Trimmer Hawkesbury

BIA withstands

another challenge

resigned en masse in December.


The BIA board quit following town

council’s December 20 decision to halt

funding for the Société de development

A trimmer Hawkesbury Downtown

commercial et touristique de Hawkesbury.

Business Improvement Area (BIA)

When the town eliminated its $120,000

Commission survived another challenge

annual grant, theSociety’sboardofdirectors

at last week’s annual meeting of the

alsoquit andclosed itsofficeat LaMaisonde

organization whose future has been in


doubt since last fall.

The money had been used to pay the

Cutting its budget andmembers’ fees by

salaries of two employees who worked for

about 50 per cent, the current boardwas re-

the Society, the BIA and the Chamber of

electedbyacclamation, butnot beforemany


of the 16 members present criticized the

At Wednesday’s meeting, members

organization for about two hours.

questioned theactionsof current and former

The budget has been set at $40,450; last


year, members paid $98,150 in taxes.

member Reno Viola suggested that the

This year, rates on 158 Main Street

meeting had become too negative. “Jesus

premises will decrease from $575 to $240


Photo Richard Mahoney

while members in other parts of the zone

“Don’t shoot the messengers,” said

Reno Viola (left) and Corey Assaly, who last year had signed a petition calling for the

will be charged $110 compared to $250 last

Councillor Michel Thibodeau.

dissolution of the BIA, are now serving as members of the commission’s board of


When nominations were sought nobody


However, some members such as Roger


Charest continue topress for thedissolution

Thibodeau and Corey Assaly continue as

of the BIA, which was formed in 1985. In

directors. Jacques Tardif has stepped down.

November, he and Marielle Charlebois


presented a petition asking town council to

Members such as Jacques Charlebois


complainedthat businesspeopleareheavily

1836 ~ 2011

does little to help downtown businesses.

burdened. “We are taxed up to the neck.

The petition, signed by 29 people who own

More taxed than that and you die,” he

106 properties in the BIAzone, was rejected





frustrationswith theprevious fees. “I signed

The loss of the BIA would be a setback,

the petition to kill the BIA. Iwanted to lower

arguedLarry Bogue, president of the board

the rates and we got them lowered,” he




For a special cause

PROGRAMME D’ACTIVITÉS du 26 juin au 1 er juillet 2011, sous le chapiteau situé dans le stationnement devant l’église au 1057, rue Queen, L’Orignal

Bracelets en vente au coût de 25 $ chacun pour toutes les activités et spectacles sous le chapiteau

LE 26 JUIN 2011 : • Parade de St-Jean-Baptiste • Spectacle « Manon Séguin à 175 milles à l’heure » avec artiste surprise LE 28 JUIN 2011 : • Soirée « Rock’N’Roll » avec musiciens (Garden Guppies), danse et costumes des années 1960/1970 • Prix de présence, costumes et danse. LE 30 JUIN 2011 : • Spectacle « Michaël Rancourt ». Michaël Rancourt est un des rares artistes à bien imiter différents personnages artistiques. Le point fort du spectacle est l’imitation.

LE 27 JUIN 2011 : • Défilé de mode de plusieurs boutiques LE 29 JUIN 2011 : • Théâtre d’Athéna présente : « Les murs de nos villages » LE 1 er JUILLET 2011 : • Spectacle « Chorale de l’amitié » • Frisotine pour les enfants • Fête du Canada avec feux d’artifices dans la cour d’école


L’ORIGNAL : Bertrand Supplier McEwen Gas Bar Dépanneur Olinick Salon Tammy Marché Richelieu Voldi Esthétique L’Orignal Packing

HAWKESBURY : Banque CIBC Marché Lacroix ALFRED : Valu-Mart Dépanneur Lamarche

Photo Linda Groulx

BruceFisher, shownherewithhisniece, TaraHoare, andChamplainCouncillorGerry

Miner, received a good receptionwhen he cycled intoHawkesbury Sunday. A sumof


$361 was raised when about 20 people turned out to greet Fisher, a 71-year-old who is

cycling from Brockville to St. John’s, Newfoundland to raise money for the Special

Olympics program. Among the well-wishers was a 94-year-old man, relates Fisher’s

Renseignements :

sister, Linda Groulx, who helped organize the visit to town.

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