The Source, Annual Review 2020


Virtual annual meeting of the Heads of Office

Covid-19 The Covid-19 pandemic affected people in every country in 2020 due to its health impact and the restrictions necessary to control its spread. Everyone had to change how they worked substantially, with many seeing major financial difficulties as they tried to adapt. Wetlands International was no exception and faced a challenging situation in all of our offices. Impacts were felt directly by our staff, from illness, quarantine and worry about family, friends and future employment, to personal isolation caused by our offices being closed for much of the year. Project implementation suffered delays which required extensive re-planning and re-negotiation with donors, and we had to accelerate the use of IT systems to work effectively and securely virtually. It was a struggle for everyone, but our staff showed enormous resilience, equally matched by the understanding and flexibility shown by our programme donors. In many countries our teams also took care to help wetland communities and our local partners adapt to the constraints imposed by the pandemic. See the examples pages 22-28 Strategic Intent Wetlands International’s Strategic Intent (2020-2030) was approved by the organisation’s governance in November and the General Members Meeting in December 2020. An introduction to the Strategic Intent is provided on pages 10-11 and can be downloaded in full here. This sets out ambitious goals across three streams of work and provides a framework for the global organisation within which multi- year regional and office specific strategies and annual action plans are developed and implemented.

Achievements Results that contribute to the goals set out in the Strategic Intent are delivered collaboratively by our office teams through programmes and projects, in line with the local context in which they operate. A summary of achievements is provided on pages 12-19. A list of main projects carried out in 2020 is provided in pages 50-53 of the Annex. Wetlands International network Wetlands International is an independent global network of offices with shared values, brand and purpose that implement a joint strategy to safeguard and restore wetlands in more than 100 countries worldwide. Our offices and locations are shown on page 68. Global Office The Global Office, based in the Netherlands, serves the entire network in a representation, communications, technical support and fundraising capacity. The office is responsible for keeping the daily work of the network aligned with decisions taken by the network management team and global board. A brief social report for the Global Office in 2020 is presented on pages 76-77. Communications and advocacy Policy positions and our brand strategy ensure that we speak with one voice across the whole network organisation and guide our external communications and brand use. This work is supported by a dedicated team based at the Global Office. In 2020, the #PowerOfWetlands campaign was launched with the objective of mobilising support to make healthy wetlands a national and global priority to help heal the climate and restore biodiversity (see page 62).



Wetlands International Annual Review 2020

Wetlands International Annual Review 2020

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