October Kitchen - August 2022

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Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is the cornerstone of great health. They help control your blood pressure and cholesterol; keep arteries flexible; protect bones and improve your eyes, brain and digestive system. Unfortunately, many of us have difficulty consuming five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Luckily, you can meet your goal of eating more fruits and vegetables by incorporating these strategies into your eating routine. Start small! It’s intimidating — not to mention incredibly difficult — to change your diet overnight. So, start by adding them to the foods you already eat. For example, stir fruits into your cereal or yogurt. Add strawberries and blueberries to your pancakes and waffles. Load your sandwiches with extra veggies and add vegetable toppings to your pizzas. You can even incorporate vegetables into your favorite pasta or omelet dishes. Purge your junk food cabinet. When you have junk food around, you may want to grab the bag of chips rather than an apple. BMC Public health published a study in 2018, which stated that eliminating less-healthy options likely results in healthier food choices. So, it’s time to throw out your junk food and stock up on some tasty but delicious snacks. Buy snack-size fruit cups, apple slices, grapes or carrots. They will satisfy your sweet tooth and benefit your body simultaneously! Try smoothies! Putting fruits and vegetables in a blender with some yogurt, milk or peanut butter is a great way to get your nutrients. If you don’t like the texture or taste of certain fruits and vegetables, this is the best option because they will all blend together and turn into a thick liquid, masking anything you may not enjoy! October Kitchen cooks premade meals filled with delicious vegetables! We cook everything with the finest ingredients that are both mouth-watering and healthy. So, if you need some help, we got you covered. Try one of our meals today; your taste buds and body will thank you. NOT GETTING ENOUGH FRUITS OR VEGGIES? INCORPORATE THEM IN MEALS YOU ALREADY LOVE!




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