Agent Link- March 2020

MARCH 2020

broker-dealer for many years.This top-level planner recently came up against a case that underwriting wouldn’t approve. So he turned around and asked his peers in the office, “Who would you use in such a situation?”They referred him to an IMO that specializes in sophisticated life cases. One of their primary target markets? Planners and advisors. What looked like an easy new client for this IMO actually involved a lot of work that came before.They earned their position to be first in line for that call. As this example reveals, there is a way to be more strategic and effective when it comes to promoting your company and services to top- level producers and advisors. Jumping in where we left off last month, we’ll introduce you to the second of our three game- changing strategies inside this edition . Turn the page to find out the steps required to truly win at the process of client acquisition. 1 +800 535 4545 -Senia and Stu Gramajo INSIDE 1. Getting to the Heart of Producer Acquisition 2. Would You Like Some Pi? The Role of the Chief Marketing Officer 3. Get Your Sales and Marketing Teams to Work Together for Success 4. How Your Vibes Affect Your Business

The Relationship Makes the Difference Producer Acquisition

New top producers are not going to take action and come under your distribution channel unless they like and trust your company. Because it takes time to build trust, the best time to build your company brand and initiate a new client relationship is at least a couple of years before your services are needed. When you and your marketing team do a great job, your company is the first call when producers are ready to take action. If you’re frantically marketing exclusively to those who need your service right now, you are too late. You might capture some of the “low- hanging fruit,” but you won’t get the quality leads you’re looking for. To build a sound and consistently successful marketing strategy, you must switch your mindset from a tactical approach (thinking only in the present) to a strategic approach — planning both for today and well into tomorrow. A little while ago, we interviewed a top-level planner who has been with an insurance-based

You’re an experienced professional in this industry, so you’ve probably noticed the same sad reality that we have: The majority of marketing falls on deaf ears. People in our industry are bombarded with literature, emails, and ads, and often, those marketing messages only speak to a very small segment of the real market: active producers who have a need now . Because of this, most of what goes out to them fails to build any sort of relationship. As is often the case in the acquisition of top-level producers, the relationship makes the difference between being a client’s first choice and fighting it out with your competitors. When you truly connect with a client and build a relationship with them before they need you, they will seek you out when they have that advanced case they need help with, when their other upline cannot get their case through underwriting, or when they get tired of not getting enough marketing support with their upline and need a change. It's a matter of trust.

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