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Hunting apprenticeship for local youth

Admission: Dons en espèce ou en nouriture pour: LE CENTRE D’AIDE DE ROCKLAND ET LA BANQUE ALIMENTAIRE DE BOURGET À la Salle de Spectacle Optimiste 1535, ave. du Parc, Rockland Admission: Cash or food donations for: DÉC. 2 DEC. 2016 19 h - 7 pm

THE ROCKLAND HELP CENTER AND THE BOURGET FOOD BANK At the Optimiste Performance Hall 1535 du Parc Ave. Rockland

For the ninth year in a row, a partnership between SouthNation Conservation andDelta Waterfowl has resulted in a fully subscribed YouthHunt. This year’s group included 10 youth; 7 boys and 3 girls.The program is all about introducing local, young people to the Hunter Apprenticeship Safety Program, which includes the Hunters Safety course, and the Canadian Firearms course. For nine years running, all 10 available spots have been filled by young people, aged 12-15, keen to learn about hunting regulations, safety, and ethics. SNC Property and Approvals Assistant II, Phil Duncan, said the event is designed to get young hunters off on the right foot so they grow up practicing good values every time they go out. This year’s program took place over three weekends in September with a final goose hunt in October. As long as licenses are in place, safety regulations are closely followed, and permission is obtained in advance, hunting is permitted on many SNC forested properties across the 4,384 km2 jurisdiction. — supplied photo

Concert annuel de Noël avec plus de 70 artistes locaux | Annual Christmas concert with over 70 local artists

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