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ALL ABOUT SERVICE DELIVERY 6 Excellent, Reliable Service Delivery Remains Top Priority in New Financial Year The consistent delivery of exceptional municipal services stays top priority on Drakenstein Municipality’s business agenda. 8 The Quick Wins of Smart Water Technology in Drakenstein

REGULARS 4 Editor's Letter

Drakenstein Municipality’s Water and Wastewater Services monitor real-time data via satellites using smart water technology. 10 Helping to Fix our Indigent Consumers’ Water Leaks Drakenstein Municipality provides this plumbing service to help ensure that indigent consumers’ accounts don’t fall into arrears.

Drakenstein Municipality is at your service. In this edition of Vars , you can learn about all the services the Municipality offers to maintain our City of Excellence standards. 26 Meet your Councillors In this edition, we introduce Ward 12’s Ludia Sindiswa Sambokwe and Ward 14’s Brenda van Willingh.




VARS | July

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