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Plasma Pro ® 1000 Stratum

Batch PECVD production solutions for the LED market


Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum

Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum

Batch PECVD production solutions for the LED market

Batch PECVD production solutions for the LED market

Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum PECVD System Designed for the deposition of SiO 2 and SiNx layers The Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum PECVD has been specifically developed for passivation deposition in LED production. Its large area electrode and optimised showerhead design allows up to 61 x 2”, 15 x 4” or 7 x 6” wafers in a single load.

LEDs are now an integral part of our lives, providing lighting solutions for a growing number of applications, from backlit televisions to general lighting. The industry justifiably demands high throughput, device quality and lower cost of ownership. Oxford Instruments offers all these solutions.

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology has been the world leading supplier of high volume batch plasma tools in the production market for over 15 years, with a wide installed base of LED production systems in operation. As the industry continues to evolve, we have the technology and expertise to offer the most up to date solutions to our customers.

The Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum PECVD tool provides outstanding benefits for LED manufacturers • 490mm electrode giving unparalleled throughput from industry leading batch sizes of up to 7 x 6” wafers • High quality device performance and yield • Reliable hardware and ease of serviceability for excellent uptime • Low cost of ownership • Optimised for batch production, the

Configurable to accommodate up to 7 x 6” wafers

Carrier can accommodate up to 61 x 2” wafers

Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum has a vacuum load lock as standard, with open load and cluster capability options

• System designed to minimise cleaning overhead

Number of wafers PECVD

Wafer size


1 1 3 7

12” (300mm) 8” (200mm) 6” (150mm) 4” (100mm)

Rapid component change and ease of chamber cleaning results in extended ‘uptime’

15 61

2” (50mm)

Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum

Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum

000 Market leading batch sizes of up to 7 x 6” wafers 490mm diameter electrode enables exceptional wafer batch sizes, resulting in maximum throughput and low cost of ownership. Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum Exceptional batch size and throughput

Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum

Superior technical capabilities

High conductance pumping system Enhanced process uniformity and rates are guaranteed by using a high-conductance radial (axial symmetric) pumping configuration. Advanced auto matching unit (AMU) The specifically designed AMU allows fast, efficient and accurate matching, enabling excellent process repeatability.

Process control – clean end point detection Integrated with Oxford Instruments PC4000 process tool software – the optional end point detection offers automatic process control. Optical emission spectrometry (OES) for large sample or batch process end-pointing, detects changes in etch byproducts or depletion of reactive gas species. OES is particularly suitable for chamber clean end-pointing.

Loadlock* The Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum System loadlock has been ergonomically designed to allow quick and easy access for sample transfer, either wafer by wafer or by loading fully populated platens. Cluster platform For the ultimate in throughput and productivity, the Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum system is available on a four-sided cluster tool capable of supporting up to 3 process modules. The cassette module has a capacity of four 490mm platens. Reliability and diagnostics Fault and tool status diagnostics are achieved through the front end software. The system reports on the status of key components, leading to rapid and detailed fault identification.

Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum

Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum

UK Headquarters Service Centre Parts Centre Applications Labs Sales/Service support 1000 i Service reaches our customers worldwide

Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum

Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum

System control and global process support

Cost of ownership and global customer support

System control Clear and simple to use software ensures ease of use for process operators, while retaining the full functionality for production facility managers and service staff. • Fully SECS/GEM compatible • The front end visual interface, which controls and monitors the process tool, is configured exactly for the customer’s system • Process recipes are written, stored and recalled through the same software, allowing a comprehensive recipe library to be built • Password controlled user login allows different levels of user access and tasks, from ‘one-button’ run operation to full system control • Continuous system data logging (50ms) ensures effective traceability of each wafer and process run

Cost of ownership and customer support We work with you to create the right system, process, and support package to meet your specific requirements. Our range of Flexible Support Agreements will be tailored to your needs. This can include: • Guaranteed response times for support engineer visits and technical hotline calls • Choice of support coverage up to 24/7 • Scheduled preventative maintenance calls • Managed spares inventory options, including customer dedicated stock, via our parts locations worldwide • Preferential spare part pricing • Process training • Certified training courses for your own engineers in preventative maintenance and first level troubleshooting

Low cost of ownership and world class customer support

Global process support for the lifetime of the tool The priorities of Oxford Instruments’ applications teams are fast turnaround of pre- sale development samples, as well as effective post-sales support for the lifetime of the tool. To achieve this, we have dedicated applications laboratories at our UK headquarters, as well as the USA and Taiwan. In our laboratories we have an installed base of over 25 plasma systems on which our engineers are constantly working towards process and hardware development.

Superior environmental efficiency Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum has a low heat load and high energy efficiency.

The tool’s efficient ergonomics and compliance to Semi S2/S8 and cluster capability make this a tool of choice for production users.

Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum

Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum

Plasma Pro 1000 Stratum

Technical specifications

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

Wheels are removable and for transportation purposes only. All dimensions in mm.

For more information please email:

UK Yatton Tel: +44 (0) 1934 837000 Germany Wiesbaden Tel: +49 (0) 6122 937 161 India Mumbai Tel: +91 22 4253 5100

Load lock configuration

Cluster configuration

Japan Tokyo Tel: +81 3 5245 3261

PR China Shanghai Tel: +86 21 6132 9688 Beijing Tel: +86 10 6518 8160/1/2

Singapore Tel: +65 6337 6848 Taiwan Tel: +886 3 5788696

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