Quarantine Olympics


Toilet Paper Bowling

Sock Slide Challenge

Dizzy Bat Balance Beam Sock Wresting

Team Paper Airplane Throw

1 st Place: 20 points 2 nd Place: 10 points 3 rd Place: 5 points


Paper Airplane Throw Olympians will create their own paper airplanes out of standard 8.5”x11” pieces of paper. The folding of their airplane is at each Olympian’s discretion. One at a time, Olympians will throw their paper airplanes as far as they can. When throwing, they may not cross the designated line - if they fault, they will be disqualified. Winner is the farthest airplane from the start line. Toilet Paper Bowling A standard bowling alley will be set with 10 water bottles (or equivalent). A roll of toilet paper will serve as the bowling ball. Standard bowling rules apply. Sock Slide Challenge This challenge will mimic the long jump. All Olympians will start by putting on socks of their choosing. Each Olympian is given a running start. They must begin sliding before their toes touch the line (we suggest painter’s tape). The measurement of the slide will be taken from the line to the Olympian’s heel of their foot. Dizzy Bat Balance Beam Olympians will place their foreheads on the end of a bat (or equivalent), spin around 6 times, then attempt to “walk the balance beam” (we suggest painter’s tape on the floor). The Olympian who makes it the farthest before falling off the “beam” wins. Sock Wrestling Olympians all must wear a pair of socks of their chosing. All Olympians stand inside a designated area, and when a leader says “go,” they must wrestle each other to remove fellow Olympian’s socks. Once an Olympian has lost both socks, he or she is out. The last person with both socks still on wins.

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