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Growth and Spiritual Well-Being T hese last few issues, I’ve been discussing aspects of my driving force, or the things I do to keep myself media. When I build my relationship with God and with my family and friends, I’m able to keep a perspective on what’s really important in those moments when work or life feels overwhelming. What Makes Up My Driving Force: Part III

Now, I’m not claiming I focus on my physical, mental, and spiritual health every moment of every day. We all get swept up in a busy day of work or school or taking care of the kids. But by dedicating just a small part of my day to strengthening these areas of my health, I feel far more grounded for the rest of the day than I would otherwise. This is why my morning routine is so important to me. I may have to be up before 5:30 a.m., but I have plenty of time to exercise, study my devotionals, and do a little journaling before I need to be on my way to work. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to hit the snooze button some mornings, but I know how rushed my day will feel otherwise. What’s more, focusing on my health in the morning means I’m not trying to fit in each thing during the rest of my day. I have the ability to focus on each area fully, and my overall health and lifestyle has improved greatly as a result. Now, I’ve covered my personal habits a lot during the last three months. It would be interesting to hear what my patients think. How do these areas play a role in your life, how do you strengthen them, and what do you believe is your own driving force?

focused and motivated each day. My life is made up of many parts, but I found they all revolve around three key components: my physical, mental, and spiritual health.

I know that by having faith in God and a higher power, I feel better about my place in life. My family attends church together, but for me it’s important to establish that connection with God each day. I have mentioned my morning routine a few times in these last few issues, because the mornings are the part of the day when I have the time to focus on my driving force. Part of my morning routine involves reading the Bible, usually using the YouVersion app, or looking over a daily devotional calendar. I spend 10–15 minutes in quiet contemplation, reflecting on whatever devotional or verse I’ve read and identifying how it aligns with my life. Sometimes, if a devotional resonates with me, I’ll write it down in my journal or copy it on a note to my wife and kids so they can read it when they wake up later. This is a very simple habit, but it’s proven to be a true benefit to my spiritual well-being. My spiritual health may be the last part of my driving force I’m discussing in this series, but it’s in no way the least important. Each component — physical, mental, and spiritual — goes hand in hand, feeding into each other to help me become a more well-rounded person.

My spiritual health is what keeps me grounded. It’s easy to start focusing on worldly

possessions or feel down because your life isn’t as “perfect” as the life another person posts about on social

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– Dr. Robert Moss

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The Ride of Your Life

The Best Amusement Parks in America (That Aren’t Disney)

rides, attractions, and several kid sections throughout the park.

keeping up with the expectations of today’s guests. Packed full of thrill rides and roller coasters, family rides and 4-D experiences, live entertainment, a full ghost town, and some of the best dining you’ll find at any amusement park, Knott’s Berry Farm knows how to have fun. You can even grab a jar of famous Knott’s jam before you head out! If you’re ready for roller coasters, one-of-a-kind attractions, delicious food, or are just looking to create new memories with your family, you really can’t go wrong with an amusement park. Just hold tight and have fun!

Summertime means family vacations, and few places offer as much family fun as your classic amusement park. If you’d rather avoid the high prices and long lines at the home of a certain mouse, there are countless amusement parks all across this great nation! Consider some of these for your family’s vacation destination: CEDAR POINT, SANDUSKY, OHIO Found on every thrill-seeker’s to-do list, Cedar Point has been dubbed the “roller coaster capital of the world.” Cedar Point is home to 17 current and former world record-holding roller coasters, including the Valravn, the world’s tallest, fastest, and longest dive coaster. Even if roller coasters aren’t your thing, guests can enjoy other thrill rides, family

KNOEBELS, ELYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA Knoebels is the park for families on a budget, offering free parking and admittance — guests just pay for any food or rides they enjoy during their stay. While everyone else is busy scrambling for the “latest and greatest,” Knoebels prides itself on nostalgia, with bumper cars, wooden coasters, and a classic carousel among an array of other attractions. KNOTT’S BERRY FARM, BUENA PARK, CALIFORNIA Don’t let its age fool you; one of America’s oldest amusement parks has no problem

Time to Bird Hunt

Stan came to MOSS Rehab after he had rotator cuff surgery. Stan is an aircraft mechanic, so being unable to raise his arm above his head prevented him from being able to work. After a few months of rehab at MOSS, Stan was able to go back to work. Stan was also able to get back to being able to shoot his gun — just in time for hunting season! “After my rotator cuff surgery, my left arm was practically useless. After three or four months of therapy, I am able to use it for almost anything. The staff at MOSS has been extremely helpful, courteous, and professional. I would recommend them to anyone for rehab.”

– Stan

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Welcome new and returning patients: Donna Williams, Michael Cooper, Bob Perkins, Barbara Sandlin, Jessica Simants, Thomas Bross, Sheila Guzman, Mark Dodge, Wendy Tamjidi, Joyce Dickerson, Ocean Watson, Patsy Elam, Joy Owens, Larry Murphy, Stacy Kennemur, Cole Kennemur, Michelle Whitley, Katie Measures, Rita Manning, Adrienne Easter Bunny, Shirley Castor, Cheryl Leech, Anjalique Leopold, Brenna Branson, Sara Hengsteler, Tammy Mueller, Tanya McLerran, Freddie Tinney, James Burnes, Sabrina Pyle, Casey Gibbs, Edward McArthur, Betty Massey, Madison Shreves, Lane Hill, Melvin Tuttle, Ronny Finney, Kenneth Wood, Susan Darter, Stephen Anderson, Damon Craine, Mathew Young, Dorothy Horton, Jacobi Spencer, Mary Cox, Jeannie Mrozek, James Wood, Ida Luke, Doris Mills, Frank Radke, Sandra Waller, Sandra Roe, Judy Hart, Jerry Miller, Kenneth Wood, Charlie Brown, and Dondi Pevytoe. The March newsletter was double tricky with “postpartum” and “Fort Worth food” both misspelled. There were twice as many opportunities to win. Congratulations to Lynn Todd, Mike Gilley, Sunshine Willett, Betty Richey, Janet Hargrove, Mary Nicholson, Jenny Tidwell, and Barbara Sandlin. Who even knew what plantar fasciitis was, let alone knew how to spell it? Well, Bettye Hale, Janet Smith, and Sunshine Willett know how to spell it! And let’s have a shout-out to Betty Richey as an honorable mention for trying so many times. She has such determination! People love their phones. Sixty-eight percent of Americans own smartphones, and 81 percent of those individuals cite text message or social media as their preferred method of communication, according to data from the Pew Research Center. This preference is not without cost. Avid texters will be very familiar with the aching pain known as “text neck,” a condition born from spending hours looking down at your phone. Text neck is more than just a literal pain in the neck; it can potentially wreck your spine. Dr. Kenneth Hansraj, chief of spine surgery at New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine, led extensive research into the connection between text neck and back pain. Hansraj found it’s all about posture. The average human head weighs between 10–15 pounds — the equivalent of about 2 gallons of milk — and exerts that much weight on your spine when you look straight ahead. This is usually fine. However, when you tilt your head forward and hold it in that position — like you would to look down at your phone — the pressure on your spine dramatically increases. The Cost of a Tweet

When Social Media Causes Lasting Damage

If you tilt your head just 15 degrees, you spine experiences 27 pounds of added pressure. Thirty degrees creates 40 pounds of pressure, and a full 60 degrees — the common posture of people looking down at their phone screen — creates 60 pounds of pressure on your spine. That’s the equivalent of balancing four full-sized bowling balls on your head! Over time, this pressure causes extra wear and tear on the spine, which can require surgery. The damage from “text neck” doesn’t come from texting alone. Daily habits like scrolling down social media in line at the grocery store, or reading an e-book on your tablet during the morning commutte, can put hours of strain on your neck. This doesn’t mean you have to banish you smartphone or tablet! Instead of bending your neck each time you get a text, just look down with your eyes or hold up the screen at eye level. If you’re still experiencing pain in your neck, or want to learn some stretches that can help treat and prevent text neck, give us a call at 814-220- MOSS(6677) . Our physical therapists will be able to determine if text neck is really to blame and help create a customized treatment plan for you!

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Time to Bird Hunt The Cost of a Tweet Upcoming Events

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May 13: Mother’s Day Jazz Brunch Featuring Joseph Vincelli (Dallas, Texas) Celebrate Mom’s special day in style! Nothing says “thank you for everything” like a catered brunch, complete with egg delights, Parmesan hash browns, and waffles. Meanwhile, the entire meal will be serenaded by beloved contemporary jazz musician Joseph Vincilli. Reserve a table for you and the influential ladies in your life at . May 23 to June 4: Circus 1903 (Dallas, Texas) Are you ready to return to the golden age of the circus? Iconic circus performers from across the globe share the spotlight with one-of-a-kind elephants who are brought to life by the same incredible puppeteers behind “War Horse.” Swing by to get your tickets and see why Circus 1903 is called “spectacular entertainment for the entire family!”

May 26–28: Texas Tribute to Elvis Festival (Allen, Texas) The king may have left the building, but the mark he left will remain in our hearts for all time. The legendary Southfork Ranch hosts three days of fans from across the world celebrating Elvis Presley. Find your tickets at and get ready for a weekend of music, celebrity appearances, and the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist contest.

Important Dates May 5: Cinco de Mayo May 14: Mother’s Day May 29: Memorial Day

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