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Have You Suffered Hernia Mesh Complications?

To qualify, one must have received a hernia mesh implant from 2011 to the present, have undergone a revision surgery (or surgeries) and/or have one that is presently scheduled. Specifically, we are looking for individuals affected by the following hernia mesh products: Bard, Proceed, Prolene Hernia Systems, Covidien/ Medtronic/Tyco, Prolite, Proloop, C-Qur, Alloderm, Xenmatrix, or Ultrapro. Since most people don’t know which one they had, we’ll gladly obtain the medical records. Here is more info about the lawsuit: A 2016 study of those who’d had hernia mesh surgery found that roughly 1 in 3 participants required an additional procedure(s) to correct issues that arose in the first five years. Common complications include severe pain and damage to the bowels, intestines, and abdomen. Sadly, the manufacturers knew about the severe impact that their product may cause. In order to protect their “bottom line,” however, they failed to warn consumers about the dangers in order to avoid issuing product recalls. Don’t suffer in silence! Let us seek justice for your medical bills, loss of a loved one, income, pain and suffering and/or emotional distress. We are here to help!

Have you suffered from hernia mesh complications? If so, you may be eligible to receive monetary damages. Hernia mesh devices have been associated with design defects that could lead to revision surgeries and other life-threatening injuries. Serious health consequences include severe abdominal pain, infection, bowel obstruction, adhesions/perforation of tissue and/or migration of the hernia mesh implant. Product failure can also lead to a hernia recurrence. Financial compensation may be available. Settlements could be on the horizon soon, but time is limited. Contact us today for a free case review.

Are you excited to explore the world again? Or maybe you’ve just gotten back from your latest vacation! In either case, the economic challenges of the pandemic might require travelers to plan their trips a little smarter. Here are five tricks to do just that. 1. Consider your budget while choosing your destination. Any destination heavily impacted by tourists is going to be more expensive to visit. So, consider taking a tour through various French countryside towns instead of Paris! Not only could it be more culturally immersing, but it may even be more relaxing and less stressful than visiting a dense area. 5 Tips for Your Next Affordable Getaway 2. Sign up for Scott’s Cheap Flights. One of the most important parts of booking an affordable vacation is booking it at the right time. Scott’s Cheap Flights will track all the cheapest flights at an airport of your choice — you’ll get over 50%–75% savings on highly rated airlines. This will get you stress-free travel for a much lower price! 3. Travel in a group. If you travel with friends, your expenses become a lot more manageable. Let’s say you and a partner travel with two other couples — renting a swanky cabin at $200 a night will only cost around $33 per person. Plus, you will create some amazing memories together!

4. Plan your meal budget ahead of time. Looking forward to eating certain dishes? Find local menus and prices to ensure you don’t spend more than you planned. If you want an authentic and homestyle culinary experience, consider signing up for a peer-to-peer dining experience through Traveling Spoon or Bon Appetour, which is tax-free as well! 5. Consider volunteering for vacation. Want to go on a self-discovery trip? Why not cut your expenses in half by volunteering? For example, Habitat for Humanity offers a nine-day Mexico trip for $1,200 with lodging, food, and activities included. You’ll get to build structures and create something permanent for the local community.

Traveling on a dime is no sweat with the right tools. Best of luck, traveler!

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