DLC Brochure 2019

E ndmill S olutions


SNB Ball Nose Endmill

ASM 2 Flute and 4 Flute Endmills

ø2.0mm - ø16.0mm

ø2.0mm - ø16.0mm

 DLC coating has a low friction coefficient resulting in an advantage of reduced friction on non-ferrous materials.

M illing S olutions


WAX Shoulder Milling Cutter

WRCX WaveRadius Mill Series

WEX Wave Mill Series

ø0.75in - ø5.00in

ø1.00in - ø6.00in

ø0.50in - ø8.00in

Adhesion Resistance

Diamond Coated Uncoated Excellent adhesion resistance and reduced cutting force

DLC Coated

Material: ADC12 Machine: Makino V55 Tool: WEX3032E, AXET170504PEFR-S-DL1000 Cutting Conditions: 984 SFM, f=0.0059in/t, a p =a e =0.197in, L-29.5ft


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