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January 2020

MANAGING THE MANAGERS IsYourBusiness’s Management Effective?

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The 1% Rule can best be described as a positive improvement in the way we think about small things. Rome was not

conquered in a day and neither will many of the challenges we face be conquered in a short period of time.

While we should continue to strive for the bigger changes we desire, we can be creative and hopeful by making small changes that improve the quality of our lives. And these small changes add up. Some of you may be thinking that a single 1% improvement wouldn’t help that much in this or that situation. I share your feelings; we all have needs and problems that are beyond our ability. Only God can change certain things, but there are so many things that are within our ability and responsibility to improve. So, let’s begin the new year by finding things we can do to improve our lives and, by extension, the lives of others.

Back in 2011, the Harvard Business Review published an article called “First, Let’s Fire All the Managers.” It listed the cons of management, like inefficiency, costliness, an increase in “calamitous” decision making, slower response time, and the disempowerment of lower-level employees. Then, it advocated for an entirely new kind of company: one without titles and promotions, where “no one has a boss.” During the 2008 recession, many companies had fired all of their managers — or at least a big chunk of them. But, while some soldiered on with the new structure when the economy bounced back, many others returned to the old way of doing things, replacing the managers they’d lost. So, if the brilliant minds at Harvard were so against the idea, why did they do it? Well, just like anything else, management positions have pros as well as cons. A good manager can inspire and motivate their team to greater heights, model good behavior patterns, and groom the next generation of leaders. Not every manager is a good manager, but anyone who has secured a skilled manager can tell you they’re invaluable. Whether you’re worried your current management is ineffective or are on the hunt for a new department head, it pays to know the traits of an effective manager. Below, we’ve gathered a few characteristics to watch out for as summed up by experts in the field.


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