At the heart of what we do here at Drakenstein Municipality, is service delivery. We take the guardianship role we have been bestowed with very seriously. We know we have been placed in a very privileged position where we can make a real difference in the quality of people’s lives. Municipal services are in people’s personal spaces – it’s what they feel closest to the bone. Drakenstein Municipality is proud to consistently be rendering first-class, reliable services to our residents, and we commit to continuing doing so in a responsible, accountable and professional way. “ „ - Executive Mayor, Alderman Conrad Poole

On a lighter, and higher note… if you’ve ever dreamt of soaring high above the Cape Winelands with a bird’s eye view of the magnificent surroundings below, then paragliding might just be the next adventure sport outing for you. We hang out with the team at Winelands Paragliding which offers the perfect solution for adventure lovers with an urge to fly and avid tourists keen on a panoramic view of the gorgeous landscapes of Drakenstein. Read all about it in this edition. If the outdoors is your thing, and you’re looking for a quiet space where you can collect yourself and be refreshed, our guide to nature reserves and sanctuaries under the Municipality’s management is a take-out for you. Vars loves celebrating our community heroes and this month our one video features Bulelani Ndzuzo , who tackles the topic of illegal dumping in Mbekweni in an upcoming documentary titled “Scenes of Mbekweni”. He is joined by well-known youth activist, Siyabonga Stengana, and international author, Thulani Poni, who acts as the co-producer on this project. In our regular feature that introduces our ward councillors to the community, we focus on Ward 12’s Ludia Sindiswa Sambokwe , a caring leader and good listener who has been involved in politics since 1996. Councillor Brenda van Willingh has been representing Ward 14 since 2021 and we tell you why she walks the extra mile. Enjoy this edition of Vars , let us know your thoughts at , and be sure to tell your friends and family to subscribe here .

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VARS | July

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