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1. Lack of communication 2. Broken or flawed processes 3. The pursuit of different metrics

Anyone who’s worked on a sales team can likely relate to the frustration of feeling like your marketing team is sending over leads that aren’t hot. On the flip side, anyone who’s worked in marketing has probably felt the frustration of sending over great leads to the sales team, only to have them fall through the cracks. While it often feels like the two departments are at odds, a solid sales team and marketing team are two parts of the same puzzle. By working together, they can fuel growth and lead your business to success. Just look at some of the stats, like data fromMarketo and Reachforce research: By aligning their sales and marketing, businesses can become 67%better at closing deals. Getting these two parts of your business to work hand in hand closes a massive gap. So how do you begin to get these teams to see one another as friends? First of all, recognize that you’re in good company when tackling this challenge. According to statistics from HubSpot, 1 in 4 companies says their sales and marketing teams are misaligned or rarely aligned. Next, according to data from Demand Gen Report, there are three major obstacles you need to overcome to get sales and marketing aligned: ns CMO can and should lead campaigns that build brand awareness and relevancy.These define what clients see and invite them to interact with your company. When deployed successfully, these campaigns work for growth goals and, through trackable measures, increase revenue. Metric Mogul Perhaps one of the most important roles of a CMO is also the one that, when navigated successfully, will allow marketing and sales teams to work together to the benefit of the company. Working with the chief sales officer and/or sales leadership team, a CMO can define metrics that overlap between sales and marketing goals and drive growth. As a leader within a company, a CMO is in a dynamic and energetic position to have a positive impact on growth, and your best bet is to be there to support and guide them toward delivering maximum results. the CMO

To overcome these obstacles and align sales and marketing, the initiative must start with leadership. Leadership will be in the best position to break down some of the barriers to communication and develop processes that will streamline what sales and marketing do. In addition, leadership in both the sales and marketing teams can begin to communicate about which metrics need to change so they can better align with one another. Ultimately, it’s up to leadership to help both teams recognize that they’re working on the same goal. Sure, the way they go about it is slightly different: Marketing focuses on getting the sales team in front of agents. The sales team focuses on taking those leads marketing has brought in to close the deal and bring on quality agents who will write business. But ultimately, both teams want to secure new business, because that’s how everyone prospers.


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