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I knew I wanted to do something to help people,” he explains. But when he was younger, Scott thought his career would be in the police force. “My dad’s a cop, and he talked me out of that path eventually,” he says. It wasn’t until his mission trip to Alaska that Scott found his calling. “There was a member of our congregation who was a physical therapist,” Scott recalls of his time in the last frontier. “He steered me in the right direction.” Indeed, the more he learned about the profession, the more Scott found it to be the perfect fit for him. “I realized that this was the field where I could do the most good. ... Physical therapy can visibly change lives for the better,” he says. Attending Cal State, Northridge, strengthened this conviction. There, Scott worked with persons of all ages who have disabilities, guiding them through land and aquatic exercises. “It helped reiterate why I wanted to do this,” he reflects. “I’d rather not have a job that’s just a paycheck at the end of the day.” When he’s not helping patients, you can find Scott doing anything from playing video games to planning his next deep-sea fishing trip. An avid outdoorsman, he also tries to find time to camp and ride ATVs. “I really want to go snowboarding this winter,” he adds. “I didn’t get a chance last year!” We’re incredibly grateful to have these two amazing professionals on our team. Their patient-first mindset is exactly what makes M3 Physical Therapy so special. We wish Kayleigh and Scott all the luck in the world with their education, but until then, we’ll enjoy every minute they spend as a part of our West LA team!

individualized approach to care made us stand out to such a driven young professional. Kayleigh herself plays a big role in making this approach possible. As PT aides, both Kayleigh and Scott are called on to assist therapists and patients however they can — doing everything from washing loads of laundry to helping patients with exercises. “Really we do anything the therapists or staff needs help with. … I’ve learned a lot about effective multitasking,” Kayleigh reflects Outside the clinic, Kayleigh focuses on her own fitness goals. She likes to run and is in the midst of training for a half-marathon. “We’ll see how it goes!” she tells us, modestly. Kayleigh also continues to foster her love of helping others. Through her church, she participates in various aid and volunteer programs throughout the year. MEET SCOTT FLEMING Scott has been a part of the M3 family for more than a year now, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Aiming to be a physical therapist himself one day, he’s a highly motivated aide who deeply cares for the people in his charge. “I really like to see patients progress — get better, improve, and return to their normal lives,” he says, though admitting he often misses those he’s helped. “You spend so long helping these people that you really bond with them.” With such a dedicated attitude, it’s hard to believe Scott didn’t always have the medical field on his radar growing up. “For a long time, with a laugh. “It means that every day is different, which is just the way I like it.”

This month, we’re highlighting two more members of our amazing team. As physical therapy aides, Kayleigh Fugal and Scott Fleming are invaluable to the operations of our West LA clinic. Beyond being expert professionals, both are caring individuals pursuing higher education in medicine. The other therapists and I have deeply enjoyed working with Kayleigh and Scott, and we thought this would be the perfect time to share their stories with you! MEET KAYLEIGH FUGAL While in college, Kayleigh set her sights on her future career path. “I’d always wanted to go into the medical field,” she recalls. “But it wasn’t until I was in undergrad that I realized I wanted to be a physician’s assistant.” Kayleigh came to this realization because she’s found that, more than anything, she enjoys helping people directly. We’ve definitely seen this firsthand at the clinic. As an aspiring medical student, Kayleigh joined our team four months ago, seeking the experience she needs to fulfill her dream. “I had worked at another physical therapy clinic before coming to M3,” she says while explaining that she really enjoys the patient interaction that comes with being a PT aide. In fact, the opportunity to get more of that personalized interaction is part of why she’s on our team! “M3 is unique in the way they interact with patients. We really believe in one-on-one treatment,” Kayleigh observes, adding, “We really take the time to get them the care they need.” We couldn’t be happier that our –Dr. Raul Lona

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