King's Business - 1945-06

OFFERS EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUN ITIES T O STUDENTS INTERESTED IN MUSIC , SPEECH, AN D ART * Voice, piano, violin, pipe organ, speech, and art without additional cost above the regular academic tuition. Radio broadcasts, programs, and a wide variety of public perform­ ances afford students an opportunity for the development of talent through public appearances and practical experience.



has had an increase of 75% in enrollment in the last three years. A splen­ didly equipped plant and a well-trained and talented faculty' combined with its wholesome Christian atmosphere and its loyalty to the Bible as the Word of God, make Bob Jones College an ideal institution for students interested either in taking a degree with a major in music, speech, or art, or including courses in music, speech, and art in connection with a degree in another field.

Academy — Liberal Arts College — Graduate School of Religion — Graduate School of Fine Arts

For detailed information write: DR. BOB JONES JR. BOB JONES COLLEGE Cleveland, Tennessee

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