2018 On Purpose Conference


Good, positive energy in the room Charisse Williams Managing Director of New Site Development iMentor Hearing people's stories and realizing there was a shift in the universe in 2014 for a lot of people. Cheryl Turner President Gate City Bar Association Most of the speakers and some of the panels were powerful. Elton Potts CEO Vine Vault

The great thing is that I was able to take nuggets that I can apply to improve my path. Its comforting just

The speaker stories were fabulous! They all came from a different perspective that really got you Sandy Welfare Executive Director Women in Technology

knowing I'm not the only one dealing with certain challenges that were shared.


Charlette Bell Pastry Chef My Fare Lady

The best element of the forum was the mix use of speaker

What made it most enjoyable was the speakers and their content.

for the "inspiring talks between the "fire side chats" and the variety of subject matters that were covered. Danielle Thomas Project Manager Turner Broadcasting System

I got the most out of hearing from people telling their story. I wrote down so many quotes. I loved it.

The content was by far the best part.

It was truly inspiring to be in a room full of people that have so much energy and purpose and we

Natalie Demarko Communications Director Fatherless Daughter Project

I LOVED the storytelling model, it felt authentic, intimate, real. There was a completeness to

need so much more of this in our world. Here we are in this political chaos...and to come into a room where there are so many people that want to make positive change and want to do this together and are willing to share their stories...it's incredibly inspirational so thank you for putting this together and for the wonderful voices you put up there. It's an amazing place for people to connect not only to each other but to their own sense of purpose Mim Senft President and CEO Motivity Partnerships

Great pre-conference materials (assessments). Enjoyable speakers/panels.

the variety of topics and experiences that left me feeling well fed, hopeful for our collective future and motivated to explore more about my own purpose. In a word, inspired! On the panels, loved that although there was a lead/moderator, the role flowed naturally like a conversation on the couch in someone's living room. They were all great. Talk about a great atmosphere for everyone to easily network and share their passions freely and exchange ideas and make new connections.

Good networking.

Stacye Thrasher Brim Consultant IHG

The venue was setup very nice and the open space made it feel more comfortable to hear the presentations but stay engaged with the people seated around me. Reuben Brown Director SSA & Company

You have to allow yourself to go out into this unknown place. I was that person – right brained and

Yvonne Taylor-Cherry Director Services Sales, North America Polycom

thought this was all kumbaya. What I realized is, when you do start to think about what your purpose is and how it’s compared to what you’re not doing and how you can start to fulfill it… I realized, it’s real Troy Allen SVP, Senior Project Manager Bank of America

It was well organized and progressed in a timely fashion.

Everyone was so open and willing to share and provide information. Best element were the panels. Kept

Leslie Lewis CEO Copeial Business Strategist

everyone engaged.

Raylecia Baker Helpdesk Analyst NCR Corporation

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