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Fight SAD Early!


Fight SAD Early! Start Taking Vitamin D Now, Before the Sun Goes Away

There are a few ways to combat wintertime SAD. Establishing a regular sleep schedule is important, as is an exercise routine and healthy diet. As mentioned, it’s hard to find vitamin D in foods, but milk and other food products are often intentionally enriched with it during processing. The most common solution, however, is taking a vitamin D supplement, which can be purchased over the counter at drugstores and grocery stores. It is commonly recommended for people living

Do you get SAD? We’re talking about seasonal affective disorder, which affects 1–10% of the population depending on the state you live in. Symptoms are similar to depression, but unlike it, people with SAD only experience symptoms during a certain time of year, usually winter.

SAD has been strongly linked with shorter days and less sun — although summertime SAD can result from long days that

make sleep difficult, resulting in irritability and mood swings. In most cases, however, winter is the problem season, likely due to a link between less sun and a vitamin D deficiency. Depression is one common symptom of vitamin D deficiency, especially in patients who aren’t prone to depression due to other circumstances. Unfortunately, very few foods are good sources of vitamin D. The best source is sunlight itself.

in places with harsher winters, and although there are negative side effects if taken in excess, a regular daily dose of vitamin D is a healthy way to ensure you have the right levels in your system. This month is the perfect time to begin that process. Vitamin D can take several months to build up to effective levels in our bodies. It may be the hottest time of the year in many places, but it’s also the ideal time to start fighting SAD early!

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