The Record SUNY Buffalo State Student Newspaper

Volume 93

July 1989- May 1990

All images for The Record, SUNY Buffalo State Student Newspaper have been captured from archival microfilm located in the E. H. Butler Library, Archives & Special Collections. As such, variations in individual numbering, coloring, resolution, image size, and searchability is dependent on the quality of the original microfilm capturing. Please contact the Archives & Special Collections Department if there is a particular image or article you would like re-captured at a higher resolution or quality.




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A Glimpse·

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w�.MyS.1989 Michaccl Cal•nan\..,. ISM ...,;r,r. Calanan i• • ......,b,et-ortMIISCeyclint d,ib•nd . 1hc •cudcnr iU•i< prot..•· Mdi.... Oli�eu i• ..,.,;.o1 ,..o,km.ojo r .Oli,·01!U • member of Alph• Sigm. Alph.i• • resident assU· ,ont. tcochco •, chc Ne,.·man Center, i, a memberor theSSC""�uaJ i . ryc,:ntrr •nd lo,·cs"" " ba di,•int •nd re�din�. • bu•incss m-_jor. Kelly Uo n:iidcnt 1osiston1, \m•cs : C: : ' ( h ! c:· . doncin(ondskrc• Hillya r d Ruh llillyard UI design ,.. Gwan menibu of 1hc , BSC yur· ' hies in c book •.urr. N.dl,-- �hr(uet Kelly is

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Freshmen Orientation Schedule.




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Gregg G r So;o�on 1 � of 11.lph•K•ppoAlph•,theBig Sis,cr progr a m· •nd she lo,• nn:ading •nd tcnnis. egl! Solomon i• ;1 " /mcib e •

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t,hr•••et i1 S�h andltalian,loveo handball,radctball,jUU:· i nr,•erobia•nd wcightlif• t i n g . f"ranC&c:0 Clw:m•n · a design mtjor. He it prcsi. denl of Adelante Eotu· diant"I l..ati11os, WU ]98H �f:� o ��ih: i �;!� i �i. Freshman Seminar from pg, 2_____________ dic,�•Y . onolylio. Topics ,... f..N(l lll-C.U-L88J "?'"cred •n . 1h e a,urseau:prin. ENGLISH LITERATURE c1plesond,s,;ue,;n,loted1ocar· 11:SELECI"EDTOP!CS bohy�, e i�.....,e•. ;::t;_:�r?�;�: rtn� issues as ' food Wery. ;.�;�'. eoti��"J:�; e :2 01h""'":This""'!rsesotislicun Apph e d · Science and Thi.-willt,ca1urveyof1h e m'l)Or Romantic-poct5(Word· sworth. Coleridge, llyron, Kcau..Shclley)andVictorion poc, s (T e nnY50n.Browning. Araold). A romontic novel 10 to IO:SO o,n,. Mo11doys. Wednesd•y• ond Fridays in KctchumHoll.Roon,218.Dr. Janlt"!i Kecchwillinstrurt thc �!?l,�6���243�0 1 Gwan Churthill'• hob· lude politi c o, gospel music ond meeting pwplc. {"Frankcnstein"" )wi!lbcin­ duded. Te.11.<: ""Norton An· 1ho&ogyorEnglis.hLitcnnuTt:." . Vol !I. and ""Thrte Gothic Novel• .. (P e nJuin). This , coursccounl5tow,rds oa,r(: , e u '!:: ��:;: nt in 1hc. �iscoursc wi!lbl!olTered Flaherty is an elcmen,u·y edueat"on m a ior.Flahcrtyioam e mb er or the DSC ye a rbook ocarr. aoftboll, volleyball and b r o o mb a l l . Mary flohcr,y David Makowoki criminal juotiee·mlOjfir. Makow•ki i• a ..,...,,J,er o� Alpha Phi Sig mo.Che Na· ci o n•I Criminal J11ftice lionor..,.,icty,trtHun:r of the Runi•n Club llnd • member of the BSC anti· 1uk fo r ce. Andref" osterparticip1tn in intramural bos k etball, sw"mn,·nc· and 1 e nn· • \ i• a Rooari0Pcrn.i1•tuto r T ��;,";�po�;;y��7,::� w,U be offered 3:0S 10 4: 20 p.m.T4csdoys andThundays in Caudell Hill], Rnom 21S. ·Dr.Oenni$K.Pontonw\llbc tbcinstructorforthi$eoune. •


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Transfer Orientation Schedule

=::-.==-=:--..!-: =,,.,-;:.,�.. ==-a:�::. _...,,,.,.,.._ ...... ) �"'=•• w_.:., _ __ ._..,., ... �§� _ .. __ ... _ _ .. .......: ... -- :5:"�=E.=- "'! __ ,. ____ .... ·:::_.... _,_

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July5.L989 WEON&SDAV

Parking meter Find out the details PAGE4

Orientation News


VOLUME 93 NUMBER 2 Permits available



Dorms filled to capacity Ma)_§ students room with RAs e,...... i.­ RECORD&«utM-- 'TheRaidencet.ifeOfficefillediD donnitoriatocapacitythist.n.cauaial m.deStudentstobeloo.-liniowJ:IN andwithresident...-.. MaleRAl..-e upaeilljowhmllg roommates,llinoetboybepcomldeatil,I reo:ndsandlDll!erke,si:nlheir- CesarCahrcra, wbo RlllaDed•• RA.ofterfindingoocbl"&41n,,omma,,, wutobegi11Qlhlrd ye.••RA - c.braao...i.iil.ilimlair111111adill.M ..w...,_ Al�telld8m-----� iieverbeen,,...__mi,1eroomt, Cabnrahad•ilhtp,durimCbiaiwo yeo:rsumRA. RooudGeorcc.MIDciatedirer:tlltot Residenc:eLlfe,Mldillmimerrilllw witbTbeRBX>Mn2.p.m.Aug.28 lhot.UmaieRAlwouldm:eM:room-mdcbalOmCl!Ud£mtwouldbe bouairt)ourr,a.,onlheefflmtllof Aug.28,0Reeideumt.ifemffllle:lllbei­ tllld him i1-"h;,hlywwkdy" 1>e wouldbc,mir,g•-'I'hellUI �- Cobreradidmdoed.hafto ��.!i.a..-:1 - :� mou4b ifyou have to ll� in the..,,,. miteUIIIRA. 8 �1dtil!Jt (thesinwinDl.h.oo•lortodo with.dmialo1aandlhe lact;of00Gl- 1111U1iocotionberwu,,.odmlSliona md ��� 0corcellldlhe00fm.-ap-=itysitua­ tio11-due inpmttobiltingpn>­ ceduno.HeMidRLOdid1111tkllowbow �midemawere9)mttobc irllhe dormsvmildterll!ldmm'billshed beenpaidbylheAUC,18� Geoopmd.Rl.Owould1111tbafta fuwmumofdorm._.,..wllllSep&. 7.Afta-lhemmrherilciamzmil..t, midemawiDfinlbemo""'1owofRA'a -md'lbrm &um !be._... u tDDn!lpmctlilllYlillbk,llwimDwbo �&irmci,s-lllQIDl:lbmi. Geoopalcllbe....._�oo tbetopfloontoftbe�� weredemodm,dfunm,ue--,w,d iDa,�1q11111minl. Tbe�aormllb'anr...tb �=�tbelbmitarebltl vacarri"4.dloap....._111 bcCID,-..lmo tbe__.._ ....�......i... ...RIA,...I


Parklngpcnnitswillbcavailoble from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. todoy through Th_ ursday and from 10o.m.- 4p.m. Fnday in the Student Union AssemblyHall. Studcntswill need thcir salidated Deordandrcgi.s, ution tor«eive• :r� it.There$3yc":lyfeeper Pfflllits willal10bc1vailablefrom .J O1.m.-7p.m.Mombty.from4p.m..a p.m.Sept.l2andfrom!Oo.m.-3p.m. Sept.13. Admissions closed fo���• l ::f .:mr ::'� ns � students..,.,kingcredit-bcaringcomi- n � i.s ed .';:i ;:':.:.. th �f al !i":.::'� forthtfalltennwi,hthcexa,pounthroughSept..IS.Theexhibits willbeehown in the1tudentloun,e gallcryflld thecin:ulationpllery, Theehow is4ponson,dby�1· FrmcbClub withfundingthrough , themandatoey•tudentacfrrity�. Sunny and warm Todaywill be pmly J\1nn,yand breezy with a30per,;entchanccJ>f 9bowenand a highof80degn,ea. 'Ilterc'••llitbtdw>ceoflhowm tomom,wwitb•hiihof75. ThursdaywillbclDOl!lysunnyand Wfal"lllwith a high1round80.

Orientation prepares families for col , lege

1hc chongu, g rolco.1aki11g 1>l:1<:o t,·s·n1c,vt·,11,.,no,c1ha, lhcr c is no word in d>< l'.ngli,hlonguo gcfor•Juhol iug. ,\ chiM is ohmy o o childoohisporcnts•nd,·i<:c ,·c,,... \'01 a fol· •·I ••r�,ld•l· ,mt��'�:""� ,te t 111-;.,u-oJd foing tornlle�e. ::.f����:�·,:�?%::�J��t "'"l•"'sibility.oodisco,·crhis idc"'ityund,omakeJcd;ion s "'1.;,·:;"t"d\�;:; n t"!:,,. p•rems 10 accept oht' fact 1h�t theirolTsp,ing'"On,." while other

progr amlorfamilics.whichl$ impor1an1forsc,:eral�<1SOnS Fim. fomilymembcr5h.a,·ea igl nto informationabou,. and Fir o1-� an� upeciencc With, ,he ,nsmotion ""here :�: i :.:t:� ;;�: spending Theyh11-.,olinanciala»d cmoriona/;n,,_entinthe coikf<./tisimpomn,forrhc :i:�i� t•c�",7t�u:":h�\'; im· esrment Sttond.while1hcfr ishmcn ��'�:��:�� i' iti;:r�·r:.::t�]�; 1he 1hn,c fr eshmen. •nd �;','.;'d 0 u�!. ��;/(o'!:.;\i,,;::;

/ Support services help to make transition easier FromlhoDtt1oooJ-s,u<1en1 l'four•m••<>dDflo.ntoll<>fl

•' \bl�lm= d}l)ullmakesomeones I tues!esst.axmglater Summer class for Mom and Dad

Help offered for career choices

0 !.:!:o'::�r��'. sions that people make Co,I. cemsthechoiccofa m.ojoror •career. Oo any of th($< ons-..�.. 10 the question, ··tt?w did you d,oosc a maj or? .. 50Und famma, to ,..,, �1so�7:��£::I� iimym.ojor andc.:irecr >" _ . l dlOSC • m.ojor in ��:::;�!he::;��.°�:! h,xficld. The c..reerlkw:lopmem t;i; er ,;'!,�:�:�� d iJi 0 3!'��� �i!id��:.;:�� TheCa reerDevclopmcm ;,".��4:}o�\\:: r ��-�

• - ;/:;.


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Tu1�ay, S.ptamber 5,,1988

Tueadav. Septembers, 1989


ln•n un�1N1...,.-.,11BSC, twoftm.oil:deamha,-.bcen1ppoin� makini!lhtlhtS her deanship in �� tyolApplicd�. 1 A$ Cummins ier,NonhemAriJ.Onl Univenli;y,herstaffga,-.,hn1,.-.1er­ mlor of lhc>n,a, displlyin, lhe ma,niliean, �s and ot•ni« of Arilm>1.Tbcytboug!,1i1walhe� prop{i.lretifl�Wwould bc movingio tbefablalland of iceand "'10W,Buff1lo. Cumminswelcomed themove toBuJ'. fllobecauscoftbeeducatiollllsysrem forherchildrai.oeco9mc112mdr.n herhusbond-.careeringoJc& BSC1ftl'IC!edCumminsbccouscofi11 �onboth!Cadtinglndschollr· "'• ,swriJ!ll!he-'cmicyearwitb1ncw �1andmotbnoew deantlu­ icuing·toCutnmins, �Weit k•ve• mark on !he insti1U­ tion.�she said. 'Hernajor,oals-..:fi nc1Unin,lht GEE ..req uittn,e,,11,, crcatin,: 11y51em-wideossessmcn1pnx:edure•nd""lrk­ intwilhlhtBuff.JoO,mmuniry, AlthoughCummint did no1ofliciall_; $llrtlldc.onunri!Aui.21,sheh-.lmt1 mos,olhn$trlf•ndfocul1ybcfon:theo. .:��r���· gn,,,,numboroftbe6ic:ul,ymembcrs.�

from page one


BSC • · family' members die·over summer of '89

Geo.i8 ii iuamb, how mur.h. sldiud byNew York SWe =:, r �� filled 10 Cll*iljY, Rl..O DDW nu,htno11"Ceiw:tiate tDDne)' . Gcorgeuldbet1wonicd RLO will beUpeetcd. co fill donnatoeopKiiy· ne,yyur. Otherth-,..atMW

kill:hrns,which the4ttldents migbtfindmr.ctiw:. Mark Dungey, ruident •n Georgesaid. To-,ver 2, said power in lh�. kitchtmof.UthaTowe:rsba Georg e beenturned off. CercraMid lhc loW1tea .

Nosmdentshaw:bcenllipl· ed up in any of thedorma, "Mrn-..:ibcbigproblem," said, "in th&\ we've runoutofspace,,formoles." ''Femaleawen: bouaedcar- ly ,;t:i:1· 1tudeiits from MedailleColleiearehousedin


Dr. e: Holtln Wesle"yanUnivenity and herm.oster'i; Dr.N•nqJ.Lund,wbohasbeenscr­ vin,11 thespecialuslstant iolhevice president of aeodemie nfain, will become ehllr of the$pecch�e P•thology •nd Audiologydeti,rtmmt. Lundbcp.nherc.rttr•tBSCini973 oft":' teochlfli •t theUniveroity of M,,,ylond.worltintasan&SftltM1dirm:, torand langu,ge consultantat•tcbool andu a _ 1�1herapim11a medical center and • school district, Lund eamed•bu.belor'•d.etree•t the Univeniiy of Nonh Duoto, a mostn' 1•t Ru�ro · Universiiy and a doctorate. from the Univeraity of M,,ryland. Dr.Thci'isaF.Plilelt,ffluioci1te !)rofcs,;or of English,wiUchair - the ' Entli•h .,, deputmont. Platekjoiru:dtheBSCfO(:U],yln 19'1� :::-e� aehin, teeonduyIIChoo! inKen· Platek earned her baehe!OT' I and lnl5ter'1degre,esfromBSCandhndoc- 1onte from SUNY-Burf1lo. or!�7;�,;j;��=d:::J:: Since arriving at BSC in 1977, Schulmonhu 11ugh1 in thoiCbemistry departincnt and workedu I Jenior researd,acjenri.ltwilhlhtGreat!.nes �h':i':.':�urne{ni1boeheim"'11nd ,,,.,ter' 1 degrees fromPol,)'lcchnicln· �tituteofBrooklyn•nd•doclontefrom the Uni ver1i1y of Buffalo.

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�::e!''��': ts lcow:tbc1uiteandgointothe "h"s not likewe·reputtini people in !he basements," George said regarding the Tower lounges. But10meRAsdisa,ree. "You might asweU boa... pcoplein the gym,"Dungey ... Students art laO bein, houxdingucstrooms,Gcorge said.Thcseroomsprevioualy were u5edfor BSC stalfand r.cuJry. Four 1nulmt1ar e housed in the&uu, . roontio PonerH.oll.hesaid

�� riog suite t0 toke• Towerl,anRA .. id.

Lopnt1u,htinlheSpcci.JEducarion depunnen1., !heUniveni,y · ofUtth from!968-73an� 1971-pres.ent.Hewq ehliroflhe Spcci.alEdueotion dep,,n· ment •t theUniversiiy of l.oui.lvill• from 1973-71and.i theUniveniryoi Uttbfromf971.86.

f Form�r R�direcior la;v: e hillu:"{zi ,":.,t� !��i;si-��= �-=-i:��: i':� l {: r �� :.;e!;';i!:,�.;..,,. � pr oj e ffl in sni.Sen ,. c-. 11Udrnt1,SO..SS percen�" The dorms were filled CunisBridbowc babeen •!moot 100 percent ,in •ppointedassislan1dinaorof 1980.81,h e uid.Thenumbcr hou1i113forRLO.HeW1? �� ru :::'direaor•t,


• Dr. P1trlcla w. Dr.Nonn.11nG. W.olkn,•nlSIOCUlte professor of elementary edueorinn•nd ,ttading,wiU_strvelS1ctinich.tirofthot depanment. Li,ul,, No�'OrJJla, RECORD mano,ri,w rdiu,r, romribMrd ra 1naanUk. ����������'----�t---���������� A N. jirl 0 U N C E M E N T S & C L A S S I F I E D A \ O - s ��.=:-=;r-� ::��c"::;=..� iliiW·i�ll4•iiii "°"""""'',_;,-.,,,re...- ...... ·cumn,ln.

SIOW.PHIEPSILON-.;,;.,hto LAMIIDAU1'511.0NL.AMIIDA-;,.,...;n1•l ,.m. S


A\l!XTlONS-fO< . Ro:l

llEPllOO\ICnYF;IIJllm'S?__,.,..._ ccrno"11>ew-,..'>-..c..,,..i,,a,.., H,11 • ioom Ill. UI-H2e,


r.S,11 COLU.&E:. 'ifORC (/Nl()N 8l[}(,. S.U.C.6.

Ti;lttts on sole ai allTiclturon Ou1/e1S, U.B. Ca�n · Hall, AM&A 's, RrcorylThrotre and MelodlJ Fair Box Office Ca/l692-6601 orinormtuUm

T11..c11y, S.ptember 5,1W -· Fondmemories recal I devotion of former staff member 1ltiai1my · tu t note1nf011.

T:..i,day, .S


EDl'l'oRIAL ·,

Notverymllch,poopkdon't treatmelhcumesinccl1110v• ed up to thcSlhfloor of G=Ocvc\and.Theydon't lloe:mtotnlll me u mllch,to confidcQm11ch,tolaugband joke u much."You seemed veryuddenedbythiooutcome ofyour move.I wiUS11y tha t you &pen t lh e ne.1112 yen. p,ovin, al l t hoae peop l e wroll(.YOllwcnt abou1 yo 11 r workconvincilllleachanc,of them.W t you werelilteable, oouldberrustcd,couldbeiu. cd md joked with•!Id you mlde i1 a point 1o put the necds oleveryone you dealt with obovc your own. You IIIWpositive lhi,,,.happen for evnyone who touched your lif e .There•re douns, bundmls,cventhousandsof thingt;"}ou..:complished.but B!Ovc all these thinp mndl lh e greouat ofllll.lhe g:iflof mlllting'olher peo plefcc l im· pon.m1,noticedandcarulfor. lt',oftenS11id that ourSru· den! Affllirsmffil•'IUIII'· tha t wcltnowucholherwcll, eare deeplyfor one onother and alwa11help one 1nolh e r t o be�,pcnronally Atpublic;rou,,.ycarllchoob, ncfl#ru.ition andfoMio up 7peroon1,10Sl,6 94.Srudcn,s •t priv•telcltoollwill poy 1n av<:rag e of$8 ,737,9pcn:ent more than in 198&- 89. l'wo-y e ar pub l ic Rhools raised the i rfllitionSperoen t ��ik�� r p.l!"�: overage of 7 percent, to $4, 713. In .oddition to high e r nri· tion,the ColJeiefloardlllid sfllden11cancq,ea t opay6 t o 7pcrcent more foron,eampus room and board. Ahouttheonlyofficialwho apreacd much worry 111:>out lhejump1 wuU.S.Dept. of �::,': n Secr-c!ary Lluro " lmrincrusin,lycoocem· edllllou1thegn,winig1pbe t · wccn tbe price of higher e ducation and wha t su,dents can afford." "Evcryte.derinhigbereduca• tionmust malte holdlll(coscs down�prioril)'." Jn!'act,collegcsoredoing.,, utrM!rdinll)' M ,iobofboldill( downthcirCO&


&nd profcaaionally.�oo, tion ofteamcom.. fuDcirck 1o the relaticmlhip youp.n me. t lllwa)"Joolted fOl'Wffli tocomini1 t o workbea\lacl knew thatlhe hijhpoint of lhe day wouldbe the many timeaeoch day thatwcwould dl-andlOi v<:problems. t11 keon1 newprojea.handle • problenipenoo or laugh hul'tilyatourselvHorotherl. Yo1,1�alw•Y"ooo! in a crioa•nd lhere wer•IJWIY· Yourreasoningcap,ocil)',abili· l)'IOsce•lituationinmultiple l!th 11 wa11lw.-yshonetlbetter \O! n ::r�� 1.:Z;·l(>Od tim..maltingthingahoppen. . 'The thin, thatlllddenlmc moo1 il thatyourmt111t impor·· t11 n tp..:,jecl;of.U willno1be com by you.Oh,your handwillbethere�� aem,througbf's t andthrou,h tbeinllu e nceyou haveh.od t o date.I'm talklll( abou t your litll e girl<n)Wi n gup.During these put yeas, you wottld :.� it :r��=- el ��

�thiltimellmcopyin, 111 1 the people who have know,;, ' you.Y01>aretotakecare.llest dceply,Setuidoyourworiics. You alw•11did worry just about ev<:iythit,i. We 111t11t ofte n 11w lhe indllltrious, busy !aver 1lde of you . alwa11 makinathill(lbappen ' •t home and at work. like• quietlaver,youn e ver&eem· od to retl, som e how alw•yi lindi n g• new thint to.,;. complisb, projet:1 to tinker with.comingupwithwayilO improve things. Loia Weil. yo11rbe\oveddoctoral.dvilot atUB,called yo1,1lutsumrMr 10tuch heroourse.You"""1- lyeomplettd thecoune,bu1 jus1oouldn'l make it till the ffld ofth e fall..,mcst e r.Now ll'1timc 1o tat · thedlmil bui l 1.Wint e rhuaet1n. Iftn101 to 1eU you10m e lhi"'5in car l etm e mo1•od l hope it'1 noi toolat e now.I w1nt you to know that !h e 1,nartest lhing l cvhdid wa t o hir,:you.tSmy asisuon t in 1977.I r e mtmber10me man· W\a ter you bow you lilr.edyour newjob.Youlllid row,the pm,,1tudent1po.yto ' lltteadoollc&OMlrilCTtt-r l}wn the i nflolionr•Uc,ert:ma l n ed affordU> le Stud en l. t o$ 1,160. Mlfthcyhikc fllition-tain nut year I'm not comill( l>Kk,"declaredMoliualopel. •Unlven!I)' ofNewMWCO {:1�;!t!:1'� dentGerllldMay . . office last JPrin& UNM officllll.a� the annlLlli n .-.te fllillO n $1 00to$1 ,3 72. N1tionwide,coUegLl.dl will p&yfflaver&geofS to9per­ ceut morcfortuition&nd fccs tbill.cadcmicycar,theCollege Boardreportcdi1.1i11ann\W tuicioP,urvey.ThelfflC!m!n-

. Improve housing



:ro'\�o rm littin,: in the Moon, couldrnshroudtbeWth�nd Complu:oo•la1, pnicnti.lllyend.U human life day momi.,,,thinkin;tolfen. livetboqb11mdtt)'Ulttocn· NASA i rwfllthat tb e auembly line brul

�v;.;�w�ckln= 10"•t • safe dist.fflce from thca•W'llllymenacing lh , '*�:"::-1�� " .. .Bufflll0 State{i1)1blisy e �!::r:

diid11udi.aiitcdsuppl,Hofp,un· :��:·�::d �� r.::\:u.-�� �;.�::::::..�� M Mlude "!?!.

you tOUchcd me deeply last Novtmber,jus,beforeyouleft Observers fin d college costs affordable as tuition prices soar CPS- F orthcninthyurina Oationn1ofo:rthoyearC11di"l1 ' injuncwu5. 2percent, reach of vim,.al l y , every student U)'I be can'! go qu111.ified su,den1,"� becl.useoffioancilllprobt.:m.., Sl,o79mon:d:mt1,-lf:I. W.-aMklllpn.lhltnr-


daily; lhe bltlsitoomsand Olh e rainineprogicamsonnct· work tclevmo n """"' more &nd more like gre,n SClV p1rodysklchH1hanapythin( tolakeler'i....-ly.Thelatut, li n eonthe1uMysusonof ' 89 , lho"'S electedofficcsbei n,g ���h�':'��c.oi:� oper1 (i1 1St add wate r ) "Tlle Lov<: Boat''. ex,Kla n Cn1 11d Wiu,d D•vid Duke and Geo,ie"thesWn"611Sh.!try wchangethtchannel.Butthc 1e! e vision lllwayiseems1obe runnina scrv renrrl$on the Nick e lodeono;ablenetwork. Htre•remoreuamples:A r e litiQusleadCTtrips out on brown acidin•courn-oom; lhefflUitS\ICCU$fullfilmofllll time is now anOp\11.i,,,..,a IChi J.ophrfflicvi&U.nt e in• bi1,uit;Bulrlll0Policeoff1C1Cn lhooleachother&ndterroriu • ruid e ntilll n e ighborhood with1my,unshot1whil e [I)'· in&wkill• doi;thcBulrolo Billi are Supn 6owl con· 1cnd e n•ndMontreal, ii �na for 1n�NFL team. P\euererud thil paragrapb 'af>d then oomptrt: 10 thil :"!:����t�� llld whichone ilMemoru. P,,.•10111ewhatliS),ter110te, l ruently rud tha t NASA. two yeanllld laothan • h.ondfulloflauncbalfmthe Clwlengerdilu t er,fcellcon· fukn1 mouth t o heft a ::"'\.':"::�M:mt!: Gtliko miuion. The Long �Monlblyreporathatin

eoue,e Board Prc1ident IDtJ'llmllllPIwillP9if' Sl,866 Donald Srewan in rere..;111 S.,,-otuden111....,,.tuition dm :,ea', IS pmmmmon: theTCpofT aJrudyh.tSrachcdth.o!poinL dlia>...,-.l'UmDdCJom. H e lllid snrdents whodon' t MJfit w e re any bigbcr,l'd mun!l:JOJllel!�will have th e moneylh e msolYU h•ve t odrop01>1,"lllidµNM i:-y$10Slhia:,arr.$30more u n g e 1 i1fromWme $26 l!Udentl.ilaRiva,wbo sup. lhla... yarr.AJObioSane billion wonb offina n cial aid por11 herselflhroughfedend tJnmnit;y, in-«- --=- •vlilob!e to ooUcgians this -anda wo,k..rudyjobat ..;n]1'1"$2,1 90dm,-,17.4 year. the •chool'1!inancial aid of. �i---_ "Thcrt:' s no rtQO n for fice."l""•lotofwulenuin ·'Somcscbool.oreoptingto qualified 1tudentsnot tobe hen:: who vebreaking down ch.111<= ,iew 11Uden11 hither m..tbancurreuto n a. the Am e rican Council. o n tio n ,tl>ough.Soulhern.Arkan· and Ou.Ice. Jahns Hopkins. thmi1 . . tooh!th.'' Cuomo vetoed • proposed �;u��:O get $200• year tuition bikefor to anll,III] tui tl on in· ��=�1!: t�=� tbe Dicki!lll0nUnlversil)' inNew w:niofOdilReid Mid tither Jenc:ynisedruitionUI0019 tuitian.t�Collefo fo;:: , ��� ��-ri: $7,534. Al lbe llnivenil)' of heve 1pcnll)'mdlbo7- can'lafl'Otd•mllcheducation Mi,mu.lltUden11wiDtbdlout JQIIIO-bere.tbey'Uimke 1t. S1l,880&irmiaonllm,.... 1m11,oa.-.M u $ctl s (co "Moa t n 't dford buildi l t# inprot eS t. Mort:typ;utly, u!:, 11 F lllrleigb PIJ',MJt do�� _i�m,b," ll eg ofcolltgepricesa,ncludcdtui· tioa r1 =.,::;e;'::ml� weretwo�-,0. Consequently Halstead ::� · �m�d'.:1;..= udenu ca e )."s.oidtflls t ead. t . iucreac,, •re only abo111$lOOa yur.PcopleCUt �ci::::: ue lmpin·until"pepplesaythcy 1tuden 11 t es remain about !he �::m Presiden herewbomighcdrop uppe,-claMl!Udena. t Harold '� Duke .:.=�=

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c.r,.,s.-. ..... =�::: .... . =�� .. . .. . -....... ...,._.Ir.........

.. ... . .. En!�=== .. ...........Sc,ort1EOl10, . ....... ,.-Editor =�;.-:: .......... ::::::Di�� :..��·.�.�·.�·.:::::::::=...a� ·=� ........ : ....... ::.:::::=.u�

Benga l Pause Sept. 12 104Cassety l:lall

Find. out what we're all about Non-JBS ma­ Joqwa1comer

coine to our


TUHday, S.pt1mNr 5,19111

Gymnasium to be completed ahead of schedule ..... _ •?P•cWtor,,.­ thefie!dhoU1e,..,dforrenov,i. rionofRockwellHall.

WU to ·be located in the Classroom Building pukin, lot&nd to belargcr thanlhc ullting&Ym. School officlal., ..n1 . plana fortheadditiontoSUNYCen, tr.iinl968to�tlunding.but themoncywunotincludcdin theSUNYbudgctthatye,u. Nearlya"dewlcl.ttcr.RSC students .tnd ..uninioi..tors · 1n<1areapoliticio111com pa;gn . cd to gct$3.9 mlllionln1111i, fu.ndingforc:onstruction of .

Evmlhougbthiaaum.mer•, ra:otd brwa1111 rainfall has b1in�red construotion or BSC'•kma;·.waitedfieldbouse, the l)'mnuiun, maybe com. pined four or fi ve months lhcadoflcl:tcdule. "Tberainput111bockolit· �•,' .'WdDooCbodWlck,pn,. Ject manager for Bhlndari Construaioo,"but wc'veh.od no lost.time occident$ 1nd ;r,::;�,]��rre�� �: Chodwick when the ,masomc:an't do theirjobs,lt alfe

Apetirionwith morethan 2,S00 1rudcot ..tureowu """"11tedtotbtnGov.H.,.i, Carey. The ruult wu $400,000 In plmning money fortheproject.

Sevenilyeara�beforc theotatorelcucdthemo,ieyto RSC, during which time the originalplanaforthepmjee: worercn.ppcd&nd ncw onea completed. ACLU· and students struggle for free speech CPS-The Ut1iveuity of ti.menttbued.on...:e,ethnlci- Mici,ig,,n said it will back ty,relig;on,aa,saualorien, dowufromenforcingpanofo talion,creed, nationalorigin, new ont".d'1cr · m·nu·on aftCQ try � age. inirii.i 1ti" nu, policythattbeAmcric:anCivil handic.ap or"Victn.&m.Vcteran Liberties Union claimed stattll,wu•doptedinAprilto violatcd studcnts'&ttspeecb hlhaftCricsofncialincidenta. rights. TheACLtrfilcd auit inMoy The policy, whi<.h lctt of, on bellalt or•UM gndu.ote licial1 diacipline orupel 1tudcnt,who uidtbepolicy •tudco1$ ;r theyspread..,,...wai 1nhiblring him frum ix·

de[Mtnmcrit. TheAmi.ting Kreskin•nd Kenny Byrd will finish lto�ming daywith thei, 1,crfonnanceatRoc:kwt:llHall •t8p.m.Tickets"'1:available at 1he StudentUn;on Board BoxOffice. Thoseinterc,ncdinworki"' on theHomecominfCommit· tee.may 5top bythe Stude:it Unlon414atl2:! orukforSusanCannicl,1elin SU400.

lllru rodio ,·on. PresidtntRiclw'dM>Tlwill pttSidtosgrandmorsluill lneparade. whi<.hbtgiru;11 II a.m., will tn,·el from Rock,.-.,URoi.dtol:'lm,.·oodto Bidl>-.cUtoRicl,mondtofottSt

'""" Thi$ year the Community 0.ypicnicwiU bt ·combined }'iththeGoodnmcaFeffleal. There .. �u bt &tt hotdogs, games and o raffle From noon·-l:30 p.m. in the Rodc""l!Quad All yo urfavori,el!uITalo spons mascotswiU bt or the picnic from noon·! p.m. tO signoutographs. TheBuffolol'hilharmonic

:al?reakms:... u,l':'esicln,, F_C.�r.MootHill r�,,, !t:lO·IO,JS 1.m.. .,.. =u a· · n up,rfei,ce _,.___ onWs..eond �ofthtStudm,tiruoft. "The Homecominf Patadt ""'illlitlt'upalei:i>nom,ryfec.

l��;J s�l,. In R�-kwdlQuLl

Welcome Back Students, Alumni,Parents Don'tMissthe , Spectacular Homecominn Entertainment!







1 Buy a fresh made deli I sub & get a FREE 20 oz. cup of Pepsi Expires 9130189

Livingston Taylor



MentallstExtreon:llnalre --- -- .. """"""' Adults$12.50 Students$10.00 WGRS5

Folk-PopTroubadorl l· cu=��� Adults$13.00 Students$10.00

12 Pk Cans

Crunch, 100,000 Bar, Reg., Almonds, Rais/nets ' - 3 for 99¢

$5.99 .

Elmwood & Bird

TURKEY BREAST $1.79 '!,lb. AMERICAN CHEESE $1.29 '!,lb. 1----�-------t Reg., Classic, Diet, Spritef--'---------� Canada Dry �veryday Low Price Sealtest 2 % Milk - 99¢ 'l,qal. Whole Y,ga!. Sf.09 $1.29 UPSTATE Iced Tea 88 ¢ 'I, gal. COKE 2 Ltr

SpecialDiscountsforBSC * Residence Life and Alumni Student DiscounlS all tickets Half Price with advance p\ll'Chase and valid Bufl'alo State ID. Limit One Ticket perID. Not Valid Day-of-Show.

* Faculty, Staff and Alumni

-Members, show your ID and receive a

$2.00 discount with advanre purchase. Ticketsavailable at·theRockwellHallBo.zOffioc 878-39()5 andallTicketronLxations.• *Discountsavailable atRockwellBo.zOffice�·

Tuesd,y, Septeml>er 5. 1969







>>>>>>>>>>».> >>>>>>>>>>>> 5

Gov�e;.mu!�e \�!;d �i5� .: !r;E=�i�e: ul � d a �d •>>>>>>>>>»> �i:6ty7���: m the Um o n



:����� g kfJf�W·R�k��� H!11l's "Applause '89" series. Tickets are available at the RockwellHall Box Office and alt Ticketron Outlets, $13.SO for adults and $5.00 with a BSC ID. Today is the.deadline for - ,�t��n����:'fl,1i�1��: and Course by Contr11<.t. _A p-­ plicati o ns are to be turned m to the RegistarinC!eveland Hall.

The Schedule AcljW1tm . =< Period extends from tc>


TuHday, S.pt1mbet 0, 1•





F'ond remembrances from a Bee Gees fanatic It Rol>bl• MoPhorou IIECOADF••-Ed/lO< l111wtheBceGccsi ocon- ="""- They�good.. wi tbme.They jut1\oo1tedand Barry0ibb -oin&in£ "Wbetheryou ' re1brotbero r whetbe-r you're a motbe-r mltlll,Iwu tliinlti ng. "You lhouldbedanein',yWll"'and ...,.,,,..1Fthome,lputmy m•IS!con. Uofomi.nate\yfo r the Bee gn,ai ...roclr."lbouttbetunc mylUblcrlpdontoTI.,-Bw rmout.Noboc1J11newo,ei,e. qulnaan,'IIIOft,aodnmbcll­ bonomtumdappeariaa:oo lhe"what' 1ouf"\im.

E XI T '

Geetllfld.OoonlSummer,KC mdtheSUmltiue Band,tbe v.n.,e People, AT- or Honey, evea Gloria Ga ynor, wbo ui d lhcwuuldrwvm. di acomdthe-,.oflhe pooph,whomade;t,di cd. 1'he�gav,1,1p oomlt0 aad bepn playi oj "pro-

. Youmllllundemand, i n• dtlldhoodthln&,IWQ!li ne, uid,nyDad.tooi,M)lda d. who ...,,-.dto 1ympothiz,e, �tmotheotniJcof"IWill !:Zbl; t!�;t, 0 ��; knowlheword,;thatwcU and Wh en I played itfo r the hundrcdthtimethat da y,the record took aFrisbecri de atn)SltheLiri114room,launch· cdb yOa d.lcried and cri ed unti l hc promi sedlot.11'.eme to . K•Mllnso Icou ld get the latest K- Tclcollcerion. Iwu cru$hedwhen I disa:>vercd they�reso ld out of M Sound " Scnslti on' "andlheloo k or a114uu.honmyfa ccpromptcd Olldto offermethcSatunla y Ni ghtFeversoundtracl<. He gaven>elheuirafou rdoll.ln Jneedcdto bu ythe �.,;.. an �� v.e �,. mymotber..wtbellbumand triedto smi le."Ohl I can: t WArt'to hear thi tone40 .tima,,"s beui d. lrmovatothemi-eomd. beul&cuefulnottotouchlhe vi ny l,pl.ocedllde one ontbe turntal>le.1batbul�i..-i n· trojultboreintomeandma de my hearcjumpto thebeat. r lhowedmymotbertbeL.A. W.ik,andtricdtoget hcrand m.yr.tber _ todothcBul� . •

Iearned onmy£maticism n liaem.o,:tomyllce Geet.tape,1 nmy.....n..nan,

;;:�:- ."!4"�-�; ia � maoy timesQlwaotcdllwu indi acohclven. Fo rtbe nuttb.reeyean,l c.medon a oormalli fe.l went to IIChoo1 and playt:d wi tbtbe oormalkldl,but a lWl)'I nthe bid< of'my

telll"4pa:,plc;t-U2ortbe Who.I dldJl' ttalkto poopk wbolOlldofun of.tbalcra,il -•tbouibtbeJ-took puti oiLThey.U.aallike GOLD RINGSAL£

S750FF 18K S500FF 14K

.(Uppe1l•ll)BSCcu1ocllan K•nS1mone1aansa wa11 ln \ft&:k>HII Hall o•ar Iha aumrne,; (upper 11!,lhl) BUI


"- � ... �th

,n�"t�,��t"!�� t1nglnallreho111durlng1 rautlna ln1pe,ctlon; (lower lall) JnH McGlnty takn hla1troLLar lora walkwhll1 mom r.gl1\ars!Of tt,a lall MmHtar;1nd(1owar rlghl) Fred MIiia (top), Paul �!� d ���r::,11\ 1 ·•:1.":�� / Rnldanca Ula omn wofkars,r.luonthaPortar Hall lo.dl119dock.

ti rcd ofmemilingiap .


-�:' / _·;

. <.:': . j;� �









Order your college ringNOW. JQO�T�N� TUES · .WED, &THURS Dale SEPT,·S,6 1 7 Tore 10 AM - 4 PM Depooillleqlin,d: $IO

All photos by Harry · SCull, Jr.

. '\

,.,.,, Something �c;>r � nyone atWBNYt h 1s year

�: . JuniorSUzanneColll11•nworlt!•••dlsc JockeyatWBNY In her,.,...


The JZ.inch single includes "Hud l..igbt,Hatr.dfromlheSusa,,s'latat LP, "Love Atenda" Blut Fint Records). Their10W1d islll,J'Stie,chancterisric ofthe.Jowarulmoodvmck'n'rollcom· inaoutofNcwYoi'l

from page 11 tickeu,hefedmeDAD,spe.ak and-got:them. Onthenight ofthe lhow,I c:ried , u l li11ened to myBcc G� albums and stared 11 tbeir picn,res.l hatedbcing IZ.yean-old,too youn,g< 0,0 !!.�:"!!.::"�u:}:,i!:,: If! eould drive. w.ik, or ny there.l'DGO. hmlso lcorried on until thilpast summer. Iwumovel· inginOhio,anHh•ardonan Ohio1tationthatthellceG«a were coming toCleveland! I bccame spastic os!ocreamed 1nd yeUed 1ndpoundedlhe .iceringwheelwithgko.Now ;;;:s�� ';""!l would 1ee tried to help.When he found to Toronto,he offered to let me have the day off, •nd found complimentary tiekou forJ11e!TheToro,,.olhow,•t theCNE,wu onlhe nlght of the lunar eclipse.My best friend Tmnmy-Lynn and I all the w•ythere.lllteTILlting · the hlrmonicpamandtrying �. · �:. 1t the word$<0 fe1inewwe'dhave1,00!I time,but wercallywercn't prcput,dfor how good they ae!Ually werc. . Theyhld•nlne-picceb,nd to back thorn up, .one! they playal inltrumerltll u well. Evmunder the-=rutinyol blaoc:uwe,thcBrotheraGibb hawqodvcryweU,andthelr

lheto1>1litles.:;,tririaldetoillffl'eiy pay•neru>onco. Unfottunattly,!hm,wasn'l much to read.Alllhadtolistc:a10wasathree- 100 ,promotionall2-inch�bu1l decidedBandoISusana,besidaueeding �=� 011theW11y up in !he

•iaceprcsencewasrelucd &mlhumored.U.ey�ed well awarcof theaip,alhat hufollowedthomnoundfor the put decade,anddcspite• pl•tinum-sdling album in �in1987,theyhaven't goncn overi, • ...'.ll,eyopcned . - ._ wilh•oonic.i.JedOrdina,y Liv"' ftom ,heir now .ibum ONE{W•merBrothers), and i, . ocem � d . ,o . be a very con- The lyria c:oukl be a mess&getotheworld,e%plain­ inghowlheGlbbah""echang­ ed and grown.fromthedeath of theiryounger brotherAn· dy,fromMau"9"overeoming • drug and llloohol problom and from learning that life ton on. "'We were ordinary ordinary lives"' osthesong goea. When they did the old cluaiedisoosoilgo,thepeople. whorangedfrom punkersto die·hardtube-1oppenwen:on lheirfce,,laughing hysterical• lyandtryinJltorcmemberthe hwtle. TamlO)'•Lynn and I had• trcat time.•nd on the wayhome,withjheBeallcsin themreothil.time.wetalked obout how good . the concert ....Uy wu. n.erc arc thotc.l"mSUN:, whowill laugh.o.ndprnbabl;y mmy,oorewhowillnolon,er associate wilh me, but the nut time you have• put)', put on•BeeGeelreconio.nd ICCWhat happens. Olanoco ore, a lol of cool peoplewillamileuidjalte obou1thefunlheyhadwbm

F.SA COLLEGE " STORE PRESENTS , �{J;J - 1/ TO START OFF �If/ FALL SEMESTER! ' � "" wA RAFFLEw1TNM) PURCHASE In . tECESSARY! • FORDORM RES1DENT8- PRUE• Refrigerator Rental- For One. year 1 FOR CONttUTERB- tv. F. A. 2 _ Coll<9 e Store G,PtCert,F,cate rJ30"'. PRIZE: A portable cooler/ice chest · � PR IZE• A_ personol P�n -qu·ief, • I · • w,th OOJUStoble olcl')ow! - DRAWIIG0� 11 SEPUtlER 18 •••••••.-��'''NH•••• ,,,..�,,..-,•,•t ,•,•,•,•;N•;••••""

•Jewelry •Incense •end Muell Morel


•Sunglesses • Tle[)yes , · • . Smoking ·' Accessories



1H7H,rt81A, .. 811ff•lo,


T1.1Hd1y, Sept,mber !I, 11111


Meetings set

For anyone interestedin joining thc men' ,tcnnil teom,1meeri11J1willbeheld durin,Benp]Pause'Thurs- � n 2 �� : OU$10n Gym The footballt..,:,will i :, havc1m. eetingfortholc:in· tcrestedmworkinguteam m•ugcr1. Contact the J\thletic offieeformorein· formation. A copta.ins 111d offic:ills ��::,!!"r!�r�! will be h_ cld Thutwy Sept. 14 ,n the ' Hou,to� GymRoom 208.Time isyet tobe determined.


Ifyou registered to vote last year and are an affiliated Democrat · you are eligible co vote in chis year's Primary Election.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th 6,00 A.M. - 9,00 P.M.

Lady ki_ ckers split weekend at Alfred ThcBSCwomen'1socur teamopcru:di,s'sca$0n1his wcektnd pl1yi.nJ1 in 1ho Bty•n Kar! Tourn.1ment hooted hy Alfred. · BSC,, ,on andlost by idcnticalscorei.4--0. ln,hc consol.:otionroundSun

lfy�u reg:isiered a� a reg,stranon card 1s

dorm student an� the address on )'our voter Elmwood yqu are eligible even ifyour room has changed.


hi&dq,thchart. , onlytofindit mona:Wceyfl'da,ald«miit =�· ' Boyc1decidatotll0ftMonie ="!.-�;!!:; gomeinl988.Morris,1S.IO, 180,pouud senior, led the c.amp,kscconnot.ifurdllII,)' �i� th :1::::.�i't , :��p:!,,;�;.!e�! !'11ShW>nter (5, 8, 160}, 1 front,itwilltakesoineoflhe JUOior,wu,thirdwith 42. 1tr•in off Filion ind �cs.ScuionO...Evans. �butnotenou,gbto KahillOunstonandJohnMn· keepBoyefcomforuhlc.The oopbomorc Joho.Muldoq_n. q_uarte�m,olikelytohlw, ��•\ind»t:kor l»t nmetothmw. �I[ With onlyfiw,li-in


\ ,

Quarterbacks Junior JeffSburcr ente<1 hilthinlsusonua ,tMter. Shurcr'-"uusedprimari.lyu anoption·IJl)


HousJon Gym recreation hours Weii,htroom p. � ondo.y-Thutwy 4-9 Friday noon-6p.m. Saturd.oy olo$ed Sunday 1-Sp.m. Aerobics /;:, onday-Thutwy 7-8 futeguetblllcouns p �:. nday-ThurSday4-l? no!::�'._':.� Y m a . nd Sunday Saturday closed Pool 7,15 �;�� a :.;;;: 1'hu




. (

�·�• ·--· :�. �:


DAV1DP. - RUTECKI �'"' ·-- --� N � O � R � T ,., H = D "' L " S "- TRI = CT =-" c " o " UNi �C:'.!1L�ME�MB�'EE'!: R �- �:§ i � -��

Forest Liquor & Wine 244 Forest Ave. at Grant St. 885 -4520

YOU WOULDN'T WEAR SNEAKERS TO A JOB INTERVIEW... so WHY SEND A SLOPPY RESUME? Your resumEI gets there before you do, and II 11 doesn't look good you may never get to show your stull ln,person. .We can provide activity-lee-paying students with � low cost resume that Is typeset and printed on your choice of several paper colors: "so rry , "Dirty Canvas" Isn't one of them. USG RESUME SERVICE C..nety 101 -PhaM11MIIS

• Mon-Thurs:llam to 10pm Fri-Sat:11am to midnight

' • Just two blocksfrom the BSC c�mpus • A - wide assortment oflitjuor and wine

At Forest Liquor and Wine a responsible adult is our first and only priority. Proper dress and proofofage is · required.



FRIDAY September 15, 1989

RLO says

Homecoming slate Today'• 1ctivities include �!i:· ::J·� fi '."" ide lounge. Livings.on Toylor will hive a concen at 8p.m. in Ro<:kwellH.111.Tukeu•re•vlillhle at theho.>.officc. Parcntsare invited to•hreokfut with President F.C. Richardson !I 1.m.Sarurd.oy.Twoprograms.''Tron· sirioos"and"Rupingitalltofether," willrunfrom 9:30toll a.m. on lhe $CCOI1dlloorofthcSrudentUnionfor . Thepo.ndclineupwillhee inat!O ::: ·· with thcpar ode st11ning a1 11 Thcre will he1 communiiypicnic from noon to4c30p.m. in Rockwell Quad. olong wilh a freeconccnhy 1heBulfoloPhilh1rmonicOrchestr1. TheGoodTilllCI festival will follow from2to6p.,n. Thefootballg&mc,1heBSCBcne,.ls ls,wil lheiin•t2p.m. mCoyerF'leld. Homecomin, w0Cl1>dt,o wilhlheAmaziiliK,....kin andKen­ ny6yrdot 8p.111. inRockwl<11tehSrudcn, Unionlloordhoxolf,c:c:. Colur'nbus corrections CluseswillhehtldOctober lO•nd willfollow•Tuesdly,chcdult. Thc"SrudentHandbook"•nd th< ;;;��;�:�1:� 0 �,:'w��� cluaesbOrniugwillhe..rn.,,.Cloudo willpemllthroulboutthedaywilh• h;,hof70dqrt,es. Saruni,.ywill hedoudy with • chmce of nin and I h;,h of 70 - Therunwillbreu.lh...u,hon Sundav for a hl.iiof7075detrtu. SS2-8li87. Rainy forecast

not full George meets with USG , over (housing

�-a..,p.,1N-- Nspite thefactthatatleast 7Sper­ centof ' thedormi!Oiypopulmoa""* !')"mm&tcaand.1<>111elllalestudennlive ,nloungt1,the dormsu,:no1officillly fillcdioupaciiy, aUl..-e :.:���!he��� Noru,.olly, BSC ho..-...,.,. l,900 :.�i:.-a:.1:'!i":";�J:i ��=sa bebuilt,Geotgewd. · George agreed this'. .,nprt«dented howingeq:,lasion"is,nore lhln lnin­ couvenience!Oltlldcntshutmainwn«I it istemponry. Basement spt,ee has been organi2.ed forstudypurpooes,mdlhe loungesi11 Towers I•nd 3 willhereopenedfor puhlicmewithina wcek,he&aid.RLO .will begin tripling aud possihly ­ quadruplin,gstudentsin the dorms. MaleRAs will still lose lheir !lingle rooms.md5Uldeomwhop,;dfor!lingle roomswillreo:ivep,uti..olrefunda. George aidRLObasl...if,:wcom­ plainmfrom thosehoused in lou,ces. indsome RAs have evenrequegialw keeplheirroomm.otca. One sena!Orcommeruedthltdlo<,ch theremi&bthavehllenfewformalcom­ plain1:t ahoutobe.llituation,bohal witncaedholtililies md minor in­ cidmmbetwcenltlldenaiu donmmd tboteoecupy\ugsuiielouuga. Aooonfina:ioOo:qe.RLOilcon­ liderinllddi!llllhower&,;ililimtotbc bathroomlinthe-bmfet,wmr.h Ailodll>lpicioNfromUSG..-- =::=:=:: tmDCd.bowner. tbntbecoll,,fe-W mdeedinlt.iJ""""peniftlmr-- - 1111teoltbe-nnmberolilK:OmlC orudmtsmitiltbe.............. =-��� - Yqiai,&Wdiii:,n.Vice�for Co111111u11icy Jtel.ldou. ..W Ille mm-,d.tbe�1'im-... lllllde,m..bat�O..."ndlsdilally"llloat-.bMlllldlfr willdotoredfttbl,.....

,. __,,

Gl"'Angello•nd EdwinSU...Z.,. .tiMl'lilNTl'UrscNY__,__.. •tter1M11no"'rnte1H«-lnoq11N11andklno.t•pep rallylntheShil:INltUnlon. Boye � predicts �ictory

1,ayear'' when lhe&nplsheatUB23 toZ2attJBNonhCampusStlldium.He urgcd.Ulhldmmioattend. Alsolhowin;Jsupponfor the term wasII.SCPraidmtF.C.R.ictw'd,onwho thn:w outthe'iirstball"olthenlly. "iwuakedtothrow outtheballto thewillniuiu.m."Rk:lwdlonm1"1 .l!way,1knewlhad•lirtlehttol•quater­ bKk in me." Thecoronation of esc.Homecom- � ��!':}':1:2.,.a; w.. up -,.;mt Iliffam,pmliou (or kina,lralt:,did:u'tknow wbattodot ........ 'Ibe - fimnmncr-upforkillC­ Danlell)og,-.Dog,-�hitlli,c, inalalemlclurin,lbenll:,ln hil...ol theBSCAhmlM&ler-�do­ WCIP'��by'Gm:ma.The 1uprileof theaftmuoooa-wbea �rmmm,apforlmi,-- Molly KffWiD. ol tbe W-'11 a-c..r, IIIOk 1blS bonon 10 "oobl"IIPll"ahbl·,wd, SMHorMoollllnl.P1191

BS<;'1 Homecoming futivities, spotlighted by the upcoming game Sanuday.gainsttheUniversiiyof Buf­ flllo, werefutherignitcdhynumen,111 $p&l"klrndourpri90SduringPcp1Wly '89. Toe..Jlywuh�To�before• cai-:ilY crowd in lheStudenttJajon· LoohyduringBenga!Pame.Wtyear . . HomccnmingKilll,�O\UOWI, W111chairmanandh111tof.lherally. The event,whlchfea!IUUl.various. ,q,eaken.inll"OductioDloof.lheBengal footh•II tum •nd the ch�wuhighlidltcdhythe crownin4oftheHomeoomin& '89Kin, ""'"""'- Tbefint�WUB.SCOi.-of AlhletlcfFffliJ.Hutricl<,wbodn:w • a,mpuimnbetween the B.SCIJenaalr; rndthe8uft"alo8illlheforein� B.SCfood>allCOKh.JmyS.Boyea. "l'Vehllenalmlll.Yhom,ocoiltl ...bul ihaYCO'thller,at•IIOhooilhatputonthe activitiea Ind lhow that II.SC doel," Boyc,,Mid.Boyn;predic:ced•"ttpeatof

, ..._

All photos by Harry Scull, Jr.


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