The Livewell Clinic - December 2018



MEET SUSAN MULHOLLAND! OUR NEW, DEVOTED DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS When SusanMulholland began her career, she wasn’t anticipating the direction it would take. She worked clinically in the mental health field for about seven years before jumping to audiology, but she soon found her talents were better suited for the administrative side. So, she made another leap. After working for 15 years as an administrator in the Veterans Affairs hospital system, Susan joined our team as our director of operations this October. She felt drawn toThe Livewell Clinic because of what she describes as a “focus on helping the whole person,” rather than the symptom or illness. She brings a passion for helping others to her new role, and just a fewmonths into her new position, she’s already making an impact. But Susan believes it’s also her new coworkers who have been inspiring her. “I really enjoy working with the staff, who care deeply about what they do, and they’re really committed to creating a positive environment. It’s really an honor to work with people who bring that approach to patients every day,” Susan says. Because of her medical background, Susan said she has gleaned an understanding for the time, care, and support that goes into helping someone feel better. She believes it’s been a key part in helping her make the best decisions for patients as an administrator. “It gives me a real-life perspective on what that kind of work is like, how fast paced it can be, and howmentally and emotionally challenging it can be as well,” Susan says. “You really get to know your patients.” When she isn’t keeping our clinic running, Susan is cheering on her three sons in their various sporting events. She also enjoys running her own online vintage shop, exploring her small acreage with her dog, and exercising.

Achoo! That’s the last noise you want to hear this winter. Cold weather brings a slew of sicknesses, so be vigilant to treat these common illnesses, or better yet, avoid them altogether. T H E COMMO N CO L D Although there is no cure, a cold is easier to treat than other illnesses. If you or a loved one has a runny nose, low-grade fever, headache, cough, nasal congestion, or sore throat, the common cold has most likely taken hold. With the help of rest and perhaps some cold medicine, like cough drops and decongestants, the cold will come and go in about a week. B R O N C H I O L I T I S Bronchiolitis appears most commonly in children less than a year old and is caused by other viruses. Of the many symptoms—nasal congestion, low-grade fevers, and coughing—wheezing is the one you should be most concerned about. If your child is having difficulty breathing and is dehydrated, they may have caught a more serious strain of the virus. Most children will recover with at-home rest, but some may need to be hospitalized for more severe symptoms. I N F L U E N Z A The flu is known for causing high fever, muscle aches and pains, nausea, and other symptoms similar to a cold. Often, the fever will last for around five days, but it can be shortened with the aid of antiviral medications. However, these medications are recommended only for children who face serious complications or hospitalization from the flu. S T R E P T H R O A T A sore throat, headache, stomach ache, vomiting, and high fever are signs of strep. This infection is treated with antibiotics and should be addressed soon after the first symptoms appear to prevent further complications. Children with strep throat should stay away from school and other activities until they’ve been on antibiotics for 24 hours. Everyone knows that getting sick is no fun and is best avoided at all costs. However, it happens to everyone eventually. Catching a virus or infection in its early stages can help you shake the sickness much faster.

We’re excited to see what Susan’s passion and dedication to patient care will bring to our clinic, and we feel lucky to have her. Welcome to the team, Susan!


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