2019 Campaign Report

State Overview


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• Conduct sobriety checkpoints at least monthly • Enact a law making child endangerment a felony

In 2014, Alabama became the 21st state to pass an all-offender ignition interlock law. In 2018, Alabama improved their interlock law closing loopholes and requiring that any diversion agreement must include the use of ignition interlock.


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• Strengthen interlock law by adding compliance-based removal • Legalize sobriety checkpoints and ensure they are conducted monthly

Alaska passed ignition interlock legislation for all convicted drunk drivers in January 2009.


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Arizona’s ignition interlock law requires convicted drunk drivers to use an ignition interlock (not wait out the interlock order) before obtaining unrestricted driving privileges. The first of its kind, this legislation passed in 2007 is one of the best in the country and as a result, drunk driving deaths in the state have decreased by 29 percent. Arizona is the only five star rated state.


4.5 3.

• Pass laws that allow for expedited warrants for suspected drunk driving offenders who refuse a test • Enact a law making child endangerment a felony

Arkansas has seen a 21 percent reduction in drunk driving fatalities since the 2009 law requiring ignition interlocks for all convicted offenders went into effect.


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