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DeSoto City Lights August, 2020 A Publication of the City of DeSoto Community Relations Department DeSoto’s COVID ‐ 19 Small Business Grant Program Is Providing Much Needed Funding for Local Businesses

facilitated the applicaƟon process for DeSoto’s Small Business Grant Program.  Provided 22,000 masks for distribuƟon via the DeSoto Chamber of Commerce, at events at DC3 Church, and during two peaceful demonstraƟons following the tragic killing of George Floyd.  Provided 1,250 reusable facemasks to DeSoto ISD

The City of DeSoto recently announced a Second Round of funding opportuniƟes for the City’s Small Business Grant Program with assistance from the DeSoto Economic Recovery Advisory Task Force’s Business SubcommiƩee which will be providing support to businesses receiving CARES Act funds. During Round One, 88 applicaƟons were submiƩed and 52 DeSoto small businesses were approved to receive a combined $210,000 in grant funding that will be awarded once all required final documentaƟon is received. Once those 52 businesses qualified for funding, the Small Business Grant Program had a remaining balance of approximately $157,000 that will be used to assist another 31 DeSoto small businesses with the second round. “DeSoto wants to use every tool that we can think of to help our small businesses recover from the harm that the COVID‐19 pandemic has done in our community. Leveraging and providing funding so that our vital small businesses can get back on their feet is one of the ways that government can really make a difference,” stated DeSoto Mayor CurƟstene S. McCowan. In late April Mayor McCowan charged new City Manager Brandon Wright with assembling a Economic Recovery task force composed of local business and civic leaders. Task force members worked hand in hand with DeSoto government managers to create and implement steps that would take the fight to COVID‐19 and help the impacted businesses to recover and move forward. In a relaƟvely short period of Ɵme, the City of DeSoto’s Economic Recovery Advisory Task Force generated the following results:  Conducted business/markeƟng outreach and

students parƟcipaƟng in the school lunch program.  Donated several cases of boƩled water to DeSoto ISD’s district athleƟc program as a subsƟtute for higher risk reusable water containers.  Partnered with the Dallas Behavior Medical Center to produce educaƟonal videos and provide COVID‐ 19 support to students, staff, and parents.  Held a mask and hand saniƟzer giveaway for several thousand DeSoto residents.  Produced a "DeSoto Together" COVID‐19 resource document for DeSoto residents distributed in person, online, and on local STAR Transit shuƩle buses. “I appreciate the diligent efforts of councilmembers, staff and volunteers who have worked Ɵrelessly to process grant applicaƟons and get these much needed funds distributed to our small businesses negaƟvely affected by COVID‐19,” said Mayor McCowan.

Virtual Town Hall Meetings To Discuss A Proposed Rental Registration Ordinance

City Calendar August

The DeSoto City Council is considering the adopƟon of a Rental RegistraƟon Ordinance that will be applicable to all single family and duplex rental properƟes located within DeSoto. The

 Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 6:30 pm (Register by Monday, August 3, 2020)  Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 6:30 pm (Register by Monday, August 10, 2020)  Thursday, August 20, 2020 at 6:30 pm (Register by Monday, August 17, 2020) To register to aƩend one of these meeƟngs, please send an email to including your full name and two (2) meeƟng date choices (a primary and secondary choice). A meeƟng link will be emailed to you directly. If you have a specific quesƟon, please include it with your email registraƟon so that we can be sure to address it in the presentaƟon.

3 Arts Commission virtual ‐ 6 pm 3 Park Board MeeƟng ‐ Civic Ctr. ‐ 6:30 pm 4 City Council Mtg. ‐ City Hall 6 pm 6 Library Board Mtg. Library ‐ 7 pm 11 Planning & Zoning Mtg.‐ City Hall –7 pm 18 City Council Mtg. ‐ City Hall ‐ 6 pm 24 DEDC Board Mtg. ‐ City Hall ‐ 9 am 25 Planning & Zoning Mtg. ‐ Civic Ctr. ‐7 pm 28 Fourth Friday Virtual Concert ‐ 8 pm

proposed effecƟve date of this ordinance is January 1, 2021.

There will be three opportuniƟes to aƩend a virtual public informaƟon meeƟng regarding the proposed ordinance and the implementaƟon process. The public is encouraged to aƩend one of these meeƟngs in order to receive detailed informaƟon on the proposed ordinance and how it may affect properƟes in DeSoto. This is also your opportunity to ask quesƟons and provide input. Due to the pandemic, several virtual public meeƟngs will be held in order to give everyone, who is interested, the opportunity to parƟcipate. Virtual meeƟngs are limited to 135 parƟcipants so you must register for your preferred meeƟng in order to be guaranteed a spot. Here is a list of the virtual meeƟng dates:


1 City Council Mtg. ‐ City Hall ‐ 6 pm 3 Library Board MeeƟng 7 pm 7 City FaciliƟes Closed ‐ Labor Day 12 Virtual LaƟn Concert 14 Planning & Zoning Mtg. ‐ City Hall 6 pm 19 Document Shredding Event ‐ Service Ctr. 21 City Council Mtg. ‐ virtual ‐ 7 pm 25 O.T. & Funk ConnecƟon ‐ virtual concert 28 DEDC Board Mtg. ‐ City Hall 9 am 29 Planning & Zoning Mtg. –City Hall 6 pm

August 22, 2020

Our annual Household Hazardous Waste Event has been rescheduled. Bring your Household Hazardous Waste to the DeSoto Pump StaƟon located at 620 S. Westmoreland Rd. from 7 am to 11 am on Saturday, August 22, 2020. This event is for DeSoto residents only, proof of residency is required. Only residenƟal household hazardous waste will be accepted, commercial waste or electronics are not allowed. Due to limited space, those who would like to parƟcipate must register prior to the event by calling 972.230.9600 or appearing at the AcƟon Center in DeSoto City Hall to request a voucher.

972.230.9690 A Message from DeSoto’s Veterans Affairs Committee: DeSoto’s monthly in-person Benefit

Forums are currently suspended due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. But we will continue providing information to our Veterans VIRTUALLY so please watch for our Virtual Veterans Benefit Forums on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 10

am on the City of DeSoto Facebook Page @desototx, on the city’s website at and on Government Channel 16 for Spectrum Cable subscribers and 99 for AT&T U-verse subscribers. We also have access to knowledgeable professionals and would be happy to assist you in connecting with them for assistance. Just give us a call at 972.230.9648 and we will do our best to connect you to someone who can help.

Document Shredding Event ‐ Rescheduled to September 19, 2020 9am to 12pm The City of DeSoto is pleased to announce that our Annual Spring Document Shredding Event that was canceled due the COVID‐19 Pandemic has been rescheduled and will take place on Saturday, September 19, 2020. Here are the details: DOCUMENT SHREDDING A mobile document shredding unit will be on‐site at the DeSoto Service Center located at 809 W. Spinner Road. DeSoto residents can bring personal household documents for shredding and disposal at no cost. (Commercial documents will not be accepted.) Please follow the guidelines below:  Place all documents in boxes.  Do not bring documents loose in bags; they must be placed in boxes ready for shredding.  Do not tape the lid on the boxes.  No more than 5 boxes per resident will be accepted. You will be able to watch your documents being shredded. The empty boxes will be returned to you for recycling. Once the event is over, any documents leŌ at the locaƟon unaƩended will be considered illegally dumped. IF RAIN OCCURS DURING THE EVENT, THE COLLECTION SITE WILL BE CLOSED FOR SAFETY REASONS. The Annual Document Shredding event will take place at the DeSoto Service Center located at 809 W. Spinner Road on Saturday, September 19, 2020, from 9 am to 12 pm, or unƟl the trucks are full. Proof of DeSoto residency is required for parƟcipaƟon. For more informaƟon, please call 972.230.9648.

Please Be Aware of these Code Enforcement Rules High Grass and Weeds City Ordinances require that weeds and grass be kept below twelve inches in height. As the owner or occupant of the property, you are required to maintain the property from the street in the front to the middle of the alley in the back (or the property line). This includes the front, back, side yards, the right‐of‐ way (the area between the sidewalk and the curb) and the alley and easement. Junk Vehicles City ordinance also requires that property be maintained free of any junk motor vehicles. A junk motor vehicle is any vehicle that is inoperaƟve and remains inoperaƟve for more than 45 days or is inoperaƟve and does not have a current registraƟon sƟcker or inspecƟon sƟcker. A junk motor vehicle is also any vehicle which is wrecked, dismantled, parƟally dismantled or discarded. These vehicles may not be visible anywhere in the public view, public right‐of‐way, street or any other private property. Parking On Unimproved Surfaces City ordinance requires that all vehicles must be parked on improved surfaces. No vehicle should be parked in the front or side yard of a residence at any Ɵme, except on a driveway or on an improved surface such as reinforced concrete. AddiƟonally, parking in the alley is prohibited at all Ɵmes so as to not interfere with the free and uninterrupted movement of traffic.

Deputy City Manager Isom Cameron (right) recently presented DeSoto’s first COVID‐19 Small Business Grant check to Cedric Walton (leŌ) of Solo Bladze.



For more information or to register for an audition time, go to

7 am

Public Welcome!


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