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CROSS CORRECTLY Some pedestrians assume that they have the right of way in all situations. That’s just not true. In Illinois, you only have right of way in a crosswalk. In busy areas, it’s best to avoid crossing anywhere but at marked crosswalks. If you absolutely must cross away from a crosswalk, remember to make your presence known, rather than darting out into the roadway, and fully yield to all oncoming traffic. DON’T ASSUME Even if you’re wearing a reflective neon jumpsuit, it’s never a good idea to guess that a driver will behave a certain way. Always walk defensively and give yourself an out in the event that a distracted or reckless driver does something crazy. Following these tips will ensure that you’re the safest pedestrian possible. However, if you’ve been injured in an accident, whether on four wheels, two, or none at all, call the Shannon Law Group to find out how we can help.

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), 4,749 pedestrians were injured in car accidents in 2016, the last year on record. Of that number, the vast majority (4,668) occurred in urban areas. The statistics demonstrate how important it is to be vigilant and stay safe while sharing busy roads with motorists. With that in mind, here are our tips for pedestrian precautions, no matter where you walk. STAY ALERT Texting and driving may get all the headlines, but texting and walking can be just as dangerous in urban areas. Even if you’ve walked the same route 1,000 times, you should always keep your eyes on intersections. It’s also a good idea to make eye contact with pedestrians as you cross the street. This subtle gesture will ensure that they are aware of your presence and won’t make any unexpected movements. USE THE MOST APPROPRIATE WALKWAY Sidewalks are prevalent in the Chicago area for a reason, and that reason is to give pedestrians a space to themselves. So use it. You should only walk on the shoulder of the road when you have no other option. If that happens, stay as far to the side of the road as possible and walk against traffic on a two-way street.

Shannon Law Group, P.C. is a plaintiff’s trial law firm located in the western suburbs of Chicago. We’re looking for a hardworking and skilled paralegal/legal assistant to join our team. We try cases and therefore, prepare each case file as though we will be trying it in front of a jury. The ideal candidate will possess excellent written and oral communication skills (telephone/email); have exceptional legal researching and writing abilities; possess phenomenal people skills; and have a drive to complete tasks. They must also be proficient in all Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). To be successful here, you need to possess high ethical standards and the ability to work with grace and a sense of humor, while also handling a high volume of work in an occasionally demanding environment. You must also possess the desire and ability to thrive in a team-based environment. WE’RE HIRING: Seeking a Paralegal/Legal Assistant

• Managing our client intake process from start to finish

• Retrieving and maintaining medical records, bills, police reports, etc.

• Drafting discovery responses

• Maintaining a calendar of court dates, statute of limitations dates, due dates for motion and discovery responses, and depositions

• Electronically filing court documents in state and federal courts

• Handling, scanning, and filing large amounts of records and paperwork

• Organizing evidence for trial

• Assisting our attorneys with various projects and tasks

• Coordinating and scheduling firm meetings, special events, depositions, etc.

• Answering the main telephone line

Three to five years of experience as a paralegal or legal assistant in a litigation environment is a definite plus. Our office is located in Woodridge, Illinois. Salary is commensurate with experience. Please submit your resume and three references to joseph@

In this position, you will be responsible for the following tasks and more:


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