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Venting Prohibition Section 608 prohibits intentionally releasing (also called venting) ODS refrigerants and most alternatives (including all HFCs, HFOs, and their blends) while maintaining, servicing, repairing, or disposing of MVACs and MVAC-like equipment. CO 2 refrigerants are exempted from the venting prohibition. Section 609 Regulatory Requirements: MotorVehicle Air Conditioning


Technicians repairing or servicing CFC-12, HFC-134a, and CO ² , HFC-152a, or HFO-1234yf MVACs must be trained and certified by an EPA-approved organization. Certification is obtained by passing an EPA-approved examination.

SALES RESTRICTION Section 609 prohibits the sale of small cans (less than 20 pounds) of CFC-12 to anyone other than an EPA-certified technician.

SAFE DISPOSAL REQUIREMENTS When refrigeration and air conditioning equipment enters the waste stream, the final person in the disposal chain must remove (or make certain that their customers have removed) refrigerants prior to appliance disposal.

RECORDKEEPING REQUIREMENTS MVAC service shops must maintain records of the names and addresses of facilities to which the refrigerant they recover is sent. Service shops are also required to maintain records

Section 609 Regulatory Requirements

(on-site) showing that all service technicians are properly certified and must certify to EPA that they own approved equipment.

APPROVED EQUIPMENT Technicians repairing or servicing MVACs using CFC-12, HFC-134a, HFC-152a, CO ² , or HFO-1234yf must use refrigerant recovery equipment that is approved by EPA.

EQUIPMENT CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS MVAC service shops must certify to EPA that they have acquired and are properly using approved refrigerant recovery equipment. Service shops must also verify that each person using the equipment has been properly trained and certified.

Additional Resources

EPA Ozone Layer Protection Website: epa.gov/ozone/strathome.html

EPA Phaseout of Ozone-Depleting Substances Website: epa.gov/ozone/title6/phaseout/ Approved equipment information website: epa.gov/ozone/title6/609/technicians/appequip.html

EPA Section 609 Website: epa.gov/ozone/title6/609/

EPA Stratospheric Ozone Information Hotline: 1-800-296-1996

EPA 430-F-13-004

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