetite throughout the day and tends to improve your overall diet as well. While you may wind up consuming the same number of calories over a day’s time, you’ll be less tempted by high-fat snacks around dinnertime. Keep in mind that there areplentyofplant-basedproteinsavailable, includinghempseeds,blackbeans, almonds, edamame, and pumpkin seeds among them. 2.Limityourdrinks. By this,wearen’tonlyreferring toalcohol. Instead, try tocut back on the calorie-laden drinks popular this time of year. Concoctions such as sweetenedcoffeedrinks,sodas,dietsodasandenergydrinkscanbedetrimental to a healthy diet. Focus on a higher consumption of water during the day and to make it easy have a glass by your desk or carry a bottle around with you. 3. Try wearable technology. Research shows that people who use wearable technology, gadgets such as Fitbits, Garmin, and Withings, tend to stick to their exercise routine more faithfully than those who don’t. With many of them, you

can track your heart rate, steps per minute, sleep cycles, and more.

4. Increase Your Range of Motion. Avoid shortcuts when it comes to exercising. Strive for using the greatest range of motion. This may include making longer lunges,stretchingarmsmorewhile jumpingrope,or leaningover furtherduring yoga. Whatever the case, doing so helps your muscles do more work per rep, which results in breaking down more tissue by the end of your workout. If you have difficulty reaching a full range of motion, or have discomfort, consult your physical therapist. 5. Reduce fatigue. As anyone who has tried and failed at establishing a regular exerciseroutinecanagree, fatigue is thenumberoneenemy.Tohelpcombat this, drink beet juice. Studies show that it can increase stamina by up to 16 percent. Furthermore, listen to music that keeps you motivated. Listening to the right musiccanactuallyexpandyourbloodvesselsby26percent.Workonaschedule routine that ensures you get enough rest, exercise, and activity. 6. Switch it up. If you’ve been plugging through the same fitness routine day after day, you may notice a reduction in strength gain. To avoid this, try different exercises, working out at different times of day, using different repetitions, or lifting different weights. Consider ways to add healthy decision-making to your lifestyle. Remember that puttingthingsoffdoesn’tgetyoutowhereyouwanttobe.Weareheretohelpyou reach your goals and achieve a healthy, pain-free lifestyle. Talk to your physical therapistatourpractice today,orscheduleacomplimentaryfitnessconsultation withourDirectorofFitness,TheresaCordovatomakeyour2020thehealthiestyet!


Derik Umina, age 16, a junior at Sachem High School East, has been selected by the United States Dek Hockey Federation (USDHF) to represent the United States in Rovaniemi, Finland from June 26 - July 5th, 2020! Derik, now a member of Team USA U18, has been working closely with our PCAP Division (ProCare AthleticPerformance)andwillplayhisusualposition of goaltender. He has been working for 6 years to achieve this goal and now that he’s been selected, he could use some help. We are trying to help Derik raise funds towards his expenses for this amazing opportunity! Ask us how you can contribute, or visit the fundraisingwebsitebyscanningtheQRcodeorby goingto formore information.

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