PlasmaPro 1000 PECVD Brochure

000 Market leading batch sizes of up to 7 x 6” wafers 490mm diameter electrode enables exceptional wafer batch sizes, resulting in maximum throughput and low cost of ownership. Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum Exceptional batch size and throughput

Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum

Superior technical capabilities

High conductance pumping system Enhanced process uniformity and rates are guaranteed by using a high-conductance radial (axial symmetric) pumping configuration. Advanced auto matching unit (AMU) The specifically designed AMU allows fast, efficient and accurate matching, enabling excellent process repeatability.

Process control – clean end point detection Integrated with Oxford Instruments PC4000 process tool software – the optional end point detection offers automatic process control. Optical emission spectrometry (OES) for large sample or batch process end-pointing, detects changes in etch byproducts or depletion of reactive gas species. OES is particularly suitable for chamber clean end-pointing.

Loadlock* The Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum System loadlock has been ergonomically designed to allow quick and easy access for sample transfer, either wafer by wafer or by loading fully populated platens. Cluster platform For the ultimate in throughput and productivity, the Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum system is available on a four-sided cluster tool capable of supporting up to 3 process modules. The cassette module has a capacity of four 490mm platens. Reliability and diagnostics Fault and tool status diagnostics are achieved through the front end software. The system reports on the status of key components, leading to rapid and detailed fault identification.

Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum

Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum

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