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Grill and Chill

Host a Summer Barbecue for Everyone

Enjoying your own party can be more complicated than it sounds. Backyard barbecues are a high point of summer, but hosting one you enjoy with your guests requires planning. “If swimming is on the agenda, consider protecting new or light-colored indoor furniture with water-resistant covers so guests in wet swimsuits can sit wherever they want without stressing out their host,” says Calla Quinn, a TikTok influencer who recently posted tips on hosting up to 50 friends at your home. Another tip she shares is using of portable misting fans in dry climates. These devices create a fine mist to refresh passersby in seconds, and they are especially popular on patios and decks. If attendees offer to bring something, don’t hesitate to accept, and be specific about what you want — from lawn chairs to beach towels.

Martha Stewart recommends having a stain remover on hand to manage stains and cloth towels that guests can use to wipe up spills.

A stylish yet simple way to serve hors d’oeuvres and side dishes to complement your grilled entree is to assemble or have catered a charcuterie board.

These feature finger foods such as meats, cheeses, olives, spreads, fruits, nuts, chips, and crackers. A fully stocked charcuterie board adds a decorative touch while keeping guests well-fed for hours, adding what Quinn calls “a real wow factor.”

Expert hosts also recommend a self-serve bar for casual summer

gatherings. Consider filling several 3-gallon drink dispensers with popular options. Depending on your guest list, you might offer family fare such as lemonade,

And to make sure your day ends well, look for disposable, compostable bamboo or wooden dishes. Searching for “eco-friendly tableware and cutlery” should turn up some good options. This one last detail can go a long way toward supporting sustainable living while ensuring you don’t spend any valuable party time cleaning up broken glass or washing dishes.

iced tea, ice water, or premixed cocktails like strawberry vodka lemonade or passion fruit margaritas. Martha Stewart suggests allowing amateur mixologists to concoct their own beverages by setting out bottled juices, artisanal sodas, and kombucha.

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