MIND-BODY-SPIRIT A Deep Dive Into Sound Healing

BY LINDSEY HALDEMAN If you want to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. ~ Nikola Tesla Everything is made of energy — from the stars we gaze at in the night sky, to the worms that wiggle in the dirt beneath us and every- thing in between, including each and every one of us. As humans we often think of ourselves in terms of our physical body, which contains a plethora of systems and organs. And each of these organs and sys- tems is made up of countless microscopic cells. And these cells are made up of atoms, all vibrating together to keep us alive. In addition to our physical body, we also each have an energetic body. Our energetic body is made up of subtle energies. There are many systems that detail the subtle body. One commonly known sys- tem is the Chakra system, which corresponds to different energetic centers in the body. There are also Nadis and Meridians, which are en - ergetic lines that flow throughout the entire body system. Our subtle energies also extend beyond the body in the layers of the Aura and the sheaths of the Koshas. However you identify with the subtle energy of the body, it is often hard to deny the existence of self beyond the physical. It is important to find wellness practices that can align us on a physical as well as energetic level. One such practice is sound heal- ing. Sound healing sessions, often referred to as sound baths, utilize different instruments to create varied sounds, tones, and frequencies which aid in optimal functioning of both our physical and energetic

bodies. Sound baths are also a pathway to befriending silence and opening the doorway to our inner world. Let’s explore the methods, benefits, and science behind sound healing. Methods of Sound Healing Each instrument used in sound healing has specific qualities to help attune both physical and energetic bodies into alignment. Some com- mon instruments used by sound healers include: metal Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, chimes, gongs, rain sticks, ocean drums, tongue drums, continued on page 30

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