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Induction at a distance Working from home since March 2020 is not only a challenge for existing staff, but it is also difficult for new staff. We notice that it takes more time and energy for new staff to become familiar with the organisation in circumstances where they only meet their new colleagues online. Staff in line management positions have had to take on additional work in this respect. Health Despite the impact of Covid-19 and the difficulty of working online from home for an extended period of time, we are fortunate to have maintained a low level of sick leave (< 1%). Working from home meant that staff had a lower risk of infection in public transport or at the office. We have provided staff with additional equipment (screens, chairs, keyboards, etc.) to enable them to work safely. In 2020, we had only one case of a staff member with long- term illness. Integrity Integrity and personal safety are top priorities for our organisation and we consider it important to be transparent about this. We have procedures on our website and intranet that enable external and internal complaints to be dealt with confidentially and without consequences for the person raising the issue. In 2020, no external complaints were received and there was no recourse by staff to the independent counsellor who is external to the organisation.

Wetlands International is proud of its professional and motivated staff. This section provides insight into our global office staff and human resource practices in 2020. Covid-19 The global pandemic changed many aspects of our working practices in 2020. We created a Corona team that oversaw our policies and practices to ensure the safety and well- being of our staff while endeavouring to deliver the best results possible for our mission. Working from home was the norm for our team in 2020 with no travel outside the Netherlands for more than nine months of the year. Our staff have adapted amazingly well and have shown an amazing resilience under difficult circumstances. Diversity In December 2020, the number of global office staff was 39. Our staff has a diverse cultural and professional background which matches our role as an international NGO. During the year we had staff with 11 different nationalities, with an average age of 45 years and a balanced male/female ratio of 42/58%. More than 75% of our staff have university degrees and those with PhD’s increased from 4 to 6. Employment contracts The average number of working hours per week during the year was 33 (fulltime is 36 hours). During 2020 we employed 9 new staff members and 10 staff members left. We have adjusted our way of working with staff contracts in order to maintain some flexibility in our staffing and following changes to Dutch employment law. This means that we now offer a permanent contract after a period of 36 months on a fixed term contract.





STAFF NUMBERS total: 39 fte: 36.2

HEALTH short-term sick leave <1% CONTRACT TYPE permanent: 22 fixed time: 14 project: 3

part-time: 13 full-time: 26



master: 24 bachelor: 7 other: 2

internal: 0 external: 0



Wetlands International Annual Review 2020

Wetlands International Annual Review 2020

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