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A Summer of Weddings Patrick and Chris Give Us an Inside Look at Their Special Days

T his summer, the team at Gilbert Chris and Samantha Sierotowicz. This month, I wanted each of our physical therapists to share a little more about their wedding days and their spouses. We hope you enjoy reading about their special days as much as we enjoyed celebrating with them! Patrick Bloom: My wife, Krystal, and I married on June 3 after less than a year of dating and a long engagement. I met Krystal online, but we both attended Penn State University, we lived in the same apartment building for a year, and she lived three doors down from a friend of mine back inmy hometown. Somehow, our paths never crossed, but it must have been fate to have met in a different setting. Physical Therapy celebrated two beautiful weddings: Patrick and Krystal Bloom, and

asked her to marry me. There were other people at the shrine, and they ended up taking pictures for us, even of my snow-soaked pant leg! Our wedding was fantastic. Everything came together nicely, and we married at General Potter Farm. Krystal looked beautiful, and the ceremony ran smoothly. Krystal is an amazing planner, so she organized every single detail. For our honeymoon, we took a trip down to Universal Studios and spent a few days exploring Harry PotterWorld. After that, we took off to Mexico for a week of relaxation. We came back feeling refreshed, just in time to attend Chris’wedding. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with Krystal. Chris Sierotowicz: I met my wife, Samantha, at physical therapy school at Temple University. We became fast friends, and we remained friends for a fewmonths before I decided to ask her on a date. After dating for a while, I proposed to Samantha while we were at the beach with our friends. It was the perfect setting, and we began planning as soon as she said yes. Samantha and I married on June 16 at The Inn at Leola Village outside of Lancaster. Samantha looked stunning, just like she does every day. The day was a little overcast, so we were concerned that it might rain. Just to be safe, we moved the outdoor ceremony inside, and held the procession there. The weather held, and the sun even came

out after the ceremony, so we moved our cocktail hour outside so everyone could enjoy the sunshine. The night was great, and everything went smoothly. Everyone enjoyed the music, and we had a blast dancing the night away.

For our honeymoon, Samantha and I flew to Maui,

and it was truly a paradise. We did a lot of snorkeling and took an amazing excursion to Mt. Haleakala. We drove to the top of the volcano,

watched the sun rise over the clouds, and then biked down the mountain. Our wedding day and honeymoon were both fantastic, and we are both extremely happy. I look forward to the rest of my life with Samantha. Michael: Congratulations, again, to both of my teammembers. We are so happy for you, and we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness. – Michael M Gilbert, DPT

For our very first date, Krystal and I walked around the Penn State campus. The day I proposed, we recreated our first date, and we walked up to the Lion Shrine where I got down on one knee and | 1

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