Synergy Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine December 2017


DEC. 2017

Coming Into Our Own

What 2017 Meant to Me

A s we celebrate an amazing five years serving the community, we also celebrate what this past year has meant to us. The first couple of years in business, Synergy was in its growth phase and trying to figure out its place in the world. Our focus was on recruiting staff, training them, and keeping up with the demands of being new business owners, all while serving our patients. mentioned in the past. We have a very mobile community. With the military bases nearby, people are always coming and going, and it’s up to us to adapt. And adapt we did. We didn’t let turnover or other challenges get in the way. In many ways, 2017 was the year we really found ourselves and achieved the stability we had been searching for. This year, I was able to catch my breath and take a good look at what we had accomplished for ourselves, the community, and our patients. I look back on the year and I see the amazing team that we assembled to meet the needs of our patients. We’ve worked through the growing pains, worked out many of the kinks, and figured out just who we are. During this time, we experienced our fair share of turnover, as I’ve

This year, we also implemented many new systems. While there weren’t any dramatic changes, we did realize our potential in several areas. We observed which processes were working, we built on those systems, and we used those successes to inspire new ideas and services. Now, during the holiday season, I’m excited to take some time off to be with my kids and family. It’s been a

while since I’ve been able to take time off during the holidays. Thankfully, the staff is in place, so I can take a few days off, knowing that everything will continue to run smoothly. All of our patients will be taken care of, and we won’t skip a beat. Even better, we’re to the point where our team can do the same. Family is incredibly important to everyone at Synergy, and we want to make sure everyone can be with their loved ones when they need to be. Plus, with much of our staff from out of the area, many have to travel a bit further to see their family, and every day they can take off means that much more.

life. This wasn’t just a goal for myself; it was a goal for everyone here. Having a strong work-life balance can make a significant difference in someone’s life. For many people, it’s a balance that allows them to pursue life’s true loves and to spend more time with family, friends, and to just get more out of life. That said, from all of us at Synergy PT, we hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Kira Boyd

One of my goals with Synergy was to achieve a balance between work and



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