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The Ride of Your Life

The Best Amusement Parks in America (That Aren’t Disney)

rides, attractions, and several kid sections throughout the park.

keeping up with the expectations of today’s guests. Packed full of thrill rides and roller coasters, family rides and 4-D experiences, live entertainment, a full ghost town, and some of the best dining you’ll find at any amusement park, Knott’s Berry Farm knows how to have fun. You can even grab a jar of famous Knott’s jam before you head out! If you’re ready for roller coasters, one-of-a-kind attractions, delicious food, or are just looking to create new memories with your family, you really can’t go wrong with an amusement park. Just hold tight and have fun!

Summertime means family vacations, and few places offer as much family fun as your classic amusement park. If you’d rather avoid the high prices and long lines at the home of a certain mouse, there are countless amusement parks all across this great nation! Consider some of these for your family’s vacation destination: CEDAR POINT, SANDUSKY, OHIO Found on every thrill-seeker’s to-do list, Cedar Point has been dubbed the “roller coaster capital of the world.” Cedar Point is home to 17 current and former world record-holding roller coasters, including the Valravn, the world’s tallest, fastest, and longest dive coaster. Even if roller coasters aren’t your thing, guests can enjoy other thrill rides, family

KNOEBELS, ELYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA Knoebels is the park for families on a budget, offering free parking and admittance — guests just pay for any food or rides they enjoy during their stay. While everyone else is busy scrambling for the “latest and greatest,” Knoebels prides itself on nostalgia, with bumper cars, wooden coasters, and a classic carousel among an array of other attractions. KNOTT’S BERRY FARM, BUENA PARK, CALIFORNIA Don’t let its age fool you; one of America’s oldest amusement parks has no problem

Time to Bird Hunt

Stan came to MOSS Rehab after he had rotator cuff surgery. Stan is an aircraft mechanic, so being unable to raise his arm above his head prevented him from being able to work. After a few months of rehab at MOSS, Stan was able to go back to work. Stan was also able to get back to being able to shoot his gun — just in time for hunting season! “After my rotator cuff surgery, my left arm was practically useless. After three or four months of therapy, I am able to use it for almost anything. The staff at MOSS has been extremely helpful, courteous, and professional. I would recommend them to anyone for rehab.”

– Stan

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