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This month, I share with you: Goodbye for Now.

I have vivid memories of when my son started college at Michigan Tech. While I was confident of his abilities and pleased he was pursuing his own choices and directing himself, there is one moment I will never forget. That separation — the goodbye for now. After attending the orientations and moving him into his dorm room, it was finally time to head out. We said goodbye, started the van, and pulled out toward the highway. Then I took ONE LOOK back, and saw him standing there, all alone, watching us pull away. An unforgettable emotional moment … And so it is with your business receivables and recovery. As you have developed your business, assessed the risks, and implemented your procedures, there will be times when there will be unpaid receivables. There may be tendency to look back … But you can rest assured, you have planned for this. Those receivables are just a goodbye for now. We will work the recovery while you grow your business.

HelpingYour Child Set Out on Their Own

As the summer comes to an end, you may be preparing to send your child off to college for the first time. While this may be an exciting time for your child, saying goodbye to the life they shared with you at home can be difficult. They will soon be entering a new routine that includes feeding themselves, managing their own schedule, and doing chores unprompted — all without any help from Mom and Dad. No transition is perfect, but this change doesn’t have to be a disaster. Whether your child is moving into a dorm, campus housing, or their first apartment, there are a few things you can do to make this transition as painless as possible. Having a tangible list you can check off in preparation for this big shift can help everyone involved feel more prepared. There are the obvious things kids need when they move out, like dishes, silverware, or a lamp, but pay attention to the areas that might get overlooked. If your child will be living on campus, check out the bathroom situation and make sure they won’t find themselves without a shower curtain on the first day of class. If they’re living in their own apartment, it’s a good idea to equip them with a small toolkit and a pair of jumper cables for their car. Other overlooked essentials include: Pack the essentials.

Oh, and if you do have a son or daughter headed to college … don’t look back.

Surge protector with USB ports

Disinfecting wipes

A laundry hamper

Extra hangers

First-aid kit

Shower caddy (especially for dorms with a shared bathroom)

- Dan Larson

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