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“Red Box “ assortment contains late model Micro2 , Micro 3 , M Case and Low profile J-Case fuses


Red Box features the exact OEM parts used for the ATO ® , MINI ® , MAXI, PAL, JCase ® and the new low profile MINI ® fuses installed on over 98% of the cars, vans, light trucks and SUV’s on the road today. All come packed inside one compact, portable, organized carrying case. With Red Box TM your days of wasting valuable shelf space on redundant part numbers is over. Over 500 fuses inside Red Box TM meet over 98% of the market’s circuit protection needs, giving you more coverage and more profit with a lot less inventory. Replenishment parts are available in bulk as well as boxed product. Only ----- KIT CONTAINS THE BELOW ITEMS

Blade Fuse Module 0RBOX003Z | RBOX3

PAL Module 0RBOX004Z | RBOX4

Pk 10 10 25 25 25 25 25 10 10 10 20 20 20 10 10


MIC2005.V MIC207.5V MIC2010.V MIC2015.V MIC2020.V MIC2025.V MIC3005.V MIC307.5V MIC3010.V MCAS020.V MCAS025.V MCAS030.V MCAS040.V LJCA020.V LJCA025.V LJCA030.V LJCA040.V LJCA050.V LJCA060.V 0ATO005.V 0ATO07.5V 0ATO010.V 0ATO015.V 0ATO020.V 0ATO025.V 0ATO030.V 0ATO040.V 0MIN005.V 0MIN07.5V 0MIN010.V 0MIN015.V 0MIN020.V 0MIN025.V 0MIN030.V 0MAX020.V 0MAX030.V 0MAX040.V 0MAX050.V 0MAX060.V 0MAX070.V 0MAX080.V 00970019X 00970038Z 00970026N FHAC0002Z 0FHM0002Z

ATO Blade Fuse Box 5A ATO Blade Fuse Box 7.5A ATO Blade Fuse Box 10A ATO Blade Fuse Box 15A ATO Blade Fuse Box 20A ATO Blade Fuse Box 25A ATO Blade Fuse Box 30A ATO Blade Fuse Box 40A Mini Blade Fuse Box 5A Mini Blade Fuse Box 7.5A Mini Blade Fuse Box 10A Mini Blade Fuse Box 15A Mini Blade Fuse Box 20A Mini Blade Fuse Box 25A Mini Blade Fuse Box 30A

0PAL020.X 0PAL030.X 0PAL040.X 0PAL050.X 0PAL060.X 0PAL130.X 0PAL160.X 0PAL180.X 0PAL1100.X 0PAL1120.X 0PAL230.X 0PAL240.X 0PAL250.X 0PAL260.X 0PAL270.X 0PAL280.X 0PAL2100.X 0PAL2120.X 0PAL330.X 0PAL340.X 0PAL430.X 0PAL440.X 0PAL450.X 0PAL480.X 0PAL4100.X 0PAL525.X 0PAL530.X

Female Term Box 20A Female Term Box 30A Female Term Box 40A Female Term Box 50A Female Term Box 60A

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Straight Male Term Box 30A Straight Male Term Box 60A Straight Male Term Box 80A Straight Male Term Box 100A Straight Male Term Box 120A 13/16" Bent Male Term Box 30A 1 13/16" Bent Male Term Box 40A 1 13/16" Bent Male Term Box 50A 1 13/16" Bent Male Term Box 60A 1 13/16" Bent Male Term Box 70A 1 13/16" Bent Male Term Box 80A 1 13/16" Bent Male Term Box 100A 1 13/16" Bent Male Term Box 120A 1 Mini Female Term Box 30A Mini Female Term Box 40A 9/16" Bent Male Term Box 30A 9/16" Bent Male Term Box 40A 9/16" Bent Male Term Box 50A 9/16" Bent Male Term Box 80A 9/16" Bent Male Term Box 100A 1 Locking Female Term Box 25A 1 Locking Female Term Box 30A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1


Maxi Blade Box 20A Maxi Blade Box 30A Maxi Blade Box 40A Maxi Blade Box 50A Maxi Blade Box 60A Maxi Blade Box 70A Maxi Blade Box 80A

2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Fuse Tester And Puller Box ATO/Mini Puller ( White )

Maxifuse Puller Box

ATO HD Inline Fuseholder Box MINI HD Inline Fuseholder Box

Micro2, Micro3, MCase ® , LPJCASE Module 0RBOX006Z

Low Profile MINI ® Module 0RBOX001Z | RBOX1

Pk 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10



MICRO2 Fuse 5A MICRO2 Fuse 7.5A MICRO2 Fuse 10A MICRO2 Fuse 15A MICRO2 Fuse 20A MICRO2 Fuse 25A MICRO3 Fuse 5A MICRO3 Fuse 7.5A MICRO3 Fuse 10A MCASE Fuse 20A MCASE Fuse 25A MCASE Fuse 30A MCASE Fuse 40A

LMIN005.V LMIN07.5V LMIN010.V LMIN015.V LMIN020.V LMIN025.V LMIN030.V 00970038Z

5A Low Profile Mini Fuse 7.5A Low Profile Mini Fuse 10A Low Profile Mini Fuse 15A Low Profile Mini Fuse 20A Low Profile Mini Fuse 25A Low Profile Mini Fuse 30A Low Profile Mini Fuse ATO/Mini Puller ( WHITE )


10 10 10

5 5



JCase ® Module 0RBOX002Z | 0RBOX002ZXA | RBOX2


Low Profile JCASE 20A Low Profile JCASE 25A Low Profile JCASE 30A Low Profile JCASE 40A Low Profile JCASE 50A Low Profile JCASE 60A

JCAS020.V JCAS030.V JCAS040.V JCAS050.V JCAS060.V 00970053Z

JCASE 32V S/B Box 20A JCASE 32V S/B Box 30A JCASE 32V S/B Box 40A JCASE 32V S/B Box 50A JCASE 32V S/B Box 60A

2 2 2 2 2 1

JCASE Puller




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