Agent Link- March 2020

Our Game-Changing Marketing Strategy No. 2: It Takes 12 Uncover the Treasure Chest Hidden in Plain Sight

isn’t necessarily doing anything significant to help them. It’s just another piece of promotion. Because I’ve been in sales, I can put myself in the shoes of the recruiter. I know that everything is riding on closing a prospect. A recruiter is focused on the question, “How can I get this prospect to take action now?”The recruiter is going to do their best to close a prospect as soon as possible. If the prospect isn’t ready at that time, the company tends to plug them into an automated marketing system and send prewritten emails from then on out. But to actually recruit quality producers, those actions alone don’t cut it. Move past auto mode. Automated marketing definitely has its place, but the realm of building relationships and trust is not the place for automation.

Before we jump into the second of our game-changing strategies, I need to ask you a very important question: Who is the person you trust most in the world? Think about them for a few seconds. Now, how long did it take to build that type of trust? As we all know, trust isn’t something that’s built overnight. But for some reason, in the sales world, we often expect it to be. When a recruiter reaches out to a prospect, they hope to establish that sort of trust almost immediately.They are focused on getting the prospect to contract and write business. Maybe they give them a call and follow up with a promotion from the agency.Then they wait, expecting the agent to come calling. But imagine that interaction through the eyes of the agent: Someone is trying to sell them something, and that someone

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