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June 2019

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Our Way Through Rough Waters Ended in a Trip to Acadia National Park

The “once in a generation” tax season is behind us, and it left many of us with mixed feelings.

The government shutdown back in January led to the late release of tax forms, further increasing the pressure on us to learn, apply, and explain the effects of the new tax law. By the end of the tax season, I felt exhausted and found myself asking, “Why am I doing this?” Burnout … It’s a touchy subject many are reluctant to talk about, but, statistically, most of us experience it at some point in our careers. For now, burnout is a vaguely defined term, but according to the World Health Organization’s new definition, there are three signs to look out for: 1) energy depletion, 2) increased mental distance from one’s job, and 3) reduced professional efficacy. This year, I wanted to visit the Northeast. I’ve seen a lot of great pictures of Acadia National Park, and it seemed like the perfect road trip destination. I started preparing for the trip by buying two photography guide books about the region. The rugged coast line and the iconic lighthouses offered plenty of subjects for taking pictures. I had to make a decision: drive or fly? I decided to drive this time. The 1,000-mile trip was just long enough for me to catch up on the long list of audio books I had saved during tax season. On the second day, I decided to leave the monotonous highway and drive through the hills of upstate New York instead. By the afternoon, I was somewhere near the border of Vermont and New Hampshire when my GPS quit working. I didn’t plan on taking the scenic route, so for about half an hour, I was driving blind. Finally, I got closer to a town where I was able to download the map for the remainder of the trip. I guess it wouldn’t be a real road trip without getting lost at least once. It was late afternoon when I arrived in Portland, Maine. It started raining, which is not ideal for taking pictures, but I quickly drove to one of the most iconic lighthouses to scout the location for a sunrise picture. I’m really not a morning person, so waking up before dawn took real effort on my part. I wasn’t disappointed though; the Portland Head Lighthouse looked stunning in the early morning light. By mid-April, my energy was definitely depleted, so an early vacation was in order.

Portland Head Lighthouse Photo by Laszlo Szilagyi

After spending a few days in Portland, I finally made my way up to Acadia National Park. I arrived before Memorial Day weekend, so the park was fairly quiet. Honestly, I didn’t plan on hiking too much, but the rugged coastal trails were so beautiful and inviting that I couldn’t stay away. I met some dedicated people on the trail. One afternoon, I was making my way up Cadillac Mountain when it started raining. I gave up and headed back to the parking lot when I met a couple that was actually happy about the weather. They wanted to experience the environment in its “rawest form.” I, however, took the easy way out, drove to town, and went to see a movie instead. I was told that early May is not the best time to visit Maine. That might be true, but for my objective, it was perfect! I wanted to step away from the office for a few days to take some pictures, relax, and come back with my batteries recharged. Ultimately, I got everything out of the trip that I wanted.

–Laszlo Szilagyi, CPA

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