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.ELM LEEVZ presents


John Logan MAY 4·. · NEW SCI ENCH:• 2 13 8:15 P.M,, _, sponsored by the U.S.G. activity tax


Whatcba I

doin I

in September?

Well, we're gonna be doing STRAIT so tbat you and tbe rest of the world migbt be getting STRAIT as is now custom . And we're gonn a be needing a lot of people to help us do STRAIT so-O-O-O ••• COME ON UP FOR A VIS IT and maybe even a cup of coffee. LET 1 S TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN DO , OR MAYBE CAN I T DO - BU'r WE I LL TEACH YOU . STRAIT NEEDS : News writers; a rts writers; s tory writers ;spell i n g ri~hter s;us sel lers; add s ell e r s ; wi ne cell ar s ; arti sts ; c·artoonists~ coJ,.umn3:.'s ts; cJjculatio . .. ists; designe r s ; photograph~rs; and · sroP 1N ~M~r1M£.. just abou t .ANYONErs. l,(....NI oN '--1 l. I &°(,'l,.-5li.7.

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