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Have you ever had to keep a big secret that you really wanted to tell? This month, I finally get to reveal something to you all that Melissa and I have kept under very tight wraps for the past nine months. That’s right — we’re happy to announce the birth of our first child, Joseph Daniel Izquierdo! Joseph was born on Nov. 10, so he’s now a few months old. We already can’t imagine life without him, but that’s been true since the first night he was with us.

He showed up a little early, which led to a bit of excitement, as you can imagine. By the second day, he’d learned to hold his own pacifier, and every morning brings a new discovery. He grabs for his bottle and it just blows me away. He’s also sleeping well, for which we are eternally grateful. He is pretty noisy when he’s put to bed at first, but then it’s lights out until we wake him up for feeding. Melissa has been incredibly strong throughout this whole process, and she’s a fantastic mom. I can’t picture a better partner or a more loving one. Of course, Joseph entering our lives has led to a bit of a parenting conflict. Does he wear the Hurricanes bib or the FSU bib? Melissa stayed true to the Hurricanes, but in a moment of weakness, (according to Melissa) I defected to FSU and haven’t looked back. We’re still in negotiation on that one! As you can imagine, with a new baby, we had a pretty tame holiday season. My sister-in-law is also expecting soon, and we’re looking forward to having two boys so close in age in the family. In fact, her baby, Matthew, kicks when she holds Joseph! Starting the new year with a newborn baby is a wonderful thing, and I’m glad that I can finally share the news. It’s been a secret I’ve held for too long! I hope that your January is off to the same kind of start as mine is and that you hold your own family extra tight as we start 2018 fresh.

“Melissa has been incredibly strong throughout this whole process, and she’s a fantastic mom. I can’t picture a better partner or a more loving one.”

We’ve wanted kids for a while, but we weren’t sure it was going to happen. Then, right before we left for Scotland earlier this year, we got the news that Melissa was pregnant. It made that trip all the more special, but we didn’t want to say anything to the public until he’d been delivered healthy. It highlights the importance of having faith and of having a partner who you love and trust.

Joseph may have taken a while to enter our lives, but I can’t imagine a better time for him to be here.

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