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July 2019


With so many festivities going on around the D.C. metro area, there’s every reason to look forward to staying in town around the Fourth of July. For the last few years, we’ve had a tradition of heading to our local club and golf course on July 3 for a big pre-Fourth of July cookout, complete with food, games, and fun. There’s something for everyone. Jacob looks forward to the

a blast. The event takes place in an enclosed area with big tables, so we can all sit together while our kiddos run, jump, and dance around having a great time. It makes for a fun, safe way to enjoy the evening. Even more people come to see the fireworks later in the evening, and it brings the neighborhood together to see the bright, beautiful display. You can see it from most places in town.

Often on July 3 or 4, we start the day off by hanging out. If the weather’s good, Josh and Jacob will go play golf. We also look forward to spending as much time as we can at the pool this time of year. It’s the best place to be on a hot summer day. On the Fourth, we don’t have any big traditions. Sometimes we invite a few people over and just have a relaxed day following the big cookout. Sometimes we’ll go to someone else’s house. It’s been a nice combination the last few years to have the cookout to look forward to on July 3, and then have a chiller day on the Fourth. It’s definitely a tradition we look forward to.

bounce house, fireworks, and playing with his friends, while Josh and I look forward to the adult conversation, tasty food, and contentment that comes when our whole family is entertained. For the past few years, the second that tickets go on sale for the celebration, we’re on it. Josh and I coordinate ahead of time, confirming we want to do it and who will buy the tickets. It’s become a staple part of our summer, something we look forward to every year. Many of our friends also go to the cookout, so we enjoy getting to spend time with them and to just relax. We enjoy the chance to interact with other adults and their kids, and Jacob has so much fun with the other kids there. For our friends who are like us and have younger kids, it’s fun to have that fluidity between family and friend time. In addition to the bounce house, they have a lot of other activities for kids. The kids have a great time getting brush- on temporary tattoos, with colorful, cool designs they get to pick out themselves. The club usually brings in one or two professional dancers and a DJ who plays music you can’t help but tap your feet to. The kids get up and dance, and they all have

Have a happy Fourth of July!

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