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DEAR DIARY ... How to Journal if You Don’t Like Journaling

What do Thomas Jefferson, Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill, and Virginia Woolf all have in common? They all kept journals. In fact, many of history’s most celebrated figures journaled long before science connected journaling with personal growth and learning enhancement. However, traditional journaling

reflect on why they resonate with you. Include quotes from historical figures, books, song lyrics, something you heard waiting in line at the coffee shop, or some of the “darndest things”your kids say. Collect Photos The advent of camera phones made capturing life’s precious memories easy, but more often than not, those precious memories are trapped in old cellphones, desktop folders, or dusty social media feeds. If you’re a visual person, why not start printing your favorite pictures out? Try organizing old photo albums or resurrect the art of scrapbooking. If you need help getting pictures off your computer, specializes in turning digital pictures into quality prints. Go Digital Apps like Day One for iOS or Journey for Android are perfect for recording your thoughts quickly. Journaling apps are as easy as scrolling down social media, but they can be locked for your eyes only. Integrate written segments with photos to create entries you can reflect on from your phone, tablet, or computer. There are as many reasons to journal as there are options for alternative journaling. Whatever you decide, just make sure it’s something you’ll enjoy doing every day. Happy journaling!

isn’t for everyone. If you hit a wall every time you try to put pen to paper, or worry you’ll have to burn your journal when you’re done, there are other ways you, too, can enjoy the benefits of journaling. Write Letters to Your Kids Framing journal entries as letters to children can help provide a starting point for you. Many parents journal like this with the intent of letting their kids one day read the letters, but that doesn’t have to be your end goal. Nor do you have to write to your kids. You can address your letters to your spouse, a close friend, your mother, or even a loved one who’s passed away.

Record Quotes Quotes are special because they capture a profound feeling in just a few words. By recording some of your favorite quotes, you’re able to capture those feelings and


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