is reciprocal. “Mister Moses is very good. We as the committee work very well with him,” she says. According to Shiehaam they always feel free to contact him with any complaints or ideas, and know he will address their needs. “We work well together.” Other than community management, Moses is also involved in the regulation of trading and business. “Our office is firstly involved in providing them with the spaces to trade. Secondly, we give them permits to make sure they trade legally.” Furthermore, the Manager for Economic Growth is also tasked with understanding these businesses. Services to informal traders include funding consultation, and assistance with business planning and advertising. According to Moses, Drakenstein Municipality also sparks interest in investors from outside the municipal borders. “I think they see opportunity.” He encourages any entrepreneur or person who wants to do business to get into contact with him to ensure they can also trade legally in Drakenstein.

Moses calls on all entrepreneurs and investors to pay a visit to their office in the municipal building on Market Street, Mondays to Thursdays from 8:00 to 16:45, and on Fridays from 8:00 to 15:30. “We are a public service; so our doors are always open to everybody for support, assistance and guidance in terms of informal or formal trading.” For more information, click here or contact Moses Mlangeni on 021 807 4758 or Moses. .

“There is so much happening in Drakenstein, and we are so excited about what we are seeing.”

Shiehaam Benjamin, Paarl Hawkers’ Secretary, and her husband in their kiosk on New Street.

Moses is optimistic about Drakenstein and believes that the success they see in the informal sector indicates that people should invest in Drakenstein – not only in this sector, but across the board. With the availability of land, good infrastructure and service delivery, Drakenstein is increasingly becoming sought after as a suitable outlet for entrepreneurs. In addition to the informal sector, the Economic Growth and Tourism division also assists other industries and is a one-stop shop for all investors. It is responsible for implementing projects, programmes and initiatives to ensure economic growth within the priority sectors. These include: Agriculture; Informal Trading; Manufacturing; Technology; and Transport and Logistics.

Drakenstein Municipality is always looking for ways to help develop local businesses. In this video Moses Mlangeni, Manager for Economic Growth in the Planning and Development Department, speaks about his role, and Vars visits a local informal trader. Press play to get the full story.


VARS | July

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