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The Mother Tree Project; The Importance of Resiliency in Forests Keynote Speaker: Dr. Suzanne Simard | 1 CEU | 1 CFE Online Store: (Available until 12/31/21)

Suzanne Simard is changing how people view trees and their connections to one another and to other living things in the forest. In this illuminating and accessible talk, Simard helps audiences understand just how vital trees are—to each other and to humans. Based on her incredible book and her research at The Mother Tree Project, Simard shares her moving and deeply personal journey of discovering the interconnectedness of trees, explaining how they behave in many ways with characteristics ascribed to human intel- ligence and civil societies. In understanding these complex ecosystems, Simard emphasizes the critical need to rethink our relationship with our natural world so we can begin to heal our climate Suzanne Simard is a Professor of Forest Ecology at The University of British Columbia and the leader of The Mother

Tree Project, which researches forest renewal practices that protect biodiversity against climate change. Dr. Simard’s work has been published widely, with over 170 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, including Nature, Ecology, and Global Biology. She is also co-author of the book Climate Change and Variability. Her latest book, Finding the Mother Tree, brings us into the intimate world of trees, exploring the ways in which trees learn and adapt their behaviors, remember the past, demonstrate agency over the future, and cooperate with a sophistication typically ascribed to humans. Dr. Simard’s research has been communicated broadly through TED Talks and TED Experiences, as well as articles and interviews in The New Yorker, National Geographic, The Globe and Mail, NPR, CNN, CBC, and many more. For more information on this Speaker please visit To purchase a copy of Finding the Mother Tree, click on this link. This webinar will be available for viewing until December 31, 2021.

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ATC ‘21 - Resilient Communities: People, Places & Trees

ATC ‘21 - Resilient Communities: People, Places & Trees

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